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Cristiano Ronaldo Dating Merche Romero?

Ok, you might be asking yourself..who in da world is Merche Romero?

That’s the same question i asked myself when i checked through my stats and saw that most people who visited this blog has a thing for Cristiano Ronaldo…and they keep metioning “Merche Romero”.

After a minor investigation,i now know what the fuss is about.Apperantly Merche Romero is a model, actress and TV host. She is of Spanish descent but she was born in Andorra. She has Spanish nationality although she currently lives and works in Portugal.

This is what she looks like:
Merche Romero

So..she’s good looking…and what’s all the fuss about than?!!

Well for starters she was born on November 27, 1976 which makes her 30 years old soon!!

OMG!@~!@!!@…..**lost for words**

Jet ski just before the diving session begins…….
More on Merche Romero

But don’t despair gals (or maybe you should?), cause appreantly apart from some skills..Ronaldo also has the habit of ‘fooling around’ with other gals..not the faithfull kinda guy as this pic will prove:

Source & More pics…

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  2. Merche is very pretty 🙂

  3. Hehe..Ronaldo dating a 30 years old? hehe. Age does not matter. What matter most is money, looks and fame. Glory united!!

  4. ew she looks gross in abathing suit & he can do much better, thats why i might just marry him =)

  5. merche is super pretty. and age doesnt matter. but yeah it sucks hes taken haha.. but hey its not like a fan is going to date or marry him.

  6. merche romero is so Ugly..!!

  7. cristiano ronaldo it does not have to be its fiancè, cristiano is very pretty

  8. she looks like a lizard.i don’t think cris is dating her.he doesn’t have a bad taste

  9. They say they’re engaged but CR is seen without his ring, on his weddingfinger

    I hope so, she’s much to old for him. And he’s to cute for her

  10. You People Are So lame, Looks obviously mean everything to all of you, thats pretty shallow.. Cristiano is cute but like, so what! Merche is a model, Ask yourself, The people who are writing that she’s ugly, are u guys models? and even if you are your ugly people in the inside

  11. I ADORE Cristiano Ronaldo and of course i as hurt to find out he was dating Merche Romero But even if she wasn’t dating him I stil find here unclassy and too old the age difference doesn’t mean that much to me because I’m 9 years younger than Cristiano.But I think he is rushing into marriage he’s so young.But I read that Merche said she was single on July 6,2006.So.. Maybe tey’r not together

  12. I heard that she said she was isngle as of june or july 6th but apparently they recently went on a vacation together ( but not alone}

  13. i just wanna know if theyre getting married or not i just cant figure it out! shes using him man. she doesnt love him. and he isnt unfaithful dude that pic of him wid a girl was taken prolly wen dey broke up shes too old for him i wish hed jus open his eyes an see shes ugly no shes not pretty so who says she is, is jus fkin blind

  14. people withouth brains

    Oh my god , !
    the look isn’t EVERYTHING in this god damn world!he might be in love with that woman, why not?? I mean .. you are just people .. a million miles away from what’s happening where he is! u can’t know what he feels. He’s not stupid u know, if he thought that Merche didn’t like him ,, he wouldn’t be with her ! Yes, she is much older than him, and he is too young to get married ,, BUT you do soo many stupid things when you’re in love .. right? we can only hope that he looses his interest in her, that he realizes that she’s too old.
    And one thing more : you would freaking give everything to be her .. and if that happend, would u think that it was stupid to be with him. Would u like everyone to call u a bitch?
    You are just JEALOUS !

  15. Merche looks pretty on some pics but raw on other pics. And i have seen various pictures from the recent world cup 2006 and our ronaldo is wearing a ring on his wedding finger, seen about 10 pics. And he is still with Merche I think cuz der was 2 pics in the sun, when he was revealing whether he was staying at man utd, and he was sitting next to merche

  16. As Jealus As I Am (And Heartbroken :|} I Dont Think Merche Is Ugly And After What Happened At Tha World Cup Ronaldo Needs A Lot Of Love Lol N Merche Was Tha Lucky Lady Pmsl So If Ure A True Ronaldo Fan You Should B Happy 4 Him x.x.x

  17. I doubt their together… I want him to be happy and find someone to spend his life with that loves him back(if only it could be me, lolz)but I don’t think the model type will make him happy….But whatever happens I won’t be jelous just happy for him and hope he will find true love, and if all of you love him then you wouldn’t be saying you hate Merche and all that stuff, because jelousy isin’t a part of love… 🙂

  18. he has worn a ring on his weding ring finger way b4 he started dating merche! i fink he can do loadz beta. dnt worry thu gals…. it gives us more of a chance! i fink hes too young 2 get married. some stories say they r gettin married on 15th aug but others say they have split?! anywayz… he will soon get bored of her n want a young fresh pretty gal. hes always sleepin wit gals on a one nite stand n he will miss not bein able 2 do that. HE NEEDS TO LIVE A BIT MORE OF HIS LIFE B4 SETTLIN DOWN! HATE MERCHE! BITCH! HAVE U SEEN HER CELLILTE! xxx roony 4eva xxxx

  19. Merche is pretty but think about it… Christiano is the sick dude. If he is playing soccer for millions of bucks and modelling for a career as well, isnt that vain??? I mean, he must feel himself too much… he’s goodlooking but he’s only rated as one of the hottest in the world because he’s famous. There’s heaps of guys that are down to earth and dont brag so much about their looks…in other words… their not quick to showoff their looks in the modelling agency.

  20. all i can say is from my perspective his just havn a good time with an older woman thats all…..omg if its the opposite theres something freaky going on….lets hope its not like that!!!!

  21. Shes 9 years older than him and im only 7 years yonger than him! Him and i would make a way better match!!!!

  22. i mean ur right shes like 7yrs older and im, 4yrs younger so that makes me a better match than u. “I HATE THAT BITCH, WHAT A FUGLY SLUT!!!#@****()^%” that feels so much better now that it’s off my chest. if christiano is really going to marry her then im about to barf!!! shes way to old for him, and he’s way to cute for her.

  23. This is totally sick complete “BULLSHIT!!!!” if I have to here anymore of this i’am about to barf.I mean seriously, shes like the “crypt keeper” and he’s like the hot guy that kills, and squashes the “crypt keeper.” I dont have to be a complete genius in math, to know that 30 is bigger than 21…

  24. To the person who wrote “people without brains”:
    this is a very, very, very, very small world.And we all know that she likes him, cuz if she didn’t she wouldn’t be dating him…besides judgng from the other picture, his jst being the usual boy. And i might not have to be in his head to know that shes 30. Another fact is that i wouldn’t want to be her, i luv me and only me, and besides why would i care less if every person on the face of the earth hated me and called me a bitch. besides it doesn’t matter, no actually it never mattered about being jealous…at least not all of us are major wannabes.

  25. Itz obviously sad 2 kno dat he’z wid Merche Romero. He cudve gt so much betta, but then he must realli lyk her datz y he tuk her hme 2 his mum n dne his holiday there. I wish him all da bst although it breakz m hart 2 say so n kno he iz alredy wid sum1. Gd thing is i heard she proposed but he sed no :-D. He iz gawjaz n a wkd footballer, he iz da bst, m fav playa. I must b lyk his biggest fan evr. Mwah..Keep it up, Tke cre all, Wid luv xxxxxx

  26. Ps la verdad Merche Romero se ve que es bien reben y chidisima no la culpo por tener la face tan uglu verdad jaja pero ps si que se de una checadita al cirujano plastico por que si como que asi o mas arrugas osea helllowwwww!! :0
    pero si ekis osea buy a park and lost jaj please kisses a Mexico VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!

  27. hahaha merche romero is so not hott! a gorilla looks better then her!, but w/e…..she sucks

  28. Shame even though I am so totally jealous even a hunky sexy thing like him must be happy and if dating her makes him happy then ok.
    Even though I so wish i was her

  29. i totally cant believe that cristiano[my hero] would date or even get married to someone WAY!!!!!!! older than him. i mean he can get so much better than her, in fact i actuall hope that he is cheating on her that way when she finds out [hoping sooner than later] it will be all over.yea!!!!!

  30. i really am so upset even likes her!! I mean come on, she is sooooo ugly, i know shes a model but she is soo ugly! I love ronaldo, thats y im so upset hes chosen her, he deserves way more than what she could ever give him. He is the buffest guy ever to set foot on this planet and he likes the most disgusting sort of women. RONALDO , PLEASE I BEG U OPEN YOUR EYES AND STOP RUINING YOUR LIFE! Billions of girls are dying for you, and you choose an old women????????!!!!!!!! ROnaldo is sooo buff he would get any girl/women to not like but love him madly! Ronaldo pleasseeee do not go there! YOUR GIFTED YOUR TALENTED YOUR PORTUGUESE AND YOUR BUFF!

  31. lol! dang u guys give me some joke i swear down. and yall mean 2 ”she looks like a gorila’ and ‘crypt keeper’ seriously lmao!!! i was rollin on the floor! trus. but tat was kinda sad tho but hey tats ur opinion and i aint gonna put u down and tell u, u were wrong 4 sayin tat cuzz i dont think she pretty 2!! but we shuldnt go ova bord on it cuz some1 culd say da same bout us. but anywayz wat gets me is tat shes lik 10years olda dan him??????????? tats jus wrong. it shuld neva b older woman nd younger man cuz tat dnt b lookin ri

  32. cris is 21. Merche is 29.99 years old. If we want to date cris, we r younger than him rite? So we want him to be prepared to date way younger gals as olda 1s, and plus, merche will hav grey hairs way b for us! xx The cruise pic shows cris int dat loyal, but evry 1 can flirt freely, single or not! Cris can anyway!!xxx

  33. You all must be pretty young because you’re comments are ridiculous

  34. YES Cristiano Ronaldo every GIRL is rite you shouldn’t MARRY a OLDDDD women you have more life than her and besides there is a lot of FANS WAYYYY yonger than her SHE IS 30 and your are 21 and I have 3 years of differnce. I HOPE you change your MIND. But still if you want 2 distroyed your life being with HER all your LIFE.

  35. omg pplz get over it….this is all a scam….its media cum on!!!!….they do anything to spin crap about famous ppl….even if there is sumfin like that going on between them who cares it wont last anyway!!!! but i hav to say he can do way better than her ohhh well wat can u do??? as i said dont worry i bet theres nofin special happenin between them!!!!

  36. i’m sure that cristiano is aware of the thousands upon thousands of girls out there who are crazy for him :)! but if merche and him are really happy together, then i don’t think being 9 years older or being 9 years younger will be an issue 🙂

  37. I HATE merche die in hell you bitch

  38. hey da ppl dat r calling merche ugli are uses like blind she is whoa preeti besides she is a model i reckon dey look good as a couple … how unfortunate dey broke up 🙁 aniwaii dat still makes christiano single :p oh n she is too old for him i guess sumwere between 0-5 is a good age diff …… i reckon christiano would look gud wif jess alba….

  39. hey again. Hav Cris an Merche broke up? Cris is portuguese, so how would we know what he is saying? He must know spanish to go out wiv merche, but i doubt he knows english. Im 8 years younger than him but i dont think he will love us until we r at least 19, but he will be older, but HOT!! He knows all us fans but yeh, 5 years is gd a ge diff. Merche should b younger not older. soz cris, but it doent seem rite fa u, only cameron Diaz and justin it works fa! Im sorry. xx

  40. hav cris and merche broke up? I know this is mean but we r kinda 2 young unless ova 16. Date him wen olda! Merche shud b younger b coz seems betta. 5years is a gd age diff, and i hope cris is deff stayin wiv man U. Merche is spanish and cris is portguese, so they shud no what each other r sayin but most of us dont know portuguese! So we wouldnt know wat eh is sayin! Shouldnt really matter but knowing what each other say should help matters! Cris is still hot though.xx

  41. sexy cris shud go 2 bed wiv me. Im 21, light blonde and hav the best bod eva. i model fa tammy. go me and cum Cistiano…..

  42. Mrs Cannavaro AND Almi


  43. Well, I have to hand it to Merche, she scored a hot soccer player!!! But ladies, since we all are true fans of Cristiano, we should be happy for him, even though tears did come to my eyes when i found out… whatever…

    ti amo Cristiano, ti amo…

    ciao ciao

  44. EuTeAmoCRISTIANo

    Assim gosta de blondes eh… talvez que eu tingirei meu cabelo!

    P.s mesmo que eu seja um ventilador enorme, eu faço provavelmente esse tipo da coisa para ele… Cristiano pesaroso!

  45. ALL I CAN SAY IS… IS CRISTIANO RONALDO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. ALL I CAN SAY IS… IS HE CRAZY??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. EuTeAmoCRISTIANo

    Eu sei eu sei que… eu concordo, mas o que makes ele feliz, mim sabem que eu o suportarei o que quer que seu descision é… E apenas assim você todo sabe que eu writting este no português o encerro apenas leio estes comentários nele e em Merche… Mas eu faço sob o inglês do carrinho…

  48. omg !! u people are so not eve! cris is gonna marry me soon and ur talking about merche ?!!! hahahaha! shes finished with cristiano

  49. omg,i hate her so much, but i think i would be even more upset if he was going out with a gorgeous model.but im kinda jeal;ous of merche why cant he go out wit me im 6 years younger than him.

  50. heh….i am 7 years younger than him…i can do much better than Merche Romero…..She’s a BITCH!!!!!! I hope she’ll break sumthin of her’s and die!!!

  51. u guys are all insane…seriously, check urselves into a psych ward
    u will never meet cristiano ronaldo, he will never fall in love with you and he will never read these little things you say or connect with you in anyway at all, ever
    sorry to be the one to break it to you

  52. omg…is she pregnant??..cus i heard dat ronaldo got merche pregnant…but iuno if its true or not…and r dey getting married …???…lol..i need an answer im so curious to find out,!!!…

  53. i hate merche she’s to old for cristiano she’s a bitch!!! i and he should sit on the jet ski and not she i hate ssheeeeeeeee BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (sorry for my not good english)

  54. y is he datin her there are loads of uther womed she is soooooo ugly

  55. ewww! i can’t believe he’s dating her! me and him have a smaller age difference than she has wit him! i hope he breaks up wit her!!!if they get married omg! i’m gunna cry for days:(

  56. EuTeAmoCristiano

    Jesus Christ PPlz! He marries her, he marries her that’s all there is to it. Doesn’t mean we have to hate her. We can still download every picture, gag at every game, watch every youtube video (for all of u who don’t kno what it is, go on youtube.com and look up crisitano ronaldo) nothing will change the fact that we all luv him…

    Anyways, have a nice lyf and find the right man for it..

  57. weather merche romero is pretty or ugly, the bitch has him…..so stfu and stop hating

  58. i fucking cant believe that sexy cristiano ronaldo is going out with a fucking ugly hoe like her!

    i am so upset, i cant get over it…why HER?! THAT OLD CRUSTY BITCH!

    p.s: i know it breaks all of our hearts… but cris will never reply to us or get connected. he cant even speak proper english!!!!

    still i love him! xxxxxxxxx

  59. cristiano is mine

    you guys are just wasting your time..we dont even stand a chance to see him yet marry him….i think that he thinks that merche is the one for him..because she is older and more mature and can take care of him..but he doesnt see the big picture that merche just wana be famous and rich and is using him..he deserves a better women..and if he marries her..i would never rest in peace knowing he married the wrong women..but please marry me!!!!!!!..haha

  60. cristiano is mine

    we are just wasting our time..we dont even stand a chance to see him yet marry him…i think that he thinks that merche is the one for him because she is older,more mature and can take care of him..but he doesnt see the big picture which is that merche just wana be famous and is using him for his publisity and money..i just hope that cristiano doesnt marry her..cuz if he does i would neva reat in peace knowing that he maried the wrong women..but pleae marry me!!!!!…haha..he is soo damn cuter wen he cant speak english

  61. He is beatiful,but she is ugly.

  62. EuTeAmoCristiano

    i think she’s pretty…. personallly
    don’t shoot me


    i hope chris n her break up!!!!

    watch out “Merche Romero” or woteva ur name is im gonna get u…..

  64. I really like Crist, but there is no reason for hating poor merche, i meen she can’t even live one day with out girls black mailing her.

  65. EuTeAmoCristiano

    I agree with “Chill ppl”… Just leave her be she has a life and it just so hapens that Cristiano is a part of it… Just let it be…

  66. she is h8ed by lots

  67. EuTeAmoCristiano

    i guess you’re one of them

  68. I belive that it is his choice ho he likes and that the important thing si that he is happy. Un less he now who you are, have I just one thing to say: he is very sexy an hot, but if he is take wil I just wich him good lukc. (something going to need if every onis so angry)

  69. iluvcronaldo4eva

    she is so… ok shes pretty but she so doesnt luv him itz his decision thou so as fans we should just b happy 4 him. OMG im so upset!!!!!!! I luv him so so so so so so so much. He needs loadsa luv so i hope shell give it 2 him grrrrrrr.

