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Are you a member of a Football Forum?

If your a footy fan,than surely you would have joined a football forum by now.

But if you haven’t,or you just can’t get enough of footy than let me invite to one of the best footy forums out there!

Presenting : Nutmegged footy forum.

I’ve been a member there since late 2004 and have enjoyed posting there ever since,although i don’t post as much these days cause i’m a little more busier.

The atmosphere in the forum is nice and i’m sure you’ll meet some really cool people there..most of them are from the UK and i think i’m the only member outside of the UK that is a regular poster..heheee.

The other thing is the forum ain’t that big.. (member base)..which is a good thing cause you get to interact with members instead of posting in a forum with 20 bazillion members and not knowing anyone there!.

This is my current avatar at the forums:

So come on and join in the fun..just before the footy season begins!

See you there..


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