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Juan Mata responds to the applause of Manchester United fans as he goes off with five minutes left.

Can The Arrival Of Mata Reignite Manchester United?

With a 2-0 win against Cardiff, is this the beginning of Manchester United thundering into the top four and once again dominating the Premier League?
Probably not. Whilst the victory against Cardiff gave Man U a much needed three points, the win still came against a team which is residing at the bottom of the league, but it’s a start and with the new £37 million acquisition Mata initiating both of Man U goals it’s a start in the right direction. It may not go down as the greatest debut by a Manchester player but it brought some much needed life back into Old Trafford, and with some solid play which can only get better after he settles down and finds his groove, he will surely become an important part in Moyes rebuilding of the club, and in the end that’s why he’s there Mata isn’t supposed to be some instant fix to suddenly cover up all of Man United’s flaws he’s a piece in a much bigger puzzle.

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