  70. I adore merche Romero, she is beautiful also cristiano ronaldo. they must be together.

  71. she’s a bitch not more!!!!!
    in the salad days of his youth she was 20 and he was 11 i hate she


  73. you kiding are it you? I dont know if I belive you but if it is I just have to say that you are a great football player and that Portugal should had at least came 2 (Italia played very good!!!!). But next time I know that your going to winn. It is so many good players at the team. I come from Norway but I still belive your are the best……mari

  74. Does anyone believe in astrology? Cuz i checked on this website, and it says that the love compatibility for Merche and Ronaldo is 90%! Excuse me while i go cry myself out for ten days…. she is OLDER than him, she doesn’t deserve him…

  75. HI.merche was born in Spain, its mother is Spanish and its father is Portuguese, its life now is Portugal, it is a pretty, sensual, very likeable woman and beloved, it he is not nothing of what voçés they say is jealousy and envy that has for it, a wrong ideia who has of it and us, Portuguese woman now, is not delayed and hairy as the foreigners say to be, are delayed in things, but physically we know to deal with us, the foreigners must have envy, already now the MERCHE DOES NOT HAVE GUILT FOR RONALDO TO HAVE an INFANTILE BEHAVIOR OR TO HAVE BEEN STUPID. I AM PORTUGUESE AND ADORE VERY MUCH ENGLAND VERY AM MY COUNTRY OF DREAM, ADORED TO KNOW ENGLAND, MY GROUPS AND SINGER PRETENCEM Á INGLATERRA´E I DO NOT WANT THAT THEY YOU ARE WELCOME DISILLUSION ME FOR AN EXCREMENT OF THE SOCCER. KISSES AND ARE WELL.

  76. HI.merche was born in Spain, its mother is Spanish and its father is Portuguese, its life now is Portugal, it is a pretty, sensual, very likeable woman and beloved, it he is not nothing of what YOUR they say is jealousy and envy that has for it, a wrong ideia who has of it and us, Portuguese woman now, is not delayed and hairy as the foreigners say to be, are delayed in things, but physically we know to deal with us, the foreigners must have envy, already now the MERCHE DOES NOT HAVE GUILT FOR RONALDO TO HAVE an INFANTILE BEHAVIOR OR TO HAVE BEEN STUPID. I AM PORTUGUESE AND LOVE VERY MUCH ENGLAND VERY AM MY COUNTRY OF DREAM, ADORED TO KNOW ENGLAND, MY GROUPS AND SINGER PRETENCEM Á INGLATERRA´E I DO NOT WANT THAT THEY YOU ARE WELCOME DISILLUSION ME FOR AN EXCREMENT OF THE SOCCER. KISSES AND ARE WELL.

  77. HI.merche was born in Spain, its mother is Spanish and its father is Portuguese, its life now is Portugal, it is a pretty, sensual, very likeable woman and beloved, it he is not nothing of what YOUR they say is jealousy and envy that has for it, a wrong ideia who has of it and us, Portuguese woman now, is not delayed and hairy as the foreigners say to be, are delayed in things, but physically we know to deal with us, the foreigners must have envy, already now the MERCHE DOES NOT HAVE GUILT FOR RONALDO TO HAVE an INFANTILE BEHAVIOR OR TO HAVE BEEN STUPID. I AM PORTUGUESE AND LOVE VERY MUCH ENGLAND VERY AM MY COUNTRY OF DREAM, ADORED TO KNOW ENGLAND, MY GROUPS AND SINGER PRETENCEM Á INGLATERRA´E I DO NOT WANT THAT THEY YOU ARE WELCOME DISILLUSION ME FOR AN EXCREMENT OF THE SOCCER. KISSES AND ARE WELL.



  79. listen guys dont get ur hpes up their still together but thier not geting maried

  80. I think that meche romero is so beautyful i love poses she has a nice body for cr. Even if she has some cellulitce and is 9 years older.Grow up we don’t have a funcken chance with cr. Merche and cr r 2 gether because they like each other if the r getting married good for them. Just fucken addmit that u all r just burn. U know that u just hate merche becuse of her age not because she is dateing cr.I bet u all crazy fuckers that, u did not even knew who was merche romero until u found out that cr is dateing her.If u all call your selfs a true fan of cr then u should suport him with every disition he dose, including dating or marreing merche romero. U know u wish 2 be her so u could tasted those sexy lips. I love merche romero i wish i can be like her when i grow up and pose sexy poses like her.I hope the best for merche and cristiano on the day of thier wedding and hpe god gives merche and cristiano many years 2 live!!! VIVA MEXICO!!!

  81. Fuck u all mathafuckers that think that Merche should not be with CR!U all know that in love the age does not matter at all.But if u would be in the potion of Merche, including dateing or getting married to CR and haveing the same age as Merche u would not be Bitchen right! So just be honest with your selfs and stop lying to your slefs, because down deep in your hearts u know u R jealous and have envy torce Merche Romero!!! I love u Merche!!! Please get married with Cristiano Ronaldo because u guys look so cute together.Fuck who ever dose not suport u with this relalationship and Fuck all of the mad comment that Assholes type about u ok!!!
    One more thing Merche take very good care of your daughter Fiance,your slef and Cristiano Ronaldo please have a baby of Cristiano Ronaldo!!!
    Bye the way I love your daughter’s name(Fiance)and all of your poses in your modeling carer!
    Bye the way i’m girl who wrote this.

  82. HI,

    I like your daughter’s name so much, when i grow up i am going to name my daughter (Fiance) too!!
    Your Number 1 Fan

  83. hey merche’s FAN frist I don’t want get in 2 a BIG Argument with u ok BUT we can’t FUCK our selfs. Second is our owm opiono thrid GOOD4 U that u are merche’s FAN we don’t CARE OK Fourth you KINDA don’t say the last thing u say BUT thinking it twice you also have the rite 2 say your opiono sooooo I can’t judge you .fifth You don’t have to say BAD words to get your attention OK Sixth u r kinda rite but competly YES u rite they should HAPPY. But lets say she just more FAME and MONEY now what do you think bout that.

  84. Dont wori bout the astrology thing!! I did if for the laf nd i got 87%!! And its not lik il ever get wit him!! xxxxxx!

  85. hey Alexandra u are right i should of not used dad words but i am addicted to them.I also don’t want to get in a Argument.I did not want to get attention, or hert someone’s feelings but it is kinda retarted what many people say about Merche,and i guess it was retarted of me to use bad words.From now i will just use less strong words.I was just trying to diffend Merche.If she wants more FAME and MONEY that is F-up and it will piss me off.But i will still like her.Do u think Merche is a BITCH.

  86. Hello people! that merche is nothing but a second mummy for ronaldo. Someone should report her for being a PEEDO, i mean what is the age difference about?? she just wants a lil boy to get out as much as she can from him before she dies! if they do plan to tie the knot, i suggest u girls out there dont need to worry cos she will die before reaching the end of the aisle, the old hag! ewww ima be sick, shes a total minger!



  89. omg i am soo jealous of merche romero . i mean why would ronaldo even like her ?? xx

  90. they broke up or something like that,hes not ready to settle down at least not down for a while. Merche’s pretty but not pretty enough.

  91. She’s not pretty. Yes, she’s got a nice body, but her face is killer, not in a good way. He should come to the U.S., find me, and get it going on.. Im a gorgeous girl, and rich, don’t need his dough, just need his lovin…U should dump her, and then come to the U.S. and look for me honey

  92. fok merche romero! that’s the girlfriend from cris… now… he’s mine!! grrr…. i hate her… i gonna kill her… i’m the new girlfriend from cris… than! fucking stupid women… merche romero..

  93. y u all slaggin her down if u were in her shoes you be asking every 1 to bum u so u should just grow up n lurve ashley cole who are you to say shes nt pretty a bet ur all dogs

  94. Hey Merches! Fan no I don’t think she is bitch, i mean u can do with ur body whatever pleases u, right? If she likes selling it to ascend in her career !YAY! for her not that am saying she is, but whatEV, and really now that i think about it age dosen’t matter, from the begenning of time men have married women, (girls really) much younger and no one objects, but when a women does it, OH NO!! God forbid! She is labeled or called names. Whatever Merches reasons are for dating Christiano, u know it is there life. So they can both either later on learn from a mistake or live happily ever after, by dating each other. All in all, PEACE people, there’s already to much violence in the world…BYE!!! Peeps!

  95. ahrrrrrrrrrr! i hate her !!!!!!!!! you know he’s just dating her because she’s a model,man if i was a model, you know i’ll be dating him.
    i love you cristiano ronaldo!!!
    te amo mucho mas que ella!

  96. Merche already has a DAUGHTER??? Wow! Merche’s already been dumped BIG TIME and for a Catholic to be dumped – then you REALLY have to have fucked things up. Or you’re such a nasty person that the father didn’t want to have anything to do with you anylonger!! And where has that daughter been all the time Merche’s been canoodling with Cristiano? She wasn’t with them in Germany or on Madeira!

    This just adds more fact to the fact that Merche is a GOLD DIGGER and a BAD MOTHER. She wants someone to pay for both her and her daughter, I wouldn’t be suprised if the whole wedding thing is Merche’s idea! Watch out Cristiano, MERCHE IS DAMAGED GOODS!!!

  97. hello cristiano ronaLDO

  98. Mann!haw can ya be such a dump ass!!Are ya short of girls???Mann walk around da globe and u’ll find sexier models…Wat!!!are u plannin to marry ur mother-AGED girl???oh shit!never knew cristiano’s choice cud be so rotten!!!watch out sexy guy!!its seems dis is ur time to freak out!!!u don’t seem to be one who cud fall in love just like that!!!!OR ARE U JUST FREAKING OUT????

  99. it is possible we cud meet cris. A little unlikely, but not impossible. I only really just found out who he is! Phoar!

  100. yes i hope that Cristiano and Merche broke up they look horrible together and she is like the ugliest person EVER!!

  101. omgg. i hope they break up aswell. i mean ronaldo needs a hotter woman! ahaha. ronaldos way to hot for her!!!!! its soo depressing seeing them together! ewwwwww.

  102. this is ridiculous!! famous people only date FAMOUS people! and besides this chick that she says she is engaged to she is so full of crap! Cristiano has better taste than to MARRY a freakin 30 year women WITH A CHILD! Obvisouly she is only in it for more fame and money…oh and free tickets to the world cup to watch her so called HUBBY!!
    But Cristiano i love u so much that is y im gonna come to a game and take u away from wuts her face!! then u will see the mistake u have made!
    did u mention that she is like the ugliest thing like that ever walked the planet did u get that “thing” or just call her and “it”.
    anyways Ronaldo i hope u realize your mistake and take it back!

    your number one fan and future wife (hehe jkjk)

  103. omg.. icant believe this… shes pretty and all. well i think she is. but shes onli in it for the money and the hotness of ronaldo! ahaha. well the onli reasons i have a problem with this is::
    1) hes fuken hott
    2) hes way to hot for her
    3) shes in it for moneyy and famee!!
    4) last but not least..HES MINE BITCHHH lmao kiddingg:)


  104. \Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveira is mine!!

    he is the hottest thing that has ever walked this planet! And she well….she is like the ugliest thing that has walked this planet!! Watch Merche or wutver ur name is (y does it sound french when u are portuguese)i hate u so much u dont deserve him he deserves someone better (like meee!!)! We should all be happy for you but since we all hate you Merche (french idiot) we arent happee for u! And if u walked down that isle i swear to God, i will crash that wedding and kill (with the help of my fellow haters of course)
    Cristiano’s gurl!

    p.s. did i mention that u are ugly!?!?!
    p.p.s. have a nice life (without Ronaldo)

  105. Hey all. Dont worry about it. Cristiano will never make any stupid decisions and rush into things. If they’re dating, they’re probably gna break up soon. And they’re probably not even going steady.. And if your a REAL C.R. fan, you’ll be happy for him, if he’s happy. If he’s not happy, then she’ll be out of his life faster then you can say Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveira!!! lol, anyways, girls don’t drive urselves crazy if he gets married, bcuz, hey, sooner or later, it HAS to happen. He’ll get married, hav 2-3 kids and he’ll move on. Don’t deny it, and face the reality.. you can still fantasise abt him and dream.. but seriously, one of us.. marry c.r.?? don’t think so.. sry!!

  106. anya is rite. WE can still fantasise, but just not of marrying him! I know that cris is gd wiv making decisions that matter, so dont worry, hes hot, not stupid.xx

  107. merche is almost anorexic. i saw a pic of her in a bikini and yes, she looked thirty, and she had bum dimples! Ehh. Not nice if u are only 21. Must make cris feel aged. gosh

  108. bum dimples dont sound nice. I just dont understand how cris could be with merche when she is sunburnt, elderly for him and presents portuguese t.v. Anorexic doesnt sound too good either! Im so sorry cris. i dont mean what i say i just am deeply hurt and confused.

  109. Ronnie…ur all mine that should be me wiht u on the thingy…i love u!!!!!!!! ur hot!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  110. Noooooo….happy for him ..but i lov him..i dun think a model type is gud for him he needs a cute sweet buh sexccii carin kinda gurl nd dats y i just mitee marry him….xoxoxoxxo…love u forever no matter wat …..

  111. i lovee ronaldo a lotZz and i dont think that merche really likes him i mean in every pic i see her shes alwaizz wif sum other guy n those pix r recent. ronaldo needs somebody of his age n he needs 2 be happy in my eyes when i see him he doesnt look that happy . all i want 4 him is hapiness nd merche shes all fake she did plastic surgery like everywhere on her face shez a fake ass i dont like her..but wtv its ronaldos choice but i dont think theyre gunna b much longer together he deserves more than her !!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. when i foundout that my favorite MODEL MERCHE ROMERO was dating my favorite SOCCER PLAYERS i started to scream. Not becuz they are both hot or bcuz 2 of my favorite famous people are dateing .But i screamed bcuz of MERCHE’S age, that was the first thing that came 2 my head.4 about 1 month and 2-3 weeks i got over the crybaby wineing shit.I am not trying 2 say that u all that bitch about MERCHE R crybabies.SO i accepted that they R

  113. sorry my dumass little cuz clicked sub.Well like i was sayin i accepted thier relationship.Bcuz i was tiered of sayin ( i can not blive that a 29 year OLD womam is dateing a 21 year old man, that is just rong!!!I said it over& over again, i drew my familia nuts!!!But i reliezd that it was makeing my life hell by rememmber that they R dateing.So i stoped wineing& less i rememberd, THAT.NOW my lfe is less STRECED OUT.And now i am OK with it.U should try it, it might help U & and might take your strec away.

  114. MERCHE asked Cristiano to marry her. Her biological clock is ticking as she’s hardly getting any younger (DESPITE ALL THE COSMETIC SURGERY!!). But Cristiano’s family don’t like Merche at all so I’m sure they’ll break up soon as Cristiano doesn’t mind cheating… If Merche tolerates him cheating that just proves she’s after his money and fame!

    Now that she’s with CR, Merche earns many times more than she did when she was just another obnoxious nobody on TV. No wonder she does her best to grab onto him! BITCH!

  115. merche n cristiano r boff gourgeous n shes not 30 or 32 shes 29 im very jelous of her dnt get me rong n i fink it wood be better if he married me but lets fink of the chances lol n none of u say she ugly lol cz i look loads like her but i have darker hair n i younger lol but i think tht its just pathetic to make anti merche websites iv met merch n she is sooooo lovely email me 😛 rosalie_x@hotmail.co.uk xxxxxxxxxxxxx mwa xxxxxx

  116. your creepy

  117. Cristiano is so hot. Merche is really wrinkly and got cellulite all over her ass. So anyways, when he’ll want kids [in maybe like 10 years or so] She’ll be 40 and sooner, she’ll have her menopause. Ha ha ha.

  118. Hmmm…let’s all face it, you’re all very jealous of her including me!! Otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here obsessing over how ugly or disgusting she is! To be quite honest, although I envy her, I do not think she is ugly. She’s pretty hot for a 29yr old and she has a killer body! She can’t help being that age – I’m 2 yrs younger than she is and i sooo wish I was 21 again! Cellulite is something unavoidable especially when you hit 25 =( I guess she has something in common with all of us, she is very much in love with him and I guess at the end of the day age ain’t nothing but a number. Just think girls, if you were in her shoes it would really hurt to know that so many people have set up hate sites about you. I think by accepting the fact that she is human and that she’s dating Cristiano..it will make you feel less angry.

  119. EWW she is so fucking ugly!! I mean have u ever seen faker lips?? She is such an angelina jolie wannabee..thats the only reason he even dated her cuz he loves angelina jolie (well maybe not ‘loves’ but she’s his favorite actress). Even her commercials copy angelina’s. U guys should check out the beer ad where she’s under a shower head…so sad and such a biter lol!! I gotta admit I’m a huge fan of Cristiano but his ex girlfriends are such self absorbed whores. Especially his ex, Nuria Bermudez. He deserves much better but he’s young famous and hot so of course he’s getting his ‘hoe-fest’ outta his system…but wait..he’ll find true love someday, and that’s when we should REALLY WORRY lol!!

  120. sweet_n'_sour_hunni_16

    Eww she’s so fuckin ugly! I mean hae u ever seen faker lips? She’s such an angelina jolie wannabee, that’s the only reason he even dated her cuz angie’s his favorite actress. U guys should check out merche in that beer ad where she’s under a shower head, just like an old angelina ad…such a biter!! I gotta admit, I love Cristiano but his ex girlfriends are such self absorbed whores! Especially his ex Nuria Bermudez. But hey, he’s young, hot & famous so he’s just gotta get his ‘hoe-fest’ outta his system. But 1 day he will find true love..and that’s when WE SHOULD REALLY WORRY lol!!

