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A few Ideas to fill the Void

It’s come to end of the world cup and with only pre season friendlies to look forward to for the next few weeks, I am going to attempt to fill the Void of football.

1. Cardboard Cutouts

These little beauties can be bought from eBay at pretty reasonable prices.  Collect afew and build your own dream team of stars.  Take them into the back garden and set them up to dribble around them.

Wanting to emulate pressure in a real game situation?  Tape Vincent Kompany to your back (he made it into your dream team right?) and try to be superstar play maker whilst holding off his attentions.

The ultimate challenge would be attaching your dream team to a Scalectrix track.  Admittedly they will follow the same route but theres nothing like Maradona turning Sergio Biscuits only to fall foul of Pique’s legendary static defending.

2. Denial

The power of the mind is a great thing.  Watch old games and kid yourself into thinking that the game is current.  Even if Emile Heskey is still playing at Villa, or David Ginola at Spurs.

3. Pre Season Stats Whore

Find the stats for all the new players in your league, obsess over them like Iago Aspas’ more goals from outside the area than any other player in Europe (worked out well for him) or Leon Britton’s better pass accuracy than Xavi and Iniesta (it’s true!)

Hopefully this will help you ease some of the pain.  Of course you could watch pre season games but I find watching a big team trounce some minnows is a bit like playing Frogger with no cars.


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I am a Student at Derby University studying for an undergraduate degree in English. Lifelong music fan, I go to as many gigs as possible. And of course die hard football fan.

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