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Concacaf – World Cups Dark Horses

So we’re well and truly underway at the World Cup now and reading through news and stats the other day I came across a little pearler of a fact.  CONCACAF are pretty much the best performing FIFA region so far in the tournament. 

Between the member countries (USA, Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica) they have;

Wins – 3
Draws – 1
Loss – 1

This compared to the other divisions lines up to show they have all (with the exception of Honduras) got off to a blistering start.  Blistering is definately the word I’d use for Clint Dempsey’s superb 29 second solo effort in their opening game.  It is not what I would use to describe Mexico’s game with Brazil the other day but holding the hosts to a draw was a more than commendable result.  Albeit with the Mexican keeper being their stand out player.

This all adds up in my opinion to a possible heavy presence of this division  in the next round, obviously Costa Rica have still got some work to do but their early demolition of Uraguay should buoy them for their upcoming games.  It looks as though Mexico and the USA might not have a whole lot to worry about from this point in. Mexico are very well placed to advance.

Could this add up to a CONCACAF winner?  Certainly this is hyperbole, but they have definately shown us that teams from this region of the globe aren’t just gap fillers…

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