  121. Hey guys people that are saying that Merche Romero is ugly?? are u guys blind? I really like watching ronaldo play . and he is indeed very hot but it;s not like one of us is gonna get him I’m happy for them and all I have to say is FORCA RONALDO AND MERCHE!!!!!

  122. cristiano is mine

    i really dont agree of him getting married not just to her but because he is still very young,…i cant even believe kaka got married at the age of 24 but dere was nothing i can do about it and there is also nothing i can do about this all we can do is pray he just plays football and dazzle our eyes but not marry now…..plz…he is one hunk of heaven….and i love him..and will support him with wateva decision he makes…LOVE YOU ALWAYS CRISTIANO!!!!!!!!!!

  123. r u serious? cr is getting married to that old woman?? they dont even look good together i think that he should find someone who is his age not that much older…taht is just ridiculous!

  124. Portuguese-pwincess

    Well i fink all ov u shud really stop h8in on Merche Romero!!!! How can u people say she is ugly?!! I agree with everything Catarina says!! As I am portuguese myself I Know dat Merche is a really nice person as i watch her present portuguese Television! She is great!! And I know for a fact that Cristiano ronaldo is a great person!! He was born in the same Place as my dad and one of my dads friends knows Cristiano Ronaldo! All i can say is PARABÉNS Cristiano Ronaldo and Merche Romero!! Which in Portuguese means congratulations! Love Portuguese pwincess-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-

  125. Hey um…portuguese pwincess well I don’t want 2 start a fight or nothing like that ok but how do we know you are from Portugal I mean that some grlz might even say the same and besides you can also b right like you said your dad know Cristiano or something like that because my dad knows Daddy Yankee’s grama and we know him and I think I kinda under stand u and I don’t want 2 b a know it all but I know portuguses. So we KOOL.PEACE PLPS

  126. 1. u people that think CR is actually gona see this…get a life he cant even read english dumb shits so stfu
    2. who the hell was the person pretending to be CR. saying girz im not with merche romero…all i can say is wow..ur so cool
    3. i actually banged CR last night it was pretty steamy. 🙂 it only got better when that crusty shit faced scumbag joined in on the fun :p


  127. girls who wants to start some beef

    im hungry and i like mine well donee :p

  128. I heard that they are getting married on august 15th because she is pregnant but I dont see how they could because they both have other commitments so I think it is just a rumour but I thought I would just let you know incase anyone else has heard anything about it.

  129. footynut

    More Ronaldo and Merche pics in the forum, click here:


    (you’ll need to register an ccount)..it’s FREE!!

  130. I heard that they are getting married on August 15th coz she is pregnant but I dont think it is true, does anyone know anythin about this?

  131. guys i need some merche and CR news here none of ur feelings and bullshit do shit for me. give me the real 411 bitchesss


  132. [Cristiano.Lova]

    hey guyz

    even if shes with him it dosnt make a difference and you all kno that…he likes her and if we like him then we should b happy 4 him and besides i dont think he would want to go out with his fan anyways….


  133. EuTeAmoCristiano

    I told you that *****! way to desprate… Well anyways…

    Ti Amo Cristiano, Ti Amo! -xox-

  134. Hello PLPS so what if cristiano going out with merche frist I don’t think it’s gonna last second he is never gonna marries none of us thrid ya’ll need to find some one FREE and yes cristiano made a BAD chocie dating Merche BUT it is not our fault let him keep on with his life just let it B PLPS.Also we all want 2 b merche I her dating Cris but ficicamente her.

  135. okay i am way younger than cristiano ronaldo, i’ve seen his picture, he is scorching hott. i am like eight years younger than him, and i know that no matter how much i wish he was my bf, i know that a young sucessful footballer like him is super out of my league. i think that merche is pretty, and that if cristiano wants to date a model, let him date her. maybe she is a great person, and if he thinks he is in love than more power to him. i still think that he should date a younger person, or maybe his age. and i agree 5 yrs is a good age difference



  138. omg thats soo funnyy ewww he must be mad he could do better!

  139. footynut

    More Ronaldo and Merche pics in the forum, click here:


    (you’ll need to register an account)..it’s FREE!!

  140. EuTeAmoCristiano

    Look Ronaldo’s girl, i don’t wanna pick a fight but we all know we don’t have a chance so can u let us have our teenage fantasies? (no offense girls)
    thanks and take care… when you Do end up dating him tell me on this blog…

    ciao ciao

  141. I love Cristinao Ronaldo sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t really care if he gets married or not. I know it will make some of us cry and really upset! 🙁 but it’s his life and i wish him the best of luck whatever he does and i love him no matter what he does!

  142. no offense 2 the people that type on this web, but all of us sound like retareds!!!FIRST i say i like merche’s duaghters name who would fucken care merche dose not even reads english, what the fuck was i typein,SECOND catarina says she is portuguese we don’t know if it’s true or if she is makeing up it up oh yeah her father’s freind knows CR R U fuckin KIDDIN me.For all i know my daddy’s friend knows SNOP DOG and the PERO ASSHOLE of PRIESEDENT BUSH!!! Some poelpe say I WISH MERCHE BURNS IN A BONFIRE that is very sad but it is your oppinion!!!!!!!
    And i do not wan’t 2 get in fight with CATARINA the PORTUGESES GIRL OR with the BUNFIRE PERSON!!!

  143. myBAD it was PORTUGESE PWINCESS that TYPED her father’s ferWiend know the HOT,SEXY,SPICY,TAMAL of CRISTIANO RONALDO!!!!


    I DON’T WANT 2 get in a fight with U POR PWIN BUT DID I MENTION that MY DADDY PRODUCED THE HIT OF SNOOP DOG DropItLikeIt’sHot!!!And i was there wen SD was recordin!!! LOL

  144. MY Daddy’s friend also produced the song and my daddy and his friend R workin on gettin ASSWHITE Prie BUSH & CRISTIANO RONALDO to rap a SONG with PITBALL&SNOOP DOG!!!!LOL

    I could realy see a 53 years old man with a SONBRERRO PRODUCEIN SONGS 2 rapers!!!lol

  145. Hey Por Pwie maybe U could tell your father’s ferwiend to ask CR if he would like to feature on the song,have CR’S PEOPLE Call my Daddy’s and his frewiend’s PEOPLE!!!!


  146. I don’t think cris an d merche love each other….it looks more like lust to me…but we can never be sure…if cris really loves her and she loves him too then i think it would be ok for them to be together…but can you imagine marrying someone who is 10years older than you?? i mean like she will probably die waaaay before he does…..gosh….whatever it is…juz hope one of us gets cris..

  147. I think she needs to get her priorities right like… dating people her own age and not people that will call her mummy. On the other hand, cristiano is very young and therefore immature. They wont get married or anything, but i think the publics interferance will drive them apart… GOOD 🙂

  148. Ok heres the fucken truth ppl read this, Merche Is a fucken wannabe i tottaly agree wit sweet_n’_sour_hunni_16 she is juss dating cristiano cuz she wants fame nd his money i bet chu taht he has more than 50 million dollars in his bank nd yah he is tottaly hott nd we are juss praying nd dreaming atht we can atleast meet him nd be freinds wit da man but we or i live in america nd we (i) am pretty far away frum england where he is now unless he’s on vacation again but even if he marries her he’ll soon find out taht she onlii want him for money cuz her talk show isnt getiing enough of mony nd no one even new merche untill me heard dat she was dating Cristiano the same thing is gunnah happen to them lik it happened to Ronaldinho they got married they had a kid nd then he found out that she onlii wanted him cuz of his money Ronaldinho married i think she was a model too he’s young (cristiano) nd he wants to hve funn he hangs out wit alot of gurls lately nd the guy should really make up his mind unless he is dating because he still hasnt found his “one TRUE love’ the find of gurl taht dont shopp like everyday nd he thinks shes pretty nd YOUNG i mean common if merche was 21 nd cristiano was 29 then ok get maried but not the other way around she looks lik a piece of plastic she had everything nd nething possible done u can see that she deffenetly had ass implants cuz u cant be skinny nd have an ass the size of a 24 inch pizza so cristinao please i no u aint gunnah read dis u juss barally noe how to put sentences together but dude wake up nd smell the mother fucken coffee if u marry her u are going to loose more than half of ur fans there are othere fish in da sea hotter sexxyer YOUNGER nd gurl/women taht love u for who u are not women taht want ur money marry a woman that will love u nd u will want to be wit the rest of ur life wit juss dont make the wrong decision cuz if ur gunnha devorce her then ur not gunnha want to date ne other woman untill ur lik 26 so dude dont marry her nd dont get her preg cuz she has a kid nd u wont feel rite cuz dah kid aint urs wut kind of name is fiance damn if u gunah go dat low juss name her apple, gurls this is the best advie i can give u dont cry or nuffin cuz it aint gunnha lasst u saw how many gurls cris was wit he already dated a odel nd her dumped her the same thing i gunnha happen now theres nuffin special between them sorry its so long but this is all true nd i dont give a fuck if u ppl disagree ur choice but this is all true nd kaka he was stupid to he fucken married an 18yr old cuz everybody on his team where either married had a fiance or divorced nd he was lik the onli guy she wasnt so wev to u kaka but i still think ur hott but not hotter then ME Cristiano

    Peace PPl

  149. i definitely agree wid everything u say!!!
    much luv!!!
    crissy is my baby!!!

  150. i think that chritiano is really hot, and as much as it kills me to say this, Merche is kind of pretty. i watched the world cup, and saw portugal play england, and i can’t believe how great cr looks after he has been running for a whole soccer game, when i play soccer i look terrible. so i think that we should support him, no matter who he marries.

  151. I want to tell you girls that it’s not good to tell that Merche is ugly. She is not ugly but not beautiful too. There are thousands of girls who are prettier than she. But i agree that she is too old for him. But if we really love Cristiano the main thing for us must be his happiness in lovean in his life. No matter if it is very difficult for our feelings. As for me i’m the same age as Cristiano and I think that model type girl like Merche is not good for him. First of all his girl must love him not because of money or fame. Also she must love sport and go in any kind of sport because only people who are going in for sport seriously can understand the feelings of each other. I know what is to be injured just before or at the time of competitions or match. And a sportsman need a great support at that time.

  152. What i want to ask Merche if she really love him – Can she give her life for him or die for him in extreme situation? I don’t think so, that’s why I’m sure that she doesn’t love him. But as for me I can do this without any doubt. I can’t live without Cristiano. Of course I understand that it is stupid but it is a tragedy for me and all other girls.
    Write me if you want to talk about this : my e-mail is olyacrystal@mail.ru

  153. omg, wen i first heard dat he was gettin married i was lyk, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *shakes fists* sSHES TOOOOOOOOO OLD!!!!!!!!!! but guys, it’s nice 2 dream, but reality’s reality, wateva happens happens, n merche, yes, she pretty~end of story~

  154. PPl cris isnt goin steady wit wuss her ugly ass face he aint goin any where wit her nd he has been wit alot of other older women too lookie here Cristiano is currently being linked with Merche Romero although he hasn’t confirmed or denied the relationship. In the past, Ronaldo has dated the model Jordana Jardel, sister of Brazilian footballer Mario Jardel, and the model Lauren Frain, footballer Alan Smith’s ex.Imogen Thomas told a tabloid magazine that she and Cristiano had a sexual fling. Nursery nurse Julie Hawkins has also made such claims but Ronaldo has refused to comment. see the man is a metrosexual even tho i still lik him nd he’s a walking penis he has sex wit every one he wants nd of couser the gurl aint gunnah deny cuz all women love cris so wut da hell less do it. he wears his belt on the right side that onli means one thing he gay totally nd he wouldnt be wearing it lik taht because he liks it but tahst juss mean feel free to disagree. i saw him stuffing his face wit french fries nd he tells me he eats healthy ma ass. he wears the most tight-est jeans in the world EWWW u can see his penis thru them BLAH!! ne way less get bak to dah point they aint gunnah get married nd merche inst preg nd wut eles is there oh yah there aint no wedding aug. 15 nd who da hell names there child fiance JESE Cristt lik there aint other names fo gurls exept fiance EWW so there u is the truth bout ur loved one cristinao ronaldo nd dont fucken say it aint tru cuz it is nd if u love him tomuch u should no everything bout the guy..so its tru dont even think ur name is gunnah be wut ever ur name is Ronaldo aint gunnah happen dont matter how pretty u are if he dont lik u ur juss wasting ur time

    Peace PPl



  156. pa se es feliz com ela va adiante mas na te cases com ela ya! beijokas es lindooooooooooo

  157. pa se es felis com ela se mas nao é por muito tempo!ela é bonito e tu tambem mas olha nao te cases com ela yah(*)

  158. might i add the dude has abad taste no offense tuh all dah pretty black ppl but common if u gunnah go nd get a black gurl then get chu self a pretty one not lik her she has burned hair all frizzy nd eww look at her face BLAH!! nd cris is stupid he onlii goes for old women jeez now id give the man wut he wants no wut a 30 or 24 or 27 i can do so much better if they would give it to him they would get a stroke faster cris get chu self a freash woman not a hoe

    Peace PPl


  159. cristiano i love you(L)

    maybe c.r is not gonna marrie merche romero maybe he is just having her just so he keeps the Fans(girls) away but i really hope that they dont get married.Shes like 30-31 and he is 21 when she is 40 he is gonna be 30 OMG she would be an old lady she just want hem for the money and CRISTIANO RONALDO IS LIKE HER LITTLE BROTHER 😐 and I dont think that they look good together.Open your eyes cris look in to that ladys eyes and see the truth this could me tha biggest mistake of hes life if he gets married with her… and really if we say that cristiano ronaldo wasnt a fooball player and famouse and all that do you think that she would cared about him if she saw him just walked on the street

    bye i love c.r forever

  160. Dear Friends,
    I wish to extended greeting to Cristiano Ronaldo for dating Merche Romero.
    As far as i believe let give them a chance to enjoy the best way in their love matter.
    As for me i really love Cristiano Ronaldo for his good work in Manchester United thanks.
    I really want to get communition with him.
    This is my phone number 232 76 -640562 or 974036
    E-mail gboss_charles@yahoo.com
    Please keep me intouch with Ronaldo

  161. i oh so totally agree with cristiano i love you(L) he juss doesnt want gurls proposing to him nd all crazy when they see him lik HE said “Did you know that cristiano is a bit afraid of girls??” nd “Did u know that ronaldo rarely goes out and avoids busy places cuz hes shy, and also because he cant speak very good english so he doesnt like to go where people could talk to him and ask for his autograph.” nd “Did you know that Ronaldo threw a chair at his teacher, because she was makin fun of his madeiran accent!” THATS MAH BOY!! so yah he’s afraid of gurls cuz he dont noe wut their gunnah do next nd he dont want taht so tahst why he’s always wid a gurl even if shes black so im not sure if he is do that or he really is a whore when he dumps one gurl he gets another nd he alwyas has one cuz he dont wanna be seen in public cuz he lives in england nd there are alot of gurls who lik him so he cant atlk to them or any thing cuz he dont noe how to speak english nd i think taht he dresses all gay nd ight nd shit cuz he wanst gurls to think taht he gay nd leave him alone


    Peace PPL


  162. Ronaldo dont marry her .. marry me im going to be a model.. you should go for the younger people not older .. she will be dead long before you .. i wont ! luvooo lots xxxx

  163. uh..Merche shud be arrested for child abuse..hehe
    U guys r right , she is too old for him

  164. cris is not gay

  165. HELLO
    Gabriela and Anonymous

    do u guys know that in this web most people talk and READ ENGLISH.but if u guys were sayin merche and cristiano look cute and 2 get married u did GOOD!Gabriela i am sure that u said that she is pretty bcuz u typed bonito & in spanish is bonitA.and i think i understood that u said “get married to her now”!!!Anonymous i did not realy understood!!!i would type this in portugese but i do not read or write portugese!!!Anonymous i think u will understand but Gabriela i do not think u will and if u don’t i am so retarted 2 type this , if u guys do uanderstand ENGLISH type somethin in ENGLISH 2 me somethin NICE!!!


  166. Hey BLONDE ON JULY 28,2006
    No offense LightBlonde but why should CRIS go 2 u.I min,just bcuz u guys hav the same age dose NOT min anythning.I rather see CRIS with a 30 or 35 YearOld woman than with a BLONDE again no offense.U know what poeple say, BLONDES R RETARTED& I do not & i guess other BRUNNETS FANS do NOT want 2 see CRIS with a BLONDE even if CRIS is a BLONDISH guy.CRIS Datein a BRUNNET like MERCHE people will not notice that CRIS is a BLONDISH Guy. If u do not understand my message i & BRUNNETS will.


  167. hey ronaldo’s girl i got sumthing to say for u

    first of all ur a freakin nigger ever heard of a joke? yea get a clue dumb ass because u really think i was seriously sleeping with him? hahah woww….yea? lets start sum beef nigga bring it

    ps. charles: it was so sexy the way u used those words ill see u tonight babyy :p

  168. If ronaldo and his girlfriend are happy, then i think he should keep going with the relationship. But she looks like a gold digger to me. Maybe not, she just looks like it the way she looks in her picture. Sux if he does marry her cause then i’ll never meet him.

  169. i think if cristiano and his girlfriend are happy and in a good relationship then they should keep going with it. But to me she looks like a gold digger. Looks can be wrong, though.i have to admit, if they get married then i will be the maddest person on the earth!!!!!! i love RONALDO!

