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Manchester Derby – A Season-Defining Game

On Thursday night, a season-defining game will be taking place in a city that lies between Cheshire Plain and Pennines. A rivalry that began in 1881 always sparked controversy and interesting games. But, it seems to me that this might be one of the most important clashes between these teams we’ve seen in a decade. And oddly enough, it’s not …

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Is the Premier League already decided?

As I awaited the start of the Man Utd game against Leicester, I couldn’t help but wonder: is the Premier League already decided? Saturday was a hard one to watch, at least from a perspective of all Arsenal fans.  And it isn’t the result that sticks with me. The skill disparity wasn’t as noticeable as much as the pure physicality …

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Premier League winner: Where the smart money lies?

English Premier League Trophy

It’s week 23 of the Premier League campaign and it’s about time to start a discussion regarding the possible winners. The situation is somewhat surprising and not many people actually expected the table to be looking like this: Chelsea Let’s get the obvious team out of the way first. Chelsea has been dominant all season long and that is if …

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When cash rains, do the fans get wet?

We are past the half-way mark of the January transfer window. If there was anything to be learned, it has to be the fact that money talks. And if you listen carefully what it says, it’s not pretty at all. This goes doubly for all of us who just love the game of football and are passionate about our beloved …

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Alan Pardew successor odds – Smart bet or not?

What is a smart bet? A million people will have a million answers to this question and there will hardly ever be a consensus between them. This is because most of us have some sort of logic behind our betting decisions, regardless of our gambling habits. But even though we cannot get to an agreement about what constitutes a smart …

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How to make a living as a professional football gambler

Before we even get into the details, let’s clear out the air regarding some very common misconceptions about football and gambling in general. There is a difference between gambling and betting. Gambling is a form of entertainment while betting is a job, and a pretty serious one at that. Most of the football punters are actually gamblers. This is not …

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