  170. i think that if they are happy, then they should be together. but he is only 21 and she is 30! but me and ronaldo are 8 years apart, but the MAN is older, not the GIRL!!and to me she looks like a gold digger. Although, if the do get married, i will be the maddest girl on earth. but if you think about it, what are the chances of a huge fan marrying or even dating him?

  171. guys sorry girlz did you’ll know dat merche and ronaldo are getting married on sunday?

  172. girlz are you’ll sleeping or something, he’s getting married,gees!!!!

  173. you are the hottest man in the worldd i love ya!

  174. I love Ronaldo I’m sure all u others do as well. But whoever said he was getting married and supposedley on sunday, come on now get serious!!!

  175. ok put it this way ..

    cristiano ronaldo can shit on merche romero

  176. i have great news people my grandad who lives in portugal said that he knows merche,(he is a singer) and when i spoke to him this morning he said that cristiano and merche ain’t getting married, it was just a rumour because ronaldo apparentley just wanted to get girls off his back, again!

    sorry ’bout dat girls!

  177. i have great news people my grandad who is a singer in portugal said this morning when i spoke to him that cristiano and merche ain’t getting married, it was just a rumour to get chicks of ronaldos back!

    sorry ’bout dat gals.

  178. Ashley Dos Santos

    I dont care if he is getting married its his life and he can do what he wants to do with it although I know one day im going 2 meet him soon and get married were only 8 years apart!!!

  179. naomi dos santos aveiro

    Ronaldo is not getting married .. sorry gurlz but im with him now so lyk bak off 🙂

  180. naomi dos santos aveiro

    Heya ronaldo’s lover .. do you have msn? .. i really want to speak to you but i cant say it where everybody else can see .. please reply
    Naomi x x x x

  181. she is way 2 old 4 him
    cum on ronald, u got beta taste dan dat
    any way, i’m free!!!!!!

  182. She’s way too old for him. He can do better than that. & doesn’t she have a 14 year old daughter. Ew.

  183. if ronaldo marrys merche i might just actually breakdown and cry!!! she’s too old 4 him he’s so young and me n him are only like six yrs apart !!!

  184. she is a dog and she has a 14 yr old kid thats disgusting cuz shes going out wiv a 21 yr old errr

  185. Ashley Dos Santos

    hey you guys check out the videos theyve made of merche and ronaldo and the comments at youtube then press merche romero oh yeah stop saying that ronaldo’s yours because you havent even met him once you meet him you can start bragging

  186. merche is ugly old and a bitch! cristianno can do WAY betta than her!!! c’mon he can choose any girl in the whole world!!!! – but he had to choose stupid merche – i dnt think he really likes him – i think it’s just because of her fame! i really hate her!!!!! she’s kinda fat too! EVEN IM PRETTIER THAN SHE IS!!!!!!! – marry me instead cristino!!!!! – xxx
    u know what girls – lets all get together and come up with some way to kill merche! – if we all put our heads together we ‘ll come up with SOMETHING! then at least one of us gorgeous girls (hopefully moi!) can have him! and we’ll all start hating her instead!!! xx haha! it could work! xx




  190. ok! they r not sxc(person above me!) he played in football matches 1 day ago! you dont do that the day b4 ur wedding! and you would hear more about it if it was true

  191. footynut

    Dont think he’s getting married anytime soon…

  192. Cristiano should not be married with Merche.
    She is way to old for him, 9 years is much and even if he loves Merche he is to young to get married. I can´t say that Merche is ugly but they don´t berlong together. And I have heard that Cristiano have a child, is that true? I mean he is to old to get a child when he just is 21 years old.

  193. Mrs Ronaldo Agnes

    We are madly in love with cristiano and he knows us since we were little babies.Merche Romano is a fugly peice of crap who should be in slut prison for the rest of her shitty life

  194. so did they get married after all or something? freakin old fart gets him, but whatever, they’ll break up don’t worry girls, or divorce, and then we can have him all to ourselves…how old is she like a hundred or something? ha ha…and she does look old, at least if she looked young or something it would be good but she looks old as hell! haa

  195. hey there…so did he marry after all or something? man, merche romero is sooo not good for him, she goes better with a fifty year old or something cause she looks OLD…but don’t worry girls, he’ll break up with her or divorce, come on, it won’t work, and then we’ll have him all to ourselves!!! she would be better as her grandma or something…lol

  196. hey there…so did he marry after all or something? man, merche romero is sooo not good for him, she goes better with a fifty year old or something cause she looks OLD…but don’t worry girls, he’ll break up with her or divorce, come on, it won’t work, and then we’ll have him all to ourselves!!! she would be better as his grandma or something…lol

  197. ROnaldo lover can shut her fuckin face u arsehole yes they did get married cuz it was on the internet they were getting married on aughast the 15th so shut the fuck up bitch

  198. I hate Merche Romano i wish that she will die and rot in hell for the rest of her crap life she is…ugly,selfish,freak,loser,bitch etc

  199. dnt worry guys he wont stay wiv her 4 that long he’ll get boared of seeing her granny face cuz he’ll see other younger preetier girls by then

  200. naomi dos santos aveiro: i’m sorry but i don’t have msn. Hey what country do ya live in, i live in South africa!

  201. hey sxc (“so-called” sxc) what website was this lie on, they didn,t get married!!!!!!! And you don’t even know who i am so why are you calling me such disgraceful words, don’t you got no knowledge girl or boy or whatever you are? i don’t want to start a fight, i fight with my annoying brother enough!

  202. sorry sxc i thought you were talking about mwah (ronaldo’s lover), my bad.

  203. well ronaldo’s lover (person above me)u shud think nxt tym b4 u say shit lyk that

  204. seriously sepaking i do not think tat merche suits him.she is much older than him, and besides, i doubt they will last..she is jus too slutty for him

  205. i think its nice that hes in love, and the age gap isnt really a huge thing, or at least it wouldnt be if he had met her when he was older… i mean right now hes at the top of his game, he’s only 21/22 thats sooo young, what if she wants to settle down or gets clucky (wants kids) :S

  206. whatever lol if its ment 2 b it will… be happy CR

  207. I dont get it. How come C. Ronaldo is dating all girls that are older from him? Nuria is 35, and now Merche who is 30. I wonder whats in Ronaldo’s head.

  208. he dated someone 35, now 30, mayb next will be 25.although age gap isnt a huge thing, but still think that someone of his age, or younger wld be better for him..

  209. anonymous yh thats gud that he is in luv but wiv that slut shes a porn star and so is that nuria girl and i think u shud sort ur head out anonymous

  210. you know what, how can c. ronaldo date sum1 where other people see more a day of her body than he does i mean gees that is now gross! Merche is a damn pornstar he can’t marry or date a pornstar it is sooo against the laws of cupid!!
    cum on guys who’s wit me?

  211. i definately do no think merche is at all good-looking. her lips are silicone, she looks like she is trying to be young again and she has no fashion sense what so ever. i can’t say she’s a bitch cuz i personally dont kno her but i think she is a definate leech. before cristiano, she was an unknown model (p.s. anyone can be a model… it just depends on what jobs and campains you get) and now people know her because of her boy-toy. she wanted someone famous and i heard she tried to get another portugese footballer before cristiano. i think he’s probably using her for sex….obviously she is more experianced than younger girls. i dont think they will marry because he said in an interview in about 10 or so years he’ll get married. merche is imature for her age. you don’t see eva longorier or jessica alba acting as merche does. i think she trying to compensate for something.

  212. also…i dont think he’s going to marry her because he took off the ring after rumours of their engagement arose. if he was truly going to marry her , he wouldnt take off the ring.

  213. I don’t think Merche is ugly but she isn’t gorgeous either.In addition, age doesn’t really matter it’s just that she looks a lot older than
    him. She doesn’t look 30 she looks 40. I’m a year younger than Merche and I don’t look that old!!!!!!!!! I think Ronaldo should wait on marriage and find a women who is not after his money.

  214. If one of u started dating cris (eg:Ronaldo’s lover)most of the ppl here r gonna start hating her ….u can’t all have him even tho most of us love him with our heart and soul..(too bad)

    PS:I don’t like Merche (at all N’ i hope they break up) but I think we shud go a lil’ easy on her

  215. naomi dos santos aveiro

    heya ronaldos lover .. i live in wales .. how does your grandad know cristiano or something like that ? please get back to me xxx

  216. OK you guys, I have just been surfing the net for more C.Ronaldo news and I came upon something very interesting that proves Merche is simply using Cristiano…unfortunately. Before I type the new infromation, I have to say that Merche is a BIG(EMPHASIZE ON BIG) piece of CRAP. I bet my life on it that she had plastic surgery almost everywhere! Cristiano, I don’t know why you of all people LIKE her!!!!!But if Cristiano does choose to marry her in the end, I’ll be happy for him altough life will not be easy since he’ll lose alot of his fans and his career and fame won’t be as good because so many people loathe Merche Romero. Anyway, what I found out was the Katia and Elma Aveiro(his sisters) do not approve of the marriage and can’t seem think of Merche as their new sister in law. I think Hugo(Cristiano’s broter), doesn’t think much of her either since I came upontthis website that has interviews.The last thing I wanted to metion is a direct quote coming out of Merche’s hag like mouth:”Life has never been so interesting since I was with Ronaldo.” Some of her ex-friends have said that she has never been so famous before Cristiano. She was simply known as the host of a portuguese show(“Portugal in our hearts”.). This means my friends that she is using him!!! If Cristiano is using HER to keep fans of his back, so be it. I’m happy to think that he doesn’t actually love her. But when alot of the big fans figure this out, they won’t be happy especially since he’s using Merche as a decoy. When I first found out, I was feeling bad but my obsession is back up again =)!!!
    Don’t worry, even if they get married, the marriage won’t last because
    a)Merche maybe has a daughter
    b)Merche’s to power hungry
    c)As we can tell from a few pictures, Cristiano had tendency to fool around with other girls(I wouldn’t really mind though if he was mine and as long as it wasn’t with Merche in thee case that we were together!!!)

    Love you Cristiano!!!!!!

  217. i cnt stand c n them 2geva! i no its becuz i’m jelus i meen hoo wudnt b jelus! he is hot! i dnt no wot he’s bin lyk wit uva women ( weva or not he has cheated) but hopefully they r happier appart. i feel really guilty for sayn thatbut that is wot jelusy dus! cos if i had 1 wish it wud b 2 b wiv him!
    the marriage rumours are prob tru but it wont last as cristiano is young and prob is redy 2 comit as much as merche as she is olda and mor muture! he can get a much hota galfrend sum1 mor his age!!! lol and gals dnt think that she looks like that in her p8ic at the top. from recent pics she has bad cellulite, acne nd podgy! even tho that is wot the average women is lyk (cos we aint perfect) he can get any gal at the snap ov his fingers. but he is always seemin to b with uva women, mayb they r jst frends but normally yu dnt get up close nd personal wit them! i absolutly luv cristiano but my respect is sort ov goin! (omg i cnt believe i jst sed that) i wud jump at the chance of dating him!
    i hope that they are happy 2gether he does deserv sum1 that he luvs nd cares 4. as we r are all in our own little fantasys about b n with him but most will not happen! also he’s 21 he shud b havin fun! mayb he is havin fun but i hope he dnt miss out! since the world cup his fans hav died down and overall ppl arnt very keen on him! but i still think he is gawjuss and luv him 2 death but obviously i dnt no wot he is lyk in person. i hav nuthin against merche! they are happy nd in luv (i think) so wot if they get married b happy 4 them!!!!!!!!! cristiano yu can get beautiful women hu dnt need all tha plastic surgery. i wanna c wether they stay 2 gether! he shud b out clubbin nd havn gud tym not with a women hoo evry day men see her body in skimpy cloves, livs in portugal wheras he livs now in manchester, and is passed her time. he is hot! and also y dus he hav 2 hav sum1 famus ( is it for publicity) . wota bwt all of us cristiano! i just need to face it i am jelus of merche!(but only becuz she is wit c.r) . n e way off the subject i wos in her home city for my holiday lol in andorra well very near it lol. its nice thats hes in luv but dus merche want kids? or just a fool around? wud cristiano b able to care for a kid nd liv in a different country yet he is young himself. !!! HOPEFULY THEY STAY HAPPY (BUT SECRETLY I WISH THEY DNT LOL) I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV YYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CRISTIANO U R SOO SXC! UR BOD IS TO DIE FOR ND YOR SMILE IS CUTE! YU R JST PERFECT!!! LUF YU LOTS ND MAYB YU WILL CUM 2 YA SENSES ND FINF ME LOL I’M GOIN TO UR HOME TWN ON HOLIDAY N ANYWAY COS GOT HOUSE WHERE YU USED TO LIV!!!!!!!!!!!! LUF YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THA FITTEST MAN ALIVE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXLUFF 1 OV HIS LUVD UP FANS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OH YH ND DUSNT SHE HAV A 14 YR OLD DORTA OMG THAT IS 7 YRS BETWEEN THE GAL ND CRISTIANO LOL THEY CUD D8 OBVIOUSLY WEN SHE BIT OLDA LOL I MEEN CUM ON MAGIN B N 14 ND YA STEPDAD IS THA 1 ND ONLY CRISTIANO RONALDO! XXXXXX X LUV YU LOTS AND LOTS LOTS LOTS LOTS LOTS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


  219. i’m a very big fan of cristiano and i think the merche is very pretty but to old for him coz cris is still a young and wants to have fun and she is at an age where she may be thinkin about marrage and kids .Also cristiano has said himself that he is not lookin to get married for the next seven years so i dout thier relationship is not more then just a bit of fun

  220. heyy..x
    ok so the rumours about the marriage are not true she admited it…but she ses her relationship is magic…pshh shup merche wtf u on…grrr look at her face in pictures she looks older than 30…and shes had her lips done, ears pinned back, breast job, face lift and nose job…ok so its not really a put off but she does look older than what she says!!

    EMAIL MEEE…: april_louise123@hotmail.co.uk


  221. abril (person above me) i relly dnt get u, on the other website u were sayin nice stuff bout merche and on here ur cussin her make ur mind up lil girl and GROW UP cuz u were sayin on the other website that we havent got a chance wiv ronaldo WELL WE MITE U NEVA KNW AND IM SURE HE DEFENINTLY WUDNT GO 4 U!

  222. Look people, whatever you guys think of Merche, it’s not your place to judge her just on looks (she looks ok!). And it’s Cristiano’s and Merche’s business whether they want to have a relationship, not anybody else’s. And since when did age matter? Look at Celine Dion and Rene Angelil!
    As sad as I am that Cristiano is currently taken (he’s soooo hotttt), I feel happy for him that he’s found love. Who knows, l’amour between famous people is tumultuous too. You never know…*wink*

  223. Merche isn’t bad looking, but she isn’t pretty either. All I know is that even if they are together, it won’t last long because she has a 14 year old daughter and I highly doubt he would date or marry for that matter, a girl who carried that kind of baggage.

  224. Merche is an ugly hore. She deserves to date Chewbaca. They both look a like. They’ll make horrible babies

  225. Merche is so ugly she makes blind kids cry

  226. I HATE U MERCHE.I think they not match couple.

  227. merche is a bitch and a slag and she should find sum1 thats her age

  228. He does not look right wit her

  229. woweee so i got up this morning to see more pix of ronaldo adn just tell me how it is possible that he is goign to marry merche?! i do not believe it… i mean i want him to be happy but i know that happiness will not be found wiht merche! i love him adn his body and his smile and his cute button nose and he’s got sum undeniable talent! merche is not the ugliest thing like sum u girls say but she is not good enuff for cristiano becuz he can get WHOEVER he wants…i will meet him one day but i know i’ll never get him so im not frekaing out but if i could just meet him that would be fine…he’s the best thing that happned to me ever…we all love him undenaibly and im sure he loves us cuz we’re his fans…i hope he don’t marry merche and if its true that she has a daughter then OMFGGGGGGGG….her daughter is prolly in love with cristiano and it sux becuz she can’t have a crush on him cuz his mom is married to him! that would suck horribly…but i don’t think she’s got a duagher! anywho peace out everyone!

  230. RONNIE 4 LYF (person above me) i totally agree wiv u ronaldo is the best thing that has happend to us acctually he is the best thing that has happend to all of us fans and we all do wanna b wiv him but at the end of the day its up to him relly and i knw sum of u girls out there that hav a dream to be wiv him even i do and i still hope that my dream does come true some day but he likes mature peoplee and people wiv nice personaltiy thats why he goes 4 older and ugly women lyk merche and nuria

  231. he probably goes after older women because he can. how many 22 year old do you kno that actually can get an older women. no many.

  232. first off he’s 21 he turns 22 officially on february the 5th…second off here is my whole theory with like the merche and cristiano thing! all of us girls are like critcizing merche romero for leading on cristiano adn choosing younger guys when sumtimes maybe its cristiano…don’t get me wrong i like all of the rest of you am a TRUE cristiano fan and i LOVE him…but lets’ all face it cristiano is a lil horny guy lolz…and so he just wants the pleasure from a porno star like merche…cristiano is the man so he can break up wiht merceh whenever he wants but he chooses not too…also merche officially announced on july 6th that she is single maybe indicating that she wants to move on..cristiano was never the first to indicate that so he is still attached to her..adn becuz usually the guy asks out the girl im pretty sure that cristiano asked out merche in the first place so he is the one who wanted to go out with her…plus he gets an erection everytime he is with her he stays at hotels with her **wink wink** and so he proly definetely wants her…as for the other side we all know how much cristiano respects his mother and his sisters…so if they relaly didnt’ like merche like rumors say then he would have broken up iwth her…anyways so i like TOTALYL love cristiano lolz like we all do…and i want to meet him sooo bad…i went to italy and france this summer and i wanted to go soooo badly to portugal but then i found out that cristiano was not there at all and he was on vacation adn stuff cuz it was right after world cup and i decided to just forget it…but when and if i see him i’ll just be happy to see him…im not gonna go crazy and ask him to marry me or anything cuz that will just make me look stupid and he says that he hates all that publicity stuff and just wants to be known for his football and i used to play soccer so i truly respect him as a player and as a person…going thru his father’s death and being such a strong person really shows what a good person he is…adn he grew up in such a poor family so he knows what eveeyrhitng that he has right now is wroth which shows his strong sense of justification…we all love this guy and will continue to…all i hope is that he finds someone who truly makes him happy…but in my own persoanl opinoin merche is not the one that will make him hapyp so he needs to get out of the relationship…merche just wants him for pleasure and a relationship like that is not a healthy one! i love all yuo girls cuz you guys love ronaldo and keep showing the ronaldo pride! I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH!

  233. Cristiano i liked, i love…………

  234. Ok well, I’ve heard the news. Are they seriously getting married?OK Merche isn’t butt ugly…in some pictures but she isn’t gorgeous like lets say Adriana Lima or Heidi Klum. If Cristiano wants Merche, he can have her but ummm…he’ll lose a ton of fans and plus te mariage wont last. It’ll just go worse and worse. Imagine, Cristiano 40 and Merche 50, ewww!!! Well i certainly hoe the news is false but if it isnt, dont ruin your life because of it. I’ve decided that since i despise Merche so much, I am simply going to become bigger than her:D. Oh and trust me, I will. I will be worldwide, not just in Portugal.Bothof them will worship me just like Cristiano worships Angelina Jolie. So guys, keep your heads up cause this marriage ain’t gonna last…believe me.

    xxxxxxx, adore you Cristiano although I’m losing my faith

    Jelena(the next big thing)

  235. ok so umm JELENA…what exactly are you going to do that’s going to make you the next big thing? i mean like honestly hahahaahaha no offense but cristiano worship you?! cmonnnn girl plz be real here…but ya i agree with most of ur logic…anyhwo as for the rest of you girls i think you are losing your faith in cristiano none of you comment on this site anymore lol..and after the last longggggg message i left i expected ppl to at least leave some replying comments expalining their persoanl thoughts…anywho love all u cristiano fans!

  236. OMG jelena u can dream on cuz cristiano aint gona worship you and what are you goin to do thats gonna make you big anyway U MAKE ME FUCKKING LAUGH OMDAYZ HAHAHA

  237. Hi people, how’zit hanging? uhm my grandad knows cris because he is a singer in portugal (my grandad) so yeah. I lyk only speak 2 him like once a month and i kinda asked him 2 get mwah ronaldo’s autograph bt he did’nt wat suks even more is dat hes moving bak here

    lotsa love (LOL)
    bye guys

  238. well person above me u knw wat I DNT BELIVE U U FUCKING CHAT SHIT and pluz if ur grandad is a singer he must b famouse so wats his name if he is?

  239. wow u girls are all so jealous of eachother, and “sxc” why are u picking on ” ronaldo’s lover” she has not done anything…maybe her grandpa really is a singer why u guys all gotta be jealous of one another?! we got merche to worry about adn cristiano’s retardedness! lol luv y’all!

  240. OK you guys don’t believe but haha Im already on my way:D.I’ve already acted in Theatre and Im part of an Agency(specifically-John Robert Powers). If this acting career doesn’t work out I’ll become a lawyer since I already have many connections. Yes you are right…Cristiano probably won’t worship me but he will hear of me at least and not think that I am non exsistent. Besides I may become a professional Karate athlete(all of you suck if you haven’t heard of karate lol). Hehe, I can become an athlete too! I live in Oakville in Canada which is a town that is filled with riches!!! Hope to meet Cristiano!!

    PS:When i do become famous “sxc” and “Ronnie4Life”,
    eat my dust cause you’ll regret not believing me. You don’t know how ambitious I am:D


  241. haha jelena girl no no i didnt’ mean it as a diss at all! im so very proud to have ambitious girls such as urself! i wish you the best of luck in whatever you pursue… im sorry if i came off bitchy or sumthing…but i know you will go far…we are all obviosuly smart becuz we were smart enuff to love ronaldo! anywho so ya i hope you do get far adn if cristiano doesn’t like any of us talented girls then that’s his fault! adn i totalyl agree with you i hope that crissy doesn’t do sumthing that he regrets! BYEEEE GIRLS!

  242. “sxc” yes my grandad is famous in Portugal his name is Madi and y can’t u be lyk “RONNIE4LIFE” who has respec 4 da rest of us. U don’t even know mwah and u cursing mwah. This website is suppose to be on Cris not on moody chicks.

    I Luv Ronaldo!bye

  243. jelna ur too fuckin full of ur self

  244. RONNIE4LIFE u sound lyk a nice person and evryfink but i think that u should not tell me wat or not to do cuz i can do wateva i want basically so plz dnt tell me what to do and i can pick on whoeva i want but im not sayin this in a nasty way ok i sure that u will understand wat im tryna say lol

  245. ronaldo’s lover i still dnt belive u ha ha and i have got respect actually and u dnt knw fuck all about me so dnt go goin all smart little girl and stop sayin MWAH all the time cuz u sound daft and weird an toooo fullll of ur self

  246. ” sxc” i never told you what to do? o well w/e..so have you guys seen like the total gorgeous new pix of cristiano on yahoo! OMFGGGG! why has he got to be soooo hot?! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture where he is touching his cheeks and smiling and no shirt on! cuz his tan is beuatiful and he looks sooooooooo cute adn that body! im sure you guys all know which one im talking aobut lol…anywho bye gurlies! btw just in case anyone is wondering im from ” gay” california! i really want to move to italy but that has not happened yet…i went there this summer and omfggggg BEAUTIFUL!

  247. jelena i didnt mean to say dat coment b4 i only read half of ur comment but i hope u do all da best in life and we will see when u become famouse so best of luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  248. well RONNIE 4 life i knw that u didnt tell me what to do but it kinda sound lyk u did but u knw what i was tryinna say

  249. well merche is not so pretty she is okay…but the balck lady….omg omg omg omg she is so ugly bahhh merche is prettyer than her…and i want that ronaldo and merche broke up…he desirves a bether one

  250. hahahah ” erna” i TOTAYL agree with you on the ” black lady” my frnd adn i just call her ” GORILLA” or ” apewoman” cuz that is EXACTLY what she looks like..i mean God forbid i have just never seen anyone that effin ugly in my like entire life lollll! i mean WTH IS THAT?! i mean i can understand merche and cristiano a lil better but wth GORILLA? she is ABSOLUTELY U-G-L-Y its sooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy lol! byeee girls!

  251. ronnie 4 lyk and erna are just racist fuckin slags just luk at ur selfs b4 u say shit bout ova people fucking bitches

  252. ” biatch” i was not making fun of the lady cuz she was black adn im sure ” erna” wasn’t either so maybe u should think twice before you talk shit! i was not making fun of her cuz of her race at all but just becuz she is truly ugly if she was white or chinese or indian and she looked like that i woulda stil made that comment! so i mean there aint’ no reason for you to talk shit u lil skank hoe! u have no right to call me a bitch beucz you didnt’ understand what i meant! adn i think ur the one taking it to the effin extreme by cussing us out..and obviously ur the bitch cuz taht’s what ur screename is ” biatch”! so dont’ talk shit! and o btw i did look at myself yup im def prettier then apewoman hahahaha…so i’d appreciate you not talkign smack godamm whore!

  253. ya ” sxc” i understand what u were trying to sya…we are cool dont’ worry luv ya girl!

  254. well BIATCH u shud fink twice b4 u say shit lyk that and pluz RONNIE4LIFE seems lyk a very nice person she cant b racist u twat and by the way u relly are a biatch and RONNIE4LIFE she relly is ugly isnt she lol?(ape women)


  256. yo control ur language there aint no need to say shit lyk that to me and RONNNIE4LIFE ur just a stupid low life bitch that needs to grow up u fucking hoe and RONNIE4LIFE i wudnt take shit like that from sum1 i fink u shud say sumfink as well cuz im sticking up 4 ya lol

  257. Hey,
    Ronaldos grlfrend is prety bt I HOPE DAT DEY BROKE/BREAK UP BECAUSE I’M DA REAL 1 4 HIM!


  259. lol hayley thats rite man dunno wats up her arse lol

  260. ya ” sxc” omfgggg bitach u are like sum gay ass whore or sumthing i think ur the gdamm horny one speaking of fucking pussys! dude are u like fucking high or sumthign ” biatch” cuz i mean wthhh is wrong with you?! ur tlaking hella shit for like no gdammm reason ur sooo fukcing guy i swear go fuck urself or sumthing! anywho ya ” sxc” i think ur really nice to…adn as for you ” Biatch” u don’t know who the hell ur messing with here I AM GDAMM CRISTIANOS’ WIFE SO MAYBE U SHOULD GO LOOK IN THE GDAMM MIRROR AND SEE FOR A GDAMM CHANGE WHO THE FUCK IS A BITHC! UR SUCH A ” SLAG” W/E THE FUCK THAT MEANS! I DONT’ speak gay language…anywho as for the rest of u guys…cristiano has a new gf?!

  261. heyy girls! how you doing? well i just thought you should know that i got ronnie4life’s back and shes my best friend. umm so dont mess wit her cause then i get involved!
    luv ya!

  262. hey ” ronnie4life’sbff” aka my BEST BUD! AND MY FUTURE CRISTIANO WIFEY! lolllll ok so finalyl ur stupid comment came up lol…but ya so u totally gotta check out that retarded ” biatch” girl…she’s like on crack or sumthing! luv ya and email me!

  263. a nuria e a mulher perfeita pra ele, linda, elegante, cantora, modelo, actriz, agente fifa, famosa, rica, é casi uma victoria adams espanhola…e só e cuatro anos mais velha, nao a merche que tem 33

  264. really, nuria is a victoria of portugues´ beckham…is fantastic for him…NURIA AND CRISTIANO

  265. a mi me gusta también mucho la nuria bermúdez para él, además ya conoce manchester, que dicen que estuvo con beckham y todo…es verdad que canta, baila, desfila, hizo cine, televisión y es una de las famosas más cañeras de españa http://www.plautoproducciones.com que he encontrado. CRISTIANO Y NURIA HACEN MUY BUENA PAREJA Y ÉL QUIERE JUGAR EN EL MADRID, EQUIPO QUE ELLA DOMINA A LA PERFECCIÓN. SIN DUDA, LOS 21 AÑOS DE CRISTIANO Y LOS 25 DE NURIA, NO SON UNA DIFERENCIA TAN EXAGERADA COMO LOS 21 DE CRISTIANO Y LOS 33 DE LA TAL MERCHE

  266. aite all the comments in other languages i can’t relaly understand lol…so is sumone willing to translate thakns! bye gurlies!

  267. can you guys please write in english? or like translate it for me. thanks. btw omg dude ronnie4life, i miss you!

  268. i think she is very ugly and im much preetier then her and give me a call ronaldo caw xxx

  269. RONNIE4LIFE im a girl so go and fuck ur self and fuck so called SXC u both are slags and bitches that fuck themselves and u RONNIE4LIFE BFF WATEVA

  270. oi shut da fuck up mann ur really pissing me and RONNIE4LIFE off aint u got anyfink betta to du like lick ur moms pussy the way u tld me and RONNIE4LIFE to do i bet u do thats y ur tellin ova people to do it well me and RONNIE4LIFE arnet sick lyk u u just need to fuking grow up u lil tart. oh yea fanx RONNIE4LIFE lol u are really nice toooo xxxxx

  271. ya duhey ” biatch” i know ur a fucking girl that is the whole gdamm point u gayass! ur so fucking stupid i swear to GOD just effin let the whole situation go…u started cussing me out for that black girl thing and it wasn’t even a big diss so just effin get over it…i mean why the hell u fighitng with me anyways u don’t know me? adn as for calling RONNIE4LIFEBFF…ya she is my best fnrd so why dont’ u back the fuck off…adn ya ” sxc” do you know who ronnie is dating now? o and ” ronnie4life’s bff” aka my bestttttttt buddddd i hate anusuay and i can’t believe she did that shit today at school! lol anywho then peaceeeeeeee!

  272. yo yo yo! wats up? girls? anywho why is biatch cussing at everyone? gosh!

  273. haha yup i totally agree with you ” ronnie4life’s bff” why the hell IS she cussing out everyone?! what a ” SLAG” lolllllllll w/e the fuck that means!

  274. die fantastischen2

    ohh der ist soo hot…
    you are so hot honey baby

  275. so ” biatch” i guess u finlly decided to shutup didn’t u? pshhhh

  276. heyy that mother fuking fag finally decided to shut up! hahah btw cant wait to see you ronnie4life

  277. o ya i know i can’t wait till i see you either ” ronnie4life’s bff” damm its gonna be such a long time from now! btwww i froze my butttt off in waterowlrd today! it was like snowing im dead serisou i felt like i was in alska!

  278. hey biatch or you HISPANIC!!

  279. heyyy gurls!n so whats up? how yooh been doin? well sucks for you that you froze your butt off. so yeah! hahaha and tell anasiah i said hi. hahaha losseeerrr. lol call me!

  280. okay breaking news!!!!!!! its offical MERCHE AND RONALDO HAVE BROKE UP, it was on the merche website and in the portuguese papers (24horas) yehhhhh!!! we’re all free from cellulite lol i feel kinda sorry for merche but i knew it waz cumin at lest ronaldo can fully concentrate on his football (CUM ON UNITED!!!)

  281. omfggg ” rumz” are u serious?! woweeee finally! hahah i know we are rid of the cellulite! and i don’t feel bad for merche at all she should get sumone her age! lol….but yay go manutd!!!!!!!!

  282. hi. omfg! are you serious? im so glad to get rid of cellulite freak. omfg that fatass finally realized that cristiano is wayyy to good for her. lol why havent you called me? ronnie4life?

  283. Girls who knows why ronaldo hasn’t played on Wednesday i heard that he was banned or something is that true?

  284. What the hell is up with all of this swearing! Yes i swear sometimes too but seriously, this is a forum for Cristiano fans to express their opinion about Cristiano and Merche Romero. Yes Merche is an ugly bitch and he doesnt deserve her but you guys dont have to start spazzing at each other! OK, I did sound a little full of myself but I really dont think I am. Believe what you want.Anyway, does anyone who lives here in Canada know the program YTV? Well I got into the auditions and I made the first cut so yay!

    Back on topic: Yeah Cristiano was banned on Wed. since he *gestured* at the opposing teams fans. But I think he’s playing today(sunday). I sure hope its true that Cristiano and Merche broke up but he better have not have found someone even worse!


  285. i realy hope ronaldo dosn’t get jeered at 2days math.it hurts my feelings.the girl his dating ,is nothin but a goldigga.

  286. yeah girls.
    the reason he was banned was becasue he flipped off the other team. but today, man-u lost against arsenal. tear*

  287. hey how u doing cristiano?i hope u r fine.i cant belive my self that u gonna married the fuckin merche romero she is older than u 9/10 years omgand cristiano hun i give an advice u r sooo younger to marry and second she is ugly and she is not good for ya sweetie third u ve many chances to see more beautiful girls than the fuckin girl merche and u know i love ya soooooooooooooooo much and i ll love ya forevr and im from ur biggest fan and lover plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont mary her plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and my email sweetie is pinkyfusion@hotmail.com
    love ya
    big big big big kisessssssssss and hugsssssssss

  288. hahahaahahhaah ” heba” wtfff is up wiht you girl? cristiano doesn’t even check this site! so basically you just gave ur email to like a billion freaks online! jesus! cmon girls we’re supposed to be smart for cristiano but i guess sum of us just aren’t…its ok if cristiano flipped off the other team lol he’s a cutie and i bet they liked it lolllll! im sad that they lost against arsenal but duh henry is on that team what do u expect lol! anywho im happy that him and merche broke up i hope he gets sumone cuter next time like fernanda and ollala

  289. I love Cristiano!! and merche is really attractive, but i think they just wanna have a good time together n it’s going to over very soon, cuz she’s WAY older than him…..and eventually they gonna get tired of eachother.

  290. tru say lu .but i still think she a goldigga.wt sort of a model is she ,i’v neva herd of her.she just dated ronaldo 4 da fame.
    heba u dumass y da fk did u do such a stupid thing.betta change u’r email adress.
    i luv him ronaldo 2.but i got common sense.


  291. ” AR4CR” i totaly agree with you on the merche dated ronaldo just for the fame…adn alos hahaha heba is a freaking dumbass lol

  292. u know ronnie 4 life u know i got cristiano ronaldo email and he except to add me but he didnt be online but if he online i gonna catch him and talk to him but u know i hope its is his real email and i want him to know that me is pinky fusion and u know if anyone add me i ll not accept them so what ur name girl?and what is jesus? and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cristiano ronaldo dont marry her she is just a bitch and she is older than u and u ve many chances to find beautiful girls than that bitch and if u marry her u ll lose ur fan and when u divorce ur fans come again to ya and u just broke my heart and u broke ur fans hearts whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    love ya cristiano forever

  293. look ar4cr i from the biggest fan of cristiano roanldo and lover also so i love him sooo much so i take fica bem of him and if anyone add me im gonna not accept him and whats ur name real name girl?and read why i writ my email in the mess of ronnie 4 life.ok
    see ya

  294. and i forget to say sth to ronnie4life and ar4cr at his site every body leave him/her email thats easy
    see ya

  295. Hey guys!! well it does look as if Ronaldo and Merche have split up (YAAAAAAAAAY!!)LOL, but none of them have confirmed it yet although a ‘close source’ said that they HAVE SPLIT but their is no confirmation form Ronaldo or Merche. Ronaldo prefers not to comment on his personal life where as Merche sticks with the classic ‘no comment’. The press say there have been various reasons for there split, like maybe they split cuz Merche waz alwayz blabbin about how ‘perfect’ their relationship waz (but she could’nt tell the whole world if she really did brake up with him or not…god why cant this women open her mouth at the RIGHT time urgh!) The paper says the media pressure, paparazzi and long distance between the couple were the causes of the break up. (but no-one knows for sure).

    There’s a NEW ROUMOR going round that Nuria Bermudez (Cristiano’s Ex)was staying at the same hotel as Criatiano in Portugal…, when she waz asked in a interview she said it waz ‘pure coincidence’ i dunno but i think its not ‘coinsidence’ wat do u guys think…if Ronaldo gets bak with her then am gonna flip seriously cuz in my opinion Merche is a MILLION TIMES BETTER than this Nuria girl, jus google her you’ll see why, i mean he can do soooooo much better, he can have any girl he wants but….anyway tell me wat you guys think about it (sorry its soo long lol)
    and yeh i think they have split as Merche is’nt commenting like she usually does….anyway

    cya guyz!!!!!!

  296. footynut

    Ronaldo should go out with Jesicca Alba…ooooooooo..baby

  297. Here’s an interview of Nuria Bermudez commenting on that ‘hotel roumor’ thought u might like 2 read it…so wat do u lot think of it ??
    leave a comment if anyone knows anthing else about Ronaldo/Merche/Nuria….byeee

  298. footynut

    where’s the link?..can’t find it 😉

  299. LOL sorry bout that, heres the link its in portuguese though …

    Heres the interview/article in English…

    “The singer Nuria Bermudez was in Portugal in the same hotel that the player of the Manchester and, in an exclusive interview, reveals intimacies about the courtship with the star, that is going to regain.

    Nuria Bermúdez, to Spanish ex-girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, was in Portugal the past week and stayed installed in the same hotel that the player, that was dislocated to the Country with the Selection. “A coincidence”, reveals singer and model to the Lives. “I came in work. Knew that the Selection was in Portugal, but not in this hotel. It was a pleasant surprise”, increases, refusing say itself was or not with the player. “I am not going to answer that.”

    A thing is certain, Nuria Bermúdez, of 26 years, still did not forget Cristiano Ronaldo, of 21, by who says to continue passionate and “be capable of do everything”. The contact between the two mantém-itself, but of a form more limited. “I continue to link him and to send him messages, but says me that is prohibited of me attend. I stayed furious with that and we finish always by fight. I have many nostalgia of our conversations.”

    hope that helps…cya

  300. Ronaldo's Girlfriend

    CR is myn by da way. u don’t need to know me coz b4 he said dat he will marry me dis year even if i’m only 17 years old. his mum n dad even agree with this. if u ask him he’ll probably say i dunno, coz he’s only lying!!!!!!
    *_-I lUv RoNaLDo!!!!! 4EvA-_*

  301. heba jus bcause udder people leave there email adress dosnt mean u hafe 2 aswel.oh wel i guess ur a dumass.
    by da way heba,u dont need 2 no my name.
    if u havnt figured it our already ,den A.R is my uneshuals and C.R stands 4 Cristiano Ronaldo.

    dats all ur gonna get

    cya bitch

  302. Rumz r u portuguese.if u r ,ur lucky cause u can read all da portugese news.


  303. Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Says:
    September 20th, 2006 at 5:22 am
    CR is myn by da way. u don’t need to know me coz b4 he said dat he will marry me dis year even if i’m only 17 years old. his mum n dad even agree with this. if u ask him he’ll probably say i dunno, coz he’s only lying!!!!!!
    *_-I lUv RoNaLDo!!!!! 4EvA-_*


  304. footynut

    Rumz thanks for the link and translation!

  305. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .i just googled Nuria Bermudez.ur rite Rumz she is worser dan Merche.
    ronaldo is fit and he could do a lot betta.


  306. hey girls…ya so i haven’t been on in a while so my comment is gonna be pretty long…but anywho omggg im so happy cristiano and merche aren’t togehter anymore but wtfff that nuria girl she is OFF THE CHAIN ugly! wthhhhhhhh what is wrong with cristiano….honestly he is like sooo perfect excpet his choice in girls suxxxx ass! as for ” AR4CR” u are such an intellignet girl and i agree with everything that you say…ur awesome! ” cristiano’s girlfirned” you are so effin gay i swear to GOD! wtffffffirst off cristiano’s dad died so long back so honesly get sum info u gdammm dumbassss! i hate how u are putting urself so low in front of all the girls…u seriosuly think that like u are going out wiht him get a reality pill sweetheart…he doesn’t want any of us he wants to richass gorgoues model..we are his sweet dedicated fans and honesly i think he’ll always love us more than he’ll love his gf becuz we are the ones that make him who he is…so even tho he’ll be making out wiht sum other girl…we’ll be the one’s getting him the ” best player award” so he totalyl likes us better…so stop putting urself down and talking like you are really his gf cuz that is just a load of bullcrap and if u hoenstly think that you are then i think ur mental or sumthing adn needed to get checked up lollllllll….” abril…x says” i totalyl agree with you on this ” cristiano’s girlfriedn” girl sh’es liek on crack or sumthing! HAHAHA…anywho girls imma go watch sum ” laguna beach” and i LOVE CRISTIANO RONALDO! as we all do lol…peace out! btwww ” cristiano’s girlfriend” im 17 too lol i don’t go around saying im marrying cristiano pshhhh! get a life!

  307. heyy omg i totally agree. can you beleiveeeee shes part iranian? omg what a toftal embarressment! omg im gonna dieeeeeeee. well at least i got to talk to you today (ronnie4life)
    i cant wait till our sleepover!@

  308. thanx ronnie4life 4 ur comment on mwa.

    Nuria’s images realy pisses me off.she thinks shes”IT” flashin her tits around.

  309. hey people,
    is cristiano really dating that nuria chick? shes even worse than merche!

  310. i personally don’t think he is dating nuria but if he is hten he’s got issues cuz she’s an effin ugly whore and all she does is have pix of her boobs hanging out all the time! aite well then peace…adn ” ronnie4life’sbff” aka my best frnd lol i cna’t wiat either!

  311. hi.is there a reason y merche & ronaldo broke up?

    i heard Ronaldo’s family didnt like her!but i dont think they broke up cause of dis.

  312. Merche and Nuria i hate themm!!!!!


  314. OMG!!! MERCHE HAS CONFIRMED THE BRAKE UP…. i cant believe it LOL they’ve actually broke up hand merche has comfirmed it with her own mouth. I have proof, read the article (below) where merche has given answers about their brake up and was actually CRYING!!!!! YES CRYING….i guess i do feel a little sorry for her deep down cuz shes crying about it…but i hope her and ofcourse Ronaldo are fine about it, cuz like three weeks ago in an interview she was saying ‘their loves like magic’ but i guess the magic died out…anyway you can read the interview and look at the picture as well, WOOOOHOOOO LOL this news made my day! LOL


    Merche Romero confirmed the end of her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo as she was interviewd in in the television program “Só Visto!”.
    “Cristiano and myself are no longer togehter. I guess this is what it takes for us to get some air to breath again…”

    Before the interview yesterday, Merche had nothing else to give the media than the famous phrase of “No comments”.
    Then she decided to collaborate with RTP and open her heart. She made clear that the preassure given from the press and media was the main reason behind the break-up.

    At the end of the interview, Merche was shown a coverage of photos of Cristiano Ronaldo and was no longer able to fight back the tears. Though, she made clear that they weren’t just tears of sadness, they were also tears of happiness.


    P.S: A.R 4 C.R- am not portuguese, wish i was though LOL but i have friends who are and i understand it a little so i guess that helps…

  315. haha ” gabriella” ur sooo funny…but ya i TOTALLY agree with you…we all love him OBVIOUSLY otherwise we woulnd’t be on this site…but if sumone else makes him happy that’s fine…ubt the thing is sluts like merche and nuria DO NOT make him happy…he just doesn’t realize it cuz he’s a little boy and is horny and loves seeing them naked and shit like that…he’s gonna leave all of them anyways…but anywho I LOVE CRISTIANO HE’S THE HOTTEST THING IN THIS EFFIN WORLD IF I COULD MARRY HIM I WOULD AND OMFGGGG HE’S LIKE SMOKING HOTTTTTT!!!!

  316. naomi dos santos aveiro

    hello ronaldos lover do you have an e-maill address i can e-mail you .. instead of me writing it on here hun .. x x x

  317. U’re sick ppl!
    What about leaving her alone?
    U don’t know her, don’t know how she’s like. U’re obviously ppl with too much time with nothing to do other than talk about other ppl’s life like if u knew them. U don’t know what it’s like to be judged because ur face is on a cover of a magazine, because ur boyfriend is handsome, ur work implyes to much visibility…. Cristiano Ronaldo might be a great guy, good looking…I don’t know him to make a judgement. Merche is REALLY Sweet and friendly, a good human being above all! I hope both of them can work their differences and be friends after all this comotion.
    And you ppl who keep saying stupid and nasty things about ppl u don’t know …. get a life!

  318. ” maria” ok honestly what makes u think u can come here and say whatever you want? u don’t know merche either! so why are u defending her? how do u know she’s not sum skank hoe dumass…and ur saying “u don’t know what its like to be judged becuz ur face is on the cover of a magazine”… well do you know what its like?! i mean cmonn sweetheart ur not like them either lol soo wtfff dont’ come here and lecutre us! byeee cristiano fansss!

  319. oy, maria wat da fuk u chattin about.i meam cmon.
    its not nuria face on da magazine cover.its her TITS.
    like ronnie4life said u dont no her either.so shut da fuk up.

    luv c.ronaldo always!!!

  320. 1 more thing.we all have got a life ”maria”.dis something we like do in our spare time.theres no harm in dat.ppl like 2 take da mick out of merche & nuria cuz we all no dat there no good enough c.ronaldo.
    by da way ,dis syt is made 4 our oppinions .u dumass.
    ur on dis syt aswell.so basicly ur tellin ur self 2 get a life.u get me.


  321. have u guys seen the new pix of cristiano on yahoo from the most recent game! SOOOOOOOO CUTE LOL! bye!



    Cristiano ronaldo is married to another woman.. i even have the wedding pictures.. u can get them on http://groups.msn.unofficialronaldo

  323. ” ronaldozbiggestfan”…umm the website dont’ workk…but umm who is this woman? do u think its you? look in the mirrot…what do u see? sumhting uglier than an ass….an ASSWIPE! lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……..wtf up mutha fuka..there ain’t shit there…shows how correct u are…peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    ronaldo4life and ronaldo4life’sbff

  324. ‘ronnie4life’ and ‘AR4CR’ and ‘ronnie4lifebff’ u 3 r bitches u dat and slags,hoe,motherfuckers.
    piss off this site.

    i h8 cristiano ronaldo

  325. wat da fck!!!u MUST b da bitch around ere ‘h8er’ chattin about ppl like dat.
    If u h8 c.ronaldo den y da fck u on dis syt.
    ‘ronnie4life’nd ‘ronnie4lifebff’ aint bitches or hoe nd neither am i.
    u must have problems.no wonder ur name is ‘h8er’.
    fck off bitch nd talk about me or udders like dat.
    who r u 2 tell us 2 piss of dis site.

    u should b givin dat advise 2 ur self.nd do us a faver and get ur attitude fixed.b4 ppl beat u up.


  326. hey ” ar4cr” thanks for stikcing of for us.. ya ” h8er” plzzz and im being honety here…bitch why don’t YOU fuck off this site? we dont’ need ur attitude…ur a fucking pussy licker and u can fucking go shove ur attitude up ur asssss! no one wants u here..and as a matter of fact ur the one that shoul just leave cuz u dn’t like cristiano so why the fuck are u wasting ur time coming on this site when u know ur gonna get ur ass beat up! MUTHA FUCKA! get the hell off of here…biotchhhhhhhhhhhhh

  327. hi ronnie4life i just come bckk frm holiday and i heard merche and ronaldo have broken up im sooooo happy and do u knw hu his going out wiv now? and whats h8ers problem stupid bitch


    Hey there ronnie4life,
    I dont care if u dont believe me but the truth is he is married andi have the wedding pictures so boohoo.. oh and i was homecoming queen so i dont look like u (in this case: a word containing 3 letters, A is the first letter and S the last)
    anyone else u can get the pics on http://groups.msn.com/unofficialronaldo/
    but you have to sign up first..
    (sorry i wrote the wrong site last time)


  330. ”RONALDOzBIGGEST FAN”wat sort of fan r u ?Ronaldo sooo aint married.ur just makin shit up.

    nd ”sxc” dont think ronaldo datin anyone at da

    cya ppl.

  331. haha gud 1 ar4cr lol that RONALDOZ BIGGEST FAN does chat a load of shit man

  332. footynut

    Don’t think Ronaldo is with Merche anymore..they have split



    loooooooooooooooooooool .. u guyz are weird .. if u want i can send the pictures .. but hey i dont need to prove anything to u .. as long as i know thats the important thing .. ciao and peace

  335. Hello everyone!
    I checked out this site RONALDOz BIGGEST FAN was talking about and I saw the pictures, when you press pictures you get about 30 to 40 subheadings and one of them says wedding.
    I am so bummed :@:@:@:@

  336. ronaldoz biggest fan dnt call us weird cuz ur fucking weird ur self u stupid bitch and for the MILLIONTH TIME RONALDO IS NOT MARRIED SO GET THAT IN UR STUPID HEAD U FUCKING BITCH AND LOOK HUZ BACK THE SO CALLED ‘BIATCH’ THAT CHATTS ALOAD OF BOLLUCKS

  337. RONALDOz BIGGEST FAN i believe u girl, i even checked out the pictures, girl these people are so in denial (lool – go to doctor phil :P)


    Thnx ronaldo-rox and CR-Fan.. at last someone believes me.. she doesnt look nice though.. right?? 😛

  339. ”BIATCH”.SHUT DA FCK UP.im not goin up any1s ass. no wonder ur name is biatch .cuz u r a bitch,slut,hoe,dumass,dickhead,pig,cow,gay,tart,luntic,jckass,piece of shit…….god dis can go on 4eva.
    nd”BIATCH”u r da MOTHER of all mother fckers.ha ha ha ha.


  340. i fink ”ronnie4life” licks ”ar4cr” ass.
    bt both ways .there stiil both ass lickers.
    and ”sxc” ur a ass and fanny licker.

    i h8 ronaldo.i h8 ronaldo.i h8 ronaldo.i h8 ronaldo .i h8 ronaldo .i h8 ronaldo.

  341. okay, if cristiano did get married, do u know how much paparrazi would be involved?! I mean, even Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchers wedding had a hundred security people, and paparazzi STILL got into their wedding! And just because it says “wedding” at the top of the pic, doesnt mean it was cristianos wedding…

  342. H8ER u need to fucking grow up u lil tart u lick ur moms ass ok u stupid fucking slut or wateva u are u must b gay or a tranny or sumfink cuz u dnt sound straigt and RONNALDOZ BIGGEST FAN U ARE JUST A DICKHEAD HE IS NOT MARRIED 4 FUK SAKES AR4CR GUD 1 MAN THAT BIATCH NEEDS TO SHUT DA FUCK UP

  343. tell me about it ”sxc”.some ppl like ”BIATCH”nd”H8ER”just dont no wen 2 shut up.
    but they no how 2 b bitches.

    ”h8er”if u dont like Ronaldo den y da fck u on dis syt. get dis tru ur thick head.i startin 2 think u havnt got a head.u 2 ”BIATCH”fck off no1 wants u here.

    nd”RONALDOZBIGGESTFAN”r u sure dats not ronaldo sista standin nxt 2 him,cuz i saw a weddin picture of ronaldo at his sistas weddin.

    anyways Ronaldos doin really well in his footy career so we shood b realy happy.i no i am.


  344. h8er.wat da fck.who ur tryin 2 b

  345. hi i am ”RONNIE4LIFE” and i am a bitch.i h8 ”sxc”.

  346. H8ER STOP TRYIN 2 STIR THING UP U DUMASS.U R SOOOOOOOOOO THICK.i mean cmon did u realy ur gonna grt away wiv dat.ur name came up as h8er while u were tryin 2 b ”ronnie4life”nd god noes who else.(probably me)ur taped nd u need 2 get ur brain checked.



  348. im confused.h8er wat da fck u up 2.


  350. Ronaldo is sooooooooo fit.he got a perfect tan.a perfect face nd a pefect body(6 pac).

    Da ppl dat h8 him r da ppl dat r jelouse of him nd they need 2 get a life dat is interesting nd h8er u no im talikin about u .
    ur not jus pissin me nd ”sxc” off ur pissin udder ppl off aswel.i said it 2 u nicely so go away.

    cya ronaldo fans.


  352. Yes i am sooooooooooo happy! Merche n Cristiano Ronaldo az Broken up wit Merche i reali happy! I av seen Ronaldo b4 e signed ma shirt gav me a kiss(on da cheek) n winked at me i went to da Newcastle n Manchester Match!
    I am Ronaldo’s BIGGEST Fan 4eva n eva Buff boy!

  353. OMG! I thought him n Mercha broke up like a couple of weeks ago! I’m confused! SOmebody please fill me in! WHo’s he goin out with now??????

  354. [URL]http://www.musica-latina.anticoit.org[/URL]

  355. Muito triste o Cristiano Ronaldo ter deixado a Merche Romero…acho que devia ter um pouco respeito pela Merche…apesar de não saber o que se passou, davam-se muito bem e de um momento para o outro…acontece!!
    Uma boa sorte!
    Força Merche

  356. c.ronaldo is soooooooooo fffiiiiiiitttttttt!!!!!!!! i wud die for him

  357. They Broke up on the 20th september kylie.
    he isnt goin out with anyone now apparently he only wnt out with he to make his ex jealous!
    Luv Ronaldo 4eva

  358. hi u guys! wowwww i’ve been so busy lately that i have’nt been on this at all! but guess what lol? IM BACK! and apparently there has been a lot going on behind my back while i haven’t been here wtfff?! “sxc” and ” ar4cr” thanks you girls for starnding up for me! u two are the best! i will talk to all of you soon! BYEEE AND RONALDO ROXX FOR LIFE! Nadia u seem really cool and im happy u met ronaldo lol at least that makes one of us! as for biatch and h8er you two are fucking dumasses adn h8er u can’t pretend ur me u dumass FUCKER!

  359. hey ronnie4life well there has been alot goin on behind ur back, fucking biatch and h8er need to get a fucking life they sre sooooooooo imature they need to grow up man fucking hell!!!!!!!!! how old are u ronnie4life??????????????

  360. Luv Ronaldo 4eva i av met him ma mum knws his mum! e gav me a kiss on a cheek!

  361. My mum n dad r frm maderia i waz born dere

  362. to NADIA no1 cares ur goo gay


  364. nadia no 1 gives 2 shits so stop goin on about it

  365. nuria e cristiano hoje juntos num jantar em lisboa no restaurante xl

  366. to sxc on octtober 14 u r soo right !!!!! NO1 CARES NADIA BOUT UR LIEZ

  367. hi ” sxc” im almost 17…and plzz dont’ be mean to nadia the girl is just happy lol we would be too…its ok nadia i understand! how old are u ” sxc”….mannn i missed being on this website have too muhc schoolwork! 🙁

  368. gdgd ronnie4life im almost 16 lol but that nadia girl doesnt stop goin on about that she met ronaldo and its doin my headin lol but she sed it once and thats enough she doesnt hav to keep on goin on about it, where do u live ronnie4life????


  370. hey ” sxc” i live in the US…u?

  371. hi all you ppl! 😀 im doing my homework right now but i thought i’d just levae one comment…gosh too much work lately..not enuff time for cristiano! ok so im listening to this one song called ” il mondo nuovo” from italy! i went there this summer and LOVED it…so anyone here if you are from italy then omggggggggg i wanan talk to you lollll…italy was the BEST place ever! i was there for 11 dayz and those were the best 11 days of my life! i went to venice, florence, and rome! and i know u haters out there are goign ” ronnie4life” no one cares what you did…but this sight is for globally getting to know other ppl adn i just decided to like let ppl konw a lil bout me…i would move to europe in a day if i could cuz i HATE the US…anywyas gosh i loveee cristiano soo much i can’t even expalin…i hateee that real guys can’t be like him..cuz if real guys were really like that then we could all find sumone like him and stop fighting over him..cuz its ridiculous we all know that we dont’ have a chance! i wish i could get one of them HOT italian boys! lolllllllll **sizzle** 😛
    ok well girls i will talk to all of you laterz! HURRAY FOR CRISTIANO RONALDO! MON AMOUR! haha i took three years of french lolllllll

  372. hey ronnie4life i live in da uk (england) its shit lol

  373. omg ” sxc” lol im sooo jealous u get to be closer to cristiano! gosh u can go to his games in manchester whenevr! i went to london heathrow this summer when the whole terror plot was goign on we were there the day if happened..ughh it was shits! but ya i been to england before for like 2 weeks its sooooooo beautiful! prince william lol HOT HOT!

  374. lol yh ronnie4life i live in manchester and i have been to ronaldo’s games a few times and i went to the world cup in germany when england was playing portugal and i saw cristiano he looked so gorg

  375. hey guys.dont u just wish there wz a way of gettin’ ronaldo actualy on dis site so he cud tell us the truth about who and if he is goin’ out wit any1!get real! all of dis is probs just gossip wich is probs not true! so chill and if cristiano decides 2 cum on dis sit and tell us coz we r and will be faithful 2 him coz we r mad about him so if he does tell us anything its not as if we’ll spread the news 2 the world atleaset i won’t so lets just hope we r lucky enogh 2 get him on here 2 check it out.


  377. I dont see how u can say that the black girl is an apewoman…you can barely see her face, renaldo’s shadow is blockign her face, secondly, he doesn’t seem to be scared of her, so I know she is attractive. It’s very childish to call other people names, without taking a second to realize that you cannot even pass judgement, because you cant see her face completly. Her being dark skinned doesn’t make her ugly. That to me is border line racist.

    Reflect on the hastity of your comments. Then u will see why some people may be offended.

  378. heyy..yea i went wc 06 and watched portugal v iran…met ronaldo in frankfurt the day before the game and got interviewd for portugese tv with him as i live in australia and the reporters were very interesteed..add me msn im25xy@hotmail.com

  379. hi cristiano ronaldo go out with imogon man shes so much better and that girl u are with is nasty and blimin ugly

  380. hey guys got sum brill news! ya know on this site of hers’ it says that she admitted 2 liking cristiano but then whent on 2 say that they met in november/december summit like dat and she then sed that she and him broke up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi am like sooooooooooo happy i luv him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and i wish he would see this site 1 day so we can get a chance 2 alk wiv him+ it’s gd he plays 4 united coz me ma dad and bother luv man u so they dont have a clue that i am crushing on him while lookin’ at the gorge guy himself!i do like football man man u anyway so i dont only watch bcoz he is playin’ sum times.lol anyhow talk soon i gotta go 4 ma dinna.xx

  381. Thank you ‘Ronnie4life’
    I cnt believe you live in america what part?
    xxxx Ronaldo Rulz!

  382. Soz ‘sxc’ 4 goin on bout da fin i wnt say it again so how old r u?

  383. I cant speak english i speak german!!
    merche ist net mehr mit cristiano zusammen

  384. yh its kool nadia u seem like a nice person im nearly 16 hw old are you??

  385. hey! guys is no1 gonna reply 2 my msgs’
    i feel soo left out!!!!!
    huh!fine then!!

  386. georgina shut the fuck up!!!!!!!! u chat shit thats y no1nes replying to u

  387. i cant belive this!
    cristiano, gak sharusnya jadian ama orang Tua kayak Merche Romero!!
    apa yang bisa dibanggain dari dia?
    emang cuma dia aja yang cantik?
    badannya bagus?
    hellow.. where is inner beauty?
    its, enough.. masih banyak cewek di dunia ini yang lebih muda, cantik, has a good body, luar and inside.. dan pastinya labih cocok daripada Cristiano!!

    i’m so sad to hear this news.. many people says that cristiano has married her girlfriend..!!

    you just make a mistake if you marry her..

    ok Cristiano Ronaldo dos santos aveiro.. look to the forward now, your life is so long, dont make a mistake now.. coz it’s make you life HANCUR like a trash..

    bye.. cristiano I LOVE YOU some much

  388. well excuse me ”sxc”!but i compared 2 u actualy like ronaldo,you don’t know a thing u just go ahead and bragg on about gossip u hear in them crap mags of yours.
    so dont shit about wiv me coz i aint kiddin’
    you have no idea how much i like footy 2,its not only coz of him i watch him soooooooo…get a clue get your facts right b4 you start chattin’!!!

  389. yea and 2 add 2 that,soz but i’m doin’ u a fave by writin’ dis stuff bcoz u are all worryin’ on this site about wether he is datin’ merchie whats her face!!! ——so basicaly all i’m sayin’ is back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!i didn’t mean 2 sound so bothered about what people on this site wanna know about cristiano!!!!!!!!!!

  390. Hey people!!Relax!!Cristiano is dating this ugly and freaky stuff,only because he wants to gain some experience!!Of course when he meet the appropriate girl(I repeat girl and not this old goat)he will marry her!!Of course I hope to choose me,but it’s a little bit difficult!!!(HAHAHAHA!!!!)OK to sum up Chris I love you,all my room is covered with your posters and if you ever come to Greece,call me!!(ps;in euro 2004 I was with Portugal,of course!!My mother is from Potugal!!)Kisses hunny!!!!! 🙂

  391. well georgina dnt fucking fuck about wiv me u stupid bitch like i sed b4 u chat shit and by da way i do knw a lot bout ronaldo and i love football 2 so dnt go chattin shit like dat to me cuz u dnt even knw me u skankY little hoe SO GET UR FACTS RITE B4 U START CHATTIN U SLUT

  392. who you callin’ a slut bitch!!!!!!!!!!u dont know me soz but dont make suggestions about me and i wont about u kk.cathrin understands i mean i see where she is cummin’ from,i know we all like him so can we just start gettin’ along plz.i wz only tryin’ 2 do yall a fave by tellin’ ya info.kk?.oh yea and cathrin,guess what, my aunty lives in athens…which part of greece d u go 2?.imagine if we meet up lol.i bet we’d get along coz we both like cristiano,lol i bet thats’ probs all we’d talk about.haha.anyway cya guys.
    p.s. i only wanna fit in wit dis groupe of people so………i wz only tryin’ 2 give ya info about him and merchie romero.it does say on her site that the went out and then broke up soo.i just wanned u all 2 b aware

  393. wateva georgina just stop acting bad on ere cuz ur just making a fucking fool out of ur self

  394. hey girl i can do what eva i wanna 2 me u r the 1 actin’ bad here,soz but i did nuffin’ wrong in the first place it wz u who started it all,i just wanned 2 make a friend,oh soz is that against the rules!?!?!.do me a fave and stop tellin’ me what 2 do ok.u leave me alone and i’ll leave u alone

  395. Christiano damn this ugly beach pleaseeee!!!!!She is only a stupid blonde can’t you see??Kisses!!

  396. Thank you ‘sxc’ i am 19 i am going to turn 20 in february when are you going to turn 16!
    You seem like a nice person too!

    Have you ever met Ronaldo?


  397. Hi georgina! My name is Nadia I am glad that you and ‘sxc’ stopped arguing! I am trying to make friends too! I am 19 going to turn 20 soon.
    how old are you?
    Do u come from portugal?


  398. well i only tried 2 give info so me and her got off on the wrong foot lol.im only 13 but….what can i do ma brother is 20.i come from manchester,u?.i wish i came from portugal lol coz then mayb i cud know ronaldo if ya know what i mean.the good thing is is that i support united and i live realy close 2 the stadium and can hear the crowd shoutin’ loads all the time when there is a match on,plus i can watch the match and check cristiano out 2.
    xxx talk again soon i gotta go :}

  399. LOL. I live in cheshire,woodford! I moved there in 2003! I come from maderia i was born there like Ronaldo! Soz i just ad to say that. People that dnt reali knnw me like you or even”sxc” don’t me believe me when i say i actually know Ronaldo coz of ma mum! I met him when i went to watch the mewcastle match he is realli nice! I know that u dnt believe me i mean i wouldn’t if someone said that to me! So its kl if u dnt believe me!

    I was gonna stop goin on dis syte coz e doent cme on ere!sooo dere iz reali no point!But i am goin to stay on here coz i want to stay in touch and meet new peeps like u for instance! soooo mite aswell! When is ur birhday and r u inn yr8 or 9?
    P.S I dunno if we are goin to stay forever we mite move!
    Talk to you later!

  400. Hey guys I see you stopped arguing at last!I want to tellyou something interesting I found out just little minutes before!My mum said that our last name Ferreira is related to the footballer of Portugal!He is my cousin!So he might meet me Chrstiano!!Hey don’t be jealous I will sent you photos of Chris and me,made out!See ya guys!!!:-)

  401. Shut up man!!I don’t believe you!!You are just crazy or extremely lucky…No way!!

  402. hey nadia! i think me & u would make gd friends lol even though im 13.i’m in year 9 s.t.bede’s collage i know its kinda a posh skool but i luv it.by the way ma b’day is 22/06/93 when is yours?.plus i do belive ya in a way about that bein’ born in maderia,and mayb knowin’ cristiano.if ya eva get 2 c him cud u try 2 send me a pic…plz.i like u u r pretty koolio mayb we can be bezzy buddys in a way,haha especialy on dis site.i’l give u info on cristiano e.t.c. and mayb u’d do the same 4 me. oh damn i gotta go footy calls’!!!(well highlights)man.u played 2day against bolton they won!!! just in case ya didn’t see it.rooney sscored 3 and ronaldo the 1,he wz set up by saha so it wz a realy gd game 2 watch.anyway cyaxxxxx

  403. heyyy you guys! ” sxc” ” Nadia” and ” georgina” you guys all seem like such nice girls! as for ” Hotty” omggg u are sooooooooooooooooo stupid u seriously think that for ONE SECOND i will even believe you?! who the hell are u kidding?! ur either outta your mind or really realy stupid lol to think that you made out wiht cristiano! anywyas just in case you ppl don’t know already im almost 17 yrs old i will be 11/28…so ya just in case anyone asks lol i live in beverly hills, ca, USA…i hateeeeeeeeeeee the US i would do anything to move to italy…spain…greece…or portugal…but that’s not possible so im sooo sad! i went to italy as i have said before…this past summer..summer 2006…and it was the BEST summer of my life i reallyyyyyy love europe and all u ppl who live there are too lucky so enjoy it! btw this site is not for bashing other ppl unlesss they’re REALLY stupid like ” Hotty” so plzz lets just all be frndz becuz we all love cristiano and we all got connected thru him which is making us global frndz which is relaly cool! I LO VE CRISTIANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and im pretty sure he broke up with merche so lets just enjoy him and his football for a while! 😀

  404. ya know i have sed dis about a million times but it did say on her site that she broke up wit him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.if ya go on2 google type in cristiano ronaldo and merchie romero and go down(scroll down the pg)u will c that it says merchie talks about their break up or summit.i’m like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohappy now that he isn’t now dating her coz dat means he is tot free 4 us 2 chatt about and love 2 bits!.soz 2 say hottie and others that write his name wrong its ”Cristiano”not christiano/anything else.soz….just sayin’ haha.oh yea and nadia,how does yo mum know cristiano?coz ya sed on yo last msg that its b’coz of ya mum ya got 2 c him.
    oh plz get back 2 me on dis msg nadia.lol.
    cya soonxxxx

  405. hey every1
    i no i havnt com on 4 a long time.i no dis myt sound stupid ,i couldnt find dis syt so i gave up and i didnt bother 2 look 4 it again,until now.
    anyways hey ”sxc” nd ”ronnie4life”.

    i am jelouse nd happy 4 da ppl dat met ronaldo.


  406. hey pips.
    sxc did u say u live in manchester.u r so lcky if u do live there 4 obviouse reasons.i live in birmingham.
    dis aint important bt i live close 2 aston villa stadium.

    hey Nadia about u meetin ronaldo or wateva u said i believe u.u r sooo lcky u r old enough to go out wiv ronaldo.cuz some of us on dis syt r under age.i am 13 turning 14.oh well i still luv him.


  407. hey its me!! hey a.r4c.r i live in manchester and im 13 2!!!lol just wanned 2 say.
    gotta go 4 dinna now though so i’ll talk l8r byexxxxxxxx

  408. Hi georgina my mum knew ronaldo’s mum coz we lived 4 doors away frm er in maderia! Oh u r soo sweet! Cos we can b best budz! I am 19 gona b 20 in February da 5th next year!
    Hey i will send u picz of me n him i actaully got to ralk to him on da fone during sa half term!

    Come bk on georgina!

  409. Hey A.R4C.R U seem reali nice thankyou 4 believin me! How old r u where do u live?

  410. Listen “Hotty” i dnt mean to b rude bt jst coz u av da same surname as paulo ferria hu plays 4 chelsea n portugal doesnt mean ur related to him my grandad name was ferria as well bt e wasnt related to him! My surname is dos santos bt i am nt related to him! I jst am a m8 to Ronaldo! I am nt tryin to b nasty to u i am jst tryin to make a point. If are related to him hw cme u jst found out nw? I won’t b jealous iof u r related to ferria coz i already knw ronaldo! soo its kl. I wil ask him! Whats ur full name? How old are you?
    By da way i am Nadia n i am 19yrs old. U seem quite Nice!

    P.S. I wasnt tryin to b horrible to you i was just tryin to make a point!

  411. Hey “RONNIE4LIFE” Wat year r u in?
    U sound reali nice

  412. Hi “A.r.4life” Yeh i knw i am old enough to go out wit him will try! E iz reali cute init? Dnt worry u mite go out wit him merche did n she waz 10 yrs older!

    Hey “sxc” U alrite hunni?

  413. hey ” nadia” umm in america we dnot’ have yrs loll…but its my final yr of school before college…so umm i guest last yr?? haha if that makes sense at all….but ya im not too young for ronaldo but u are definetely closer since i’l be 17 soon i guess that’s ok…anywyas all u girls seem nice no duh cuz we all LOVE ronaldo! lolll aite byeee

  414. ”Nadia” its A.R4C.R by da way NOT A.R4LIFE (not being rude or anyfink.)

    if i do eva meet ronaldo i’ll b proppa shy nd im neva shy around any1 .i am da loudest out of my group of best frendz.

    ”Nadia” were u shy wen u met ronaldo?

    gotta go now ,my baby sis is criyin.(she is 1 mounth old nd she is soooooo cute.)bt i h8 it wen she crys.


    jus had 2 take my anger out.


  416. wat footy club do all of use support.

    i support man united 4 life .

    plzzzz none of use say Liverpool.enemy tean u c.


  417. Soz “A.R4C.R” bout gettin ur name wrong anyway! I was reali shy coz e smiled at me wen ma mum waz tellin him fins bout me dn she asked him for a kiss(dats on da cheek) so he gave er 1 n me 1 n shook hans wit ma dad n brothers! She waz also talkin bout hw e knew iz mum so….dats waz quite BORIN! I am nt lyin bout dis rite wen i met himm e kept lookin at me dn wen i waz lyke wel behind ma mum e looked at his cousin Nuno n winded down da window n winked at me n coz old trafford iz reali big da footballers get there own privet car park e asked me if i wanted a lift to my car i sed no i am alrite! N dn e waved Goodbye! My mum n da rest of ma family sed wat took u so long coz i waz drivin i sed Nuthin. Bt now coz e gave my mum he house n.o we live like 15 mins away from him e invited us round! Listen you don’t av to believe me ok i mean it sound like lies so its kl if u dnt believe me! Good luck wit da baby! xxx

  418. Ronnie4life ohhhhhhhhhhhh I see! Soz i forgot.
    I thought dat u wuld b able to drive lyke me!
    have you watched High school musical yet?

  419. Nadia i KINDA do believe u nd if dis is true den i am happy 4 u.obviously i rather have him wink at me though lol.

    i herd High School Musical is realy good,i realy wanna wach it.

    Has any of use herd of da movie ”step up” i realy wanna wach dat aswell.


  420. hey nadia!!!!i just gotta meet ya sum time i got sooo uch 2 tell ya,can i av ya msn addy and i’ll add ya and then u’ll probs see mine cum up 2 and we’ll chatt.i have seen high school muscial and i think hte guy who plays chad-corbin bleu is quite cute but i still absolutly looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cristiano i sooooooo wish i wzu!! i tot belive ya about what ya sed about when ya met him!!
    talk 2 me soooooooooooon plz!!!

  421. hey again,nadia,im like constantly thinkin’ about ronaldo now!!lol!!im megga in love!!! i think.i’ve not eva had a boy.f b4 and i havent had the experiance u see,have u eva had a boy.f?
    i just keep wishing that ma first boy.f will b exactly who i want it 2 be.ya see.haha anyway as i wz sayin’ plz tell me yo msn addy coz i realy gotta talk 2 u even if its not every day i talk 2 u i just need a chance 2 b a gd friend,lol.
    cya again soon i guess…

  422. Cristiano Ronaldooo!!! Are you crazy??? Dating a girl who are more old than you??? Is she really the best for you?! No, we don’t think so… Please! Don’t marry Merche!!! She is so..so.. not for you!!! (Absolutely 100%) Come on, you can find another girl who are in the same age with you! I want to ask something, do you know a girl, named Dita? She is Mr. Irwan’s daughter… Is Merche live in United Kingdom? Have you ever go to Indonesia? (Except Bali, of course…) And, have you ever having girlfriend before Merche? Go Ronnie for forever and ever!!

  423. I think Merche is gorgeous woman. she looks really young in her age.But i was really in shock when i now Merche have a daughter. and her daughter age is 14!!!oh god i can’t explain what i feel when Merche is hook-up with Cristiano Ronaldo.Okay i agreed with 30vs21 love story like this, love is blind, u now…i really happy for them. Merche is 30 and her daughter is 14. 30-14=16. so Merche is pregnant when she was 16!!so young.her daughter is beautiful too. perfect mom-daughter. but who’s the dad of Merche’s daughter??n, if Cristiano Ronaldo will married with Merche, is he will be okay to married with a Woman who have a 1 daughter?Age is doesn’t matter i think. But,Ronaldo is in the good age if he want married now, but Merche…?Wish the best for you two.

  424. hey soz aRNiN but cristiano will not!!! marry merche b’coz i dont think he will be happy 2 deal with a teen wit ragin’ hormones!!!plus him and merche broke up!!!! have ya not been listnin?(soz if i sound like i’m b’ein’ very mean but im not tryin’ 2 b)any how nadia plz asn ma msgs’ soon i wanna hear more about cristiano coz ya know like ya sed ya talked 2 him on the phone…plz can ya tell me sum stuff if not all of what he sed..plz.anthow cya guys!!!xxx

  425. Dats kl A.R4C.R!
    yeah i av cen High skl musical its alrite! I aven’t eard of “step up”

  426. Yeah we do av to meet up! Ur reali nice georgina n sweet ur totally kl! I live in Cheshire u live in manchester it is not dat far apart! We can go shoppin i culd tak u dere i do av a car!
    p.s Thx 4 believin me mayb i culd take uu to iz ouse wen do u wana meet up bbz?

  427. I cnt stop finkin bout ronaldo i am always tinkin bout him! xxx LOL

  428. oh plz”aRNIN”.wats rong wiv u.merche aint fuckin pretty .hav u seen da pics of her wuv out her make-up.SOME models r practicly fake wiv all dat make-up nd Merche is 1 of em.
    but ur rite bout 1 thin ….love is blind.
    dat dont matta now her nd ronaldo have split .old news.few big weight of my shoulders lol.
    and ”pop noodle” ronaldo dont come on dis syt.so dont do anyfink stupid like give out ur email addi.


  429. ”georgina ” i no how u feel.i dream nd day dream bout him 24/7.its uncontrollable.sometimes wiv my day dreaming i make a fool out of myself.i piss my frenz off wen i constantly talk bout him.


  430. bout da message above is 2 nadia by dawat.i accidently rote ”georgina name.”


  431. Hi A.R4.C.R r u on nw?

  432. SAME


  433. hi ” nadia” wow i ‘ve been soooooooo busy lately…but acutalyl i can drive becuz in america u only have to be 15 and a half to drive so i’ve been driving for over a year hahaha…but ya i have seen high school musical sooo many times it the best! btw for anyone else if u wanna watch it just go to youtube and upload it….they have the whole movie…anywyas i have to go and do a shitload of hwk! gosh i hate all u ppl u are soooo lucky to libve in europe!


  435. Hey “RONNIE4LIFE” Oh thats kl i can drive too! In the U.K u have to be 18and over to drive!
    I think High school Muscial is alright for some reason!
    Sorry but i am really nosy what car do you drive?
    Luv Ronaldo 4eva! xxxx

  436. hi ronnie4life, ar4cr, nadia hey ar4cr im gona move to birmingham soon to this place called dudley

  437. hey nadia and A.R 4 C.R,im like always thinkin’ of cristiano,its wierd coz i think this is the first time i’ve been seriouse about a guy i’ve eva liked b4!i have neva had a boy.f so its kinda a wow!!!!!!!!!!!factor 4 me.lol.
    i also drive ma friends loco talkin’ about him and dis site and bein’ friends wit nadia lol,d ya reccon i can b buddys wit u 2 A.R 4 C.R?.plus i dunno if i have asked dis b4 but can i have ya e-mail addys so we can chatt loads more plz.mine is very obviouse so if i add u 2 u’ll know striaght away coz its georgina then a number and then @hotmail.com so u’ll recognise it pronto.anyhow guys i gotta go.cyaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  438. hey nadia d you know the trafford center? coz ya know like ya sed we can meet up sum were.we cud meet near the dolphin fountain dere…but i there is a problem coz ma mum is realy protective and she might b there wit me and if not,i have another bezzy buddy called marie-claire she issupa nice!u’d luv her.i’ll ask if us 2 and her mum can take me and her dere and then we can meet.gd idea huh!!lol.plus if we r gd friends and get along aswell as we do on dis site u cud cum 2 ma house 1 night when there is a footy match on at old trafford and then i’ll take u outside ma back garden and yu will b able 2 hear all the fans screaming!

  439. oh yea i gotta show u ma guinea pig some time he is called hector and is supa cute!i want a bichon fries dog when i’m older though coz i absolutly luv dogs more than eva.haha. anyhow ya i gotta go now,talk again soon cant waite 2 hear yo reply nadia!!!

  440. hey geogina .i reacon i cood guess ur email addi,den my email addi can come up 2.(ill try afta dis)i guess if we went to da same skool nd so on we cood make good frendz,being da sme sge nd all lol.


  441. yessss. i fink i guessed ur email addi rite ”georgina”.

    hey”sxc”i am glad 2 here ur gonna move 2 birmaingham.i fink i herd of dudley,bt i didnt no it was in birmingham,i no stupid isnt it.
    wat school r u gona move 2 nd wat yr r u in.

    ronnaie4life u r soooo lcky u got 2 drive at 15 n half.i wish we cood do dat in england.dont worry i SOME times get piles of homework.especially now dat i got SATs comin gis yr.

    hey nadia wat u up 2.


  442. wow ” ar4cr” u guys also have ” sats” ughh i just finished that and i got my scores today! goshhhh sooo much to do cuz im going to go to college next year! but ya….nadia i drive a mercedes E320…what do u drive? anywyas i’ll ttyl girls byeee

  443. ok so i had a lil time to come back on here and write some more messages…it really suxx cuz i neevr get to acutalyl talk to u girls when u are on becuz the time difference b/ween the US and England, but its ok i guess…wow i’ve had soooooooooooo muhc homework lately its been crazy…but tonight is the season premiere of the ” OC” so sumthing good to watch there lol…anyways gosh i miss europe sooooooo muhc i LOVE it there…byeeeeeeeee

  444. Hey “RONNIE4LIFE” i drive a BMW 6 series

  445. Yeah we can meet up somewhere but i an busy this week! I am training everyday for a week and i finish footbqll at 1 everyday except Thursday! I am busy coz i am goin to the match day on saturday you know Manchester united and portsmouth i have v.i.p seatings! I am going out after that to dinner (somewhere u cnt knw) than i have my footie match! We cqn meet up next week if ya wanna so…….? Up to u! where do u wanna go n meet up?
    Ronaldo biggest fan is me!!!!!!!!!
    Luv him forever!

  446. Hey “sxc” u alright u aven’t bin on da syte lately! Hope to speak to u some time hunni!

  447. A.R4C.R i am reali busy dis week i cnt b bothered to tell u wot i am doin lk at the message i sent geogina dn u will knw soz bbz i am reali tired dats y i am bein a bit rude dnt tak it offencly!
    Come to england one day!

  448. uhhhhhhh ”nadia” wat do u mean by come 2 enagland 1 day??????????/


  449. ”geogina did u get my email.(jus 2 checkin if ur email addi rite.)
    ”nadia” its cool if u cant tell me wat ur up 2.by da way ,wen i said wat u up 2 it dont mean exactly wat u up 2.jus thought i shood let u no.


  450. hey every1 ar4cr dudley is like by birmingham lol erm any of u want my addy u can have it if ya want to

  451. u all are slut especially gerogina ar4cr ronnie4life and nadia and sxc fucking hoes

  452. hey nadia, how old are u agen? (in case any1 missed it lol) soz bbz me jst bein cranky, me lil sis is p*ssin me off mega style. sum1 chat 2 me? PLEEEZE!!!!!Lol nadia is it really true about u knowin ronaldo?????

    RONALDO IS SOOO FIT BBZ!!!! luvluvluv man!! bye bbz! please chat soon

  453. Hey what’s up folks??I was missing for enough days because of school but now I am back!!Nadia you seem a very interested person!!You didn’t sent to hell this crazy girl Hotty or whatever!!You said you lived on Madeira?My mum is come of Portugal but I have never visited Madeira!I have heard that it’s very beautiful!I am from Greece and in Euro 2004(you know where Chris was crying because Portugal lost)I was really mad!My country sucks on football and was in the finals??And won??!Don’t take the wrong idea I would be very happy if Greece won another team!Whatever you are really friends with Cristiano??Shut up men!!Is he so goooorgeous as he looks like??Please tell me!!If you could send me some pictures of you with him I would really looooooove you!!P.S.Please answer me I am really crazy for him!

  454. footynut

    Hi Guys an Gals, thanks for posting here in the comments section ever so regularly, i’ve done another post on Ronaldo and maybe you guys can contribute there as well…

    the link is:



  455. ” biatch” Honestly u got no life u always come on here and cuss out everyone wtf is ur problem!? why dont’ u just get the fuck off of this site cuz no one fucking wants u here…ur just here to effin start shit so why dont’ u get ur fugly ass off of this site! WE HATE YOU! SO TAKE A HINT….u just lick pussy and try to fuck with other ppl’s minds…get off thi site u fucking cum-sucking roadwhore!

    as for the rest of you girls…how come none of you ever talk to me?! i know i dont’ live in beautiful europe and all lol…but i would like to have conversation with some of u pplz…if you want to know me here’s a lil bio on me…i dont’ give out emails cuz i dont’ really trust me online no offnes but here’s my bio:
    Nickname: Daffy
    Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Age: 17 in 3 weeks
    Nationality: 1/2 Afghan, 1/2 Persian
    Hobbies: dancing, singingm, writing poetry, used to paly soccer, shopping, talking to frndz, and of course loving cristiano!
    i dont’ know what else to add but if u guys wanna know anything just holla at me!

  456. u sound real kwl RONNIE4LIFE!!!! i will talk 2 u! no 1 talks 2 me either (then agen i jst came – lets be friends!!!! anywy do u lik ice-skating? we hav a real gud rink in our”homeland”. i came on dis site cuz none of my bzzies hav fab taste wen it cums 2 footballers lol NO RONALDO!!!!!

  457. by da way biatch, if u fink evry1 who loves ronaldo a hoe y r u on dis site?

  458. look ”biatch” we said it 1s b4 nd we’ll say 1s again, none of us fckin want u here.innit girls?ur such a loner nd its obciouse y.da only frend u eva had on dissyt was ”h8er”.remember ”h8er”.
    nd ”h8er” was a weirdo jus lyk u.so get a life dat dosnt involve us.u cock sucker.so go nd suck ur hole generation u nasty piece of shit.

    hey ”ronnie4life”sos i didnt no u felt left out.u no us 2 r good frendz on dis syt.dont feel lyk a outsider cause u live in da US.i’ve nava been 2 da US bt im sure its gr8.bt i still luv living in england cuz im close 2 ronaldo here lol.
    hey ”sxc” i jus remembered were dudley is now.ur rite it is in birmingham lol.nd i wood luv 2 have ur addi bt ”biatch” get it nd u no how she’s lyk.so um give sum sort of special code 2 ur email addi or sumfink.
    hey”heyheyheybbz”i wood luv 2 get 2 no u.so how old r u.


  459. hey a.r. 4 c.r.u seem real nice. where abouts do ya live? do ya ever play footy?????? i have never got the chance lol

    luv heyheyheybbz

  460. hey”heyheyheybbz.u seem nice 2.i do play footy mostly in da summa ,wiv my m8s.neva play wen it raining ,its soo slippery ,trust me i am speaking from experience.
    i live in birmingham.kinda close 2 aston villa stadium.were do u live?u shood go on da udder syt dat footynut set it got some steamin hot pics of da 1 n only ronaldo.


  461. A.R 4 C.R,hey! i didn’t get yo e-mail addy by the way,cant u tell me yours on dis site?plz..and oh yea nadia! i watched dat footy match..portsmouth and manchester united and i am sooooooooo glad we won coz well….i dunnoim always glad when we win.plus it wz gd dat ronaldo scored the 2nd gole!!!!!.ya know ma parents didn’t know at first about me liking him..i didnt want them 2 know coz its way embaressing! but i think ma dad has figuredit out and ma mum sed when i told her about me making a friend on the net that she dont like people an the net makin’ friends wit me coz i dunno who u actualy r and if you r honest,i wzx like… well i can get 2 know her!!lol.then ma dad found out coz ma mum wz not happy wit it i told him it wz on a fotoy site n he wz like what footy site? and i sed u wz from portugal and that yo mum knows his mum,he don’t belive ya,he sed 4 me 2 tell u we r related 2 the queen.lol.soz about that but… there u go..

  462. yea sooo i dont realy mind about meetin’ up wit ya but ma mum and dad might have a prob wit it coz they r worried about me like making a friend who may not actualy wanna b ma friend and migh just wanna b bad 2 me or summit like dat…u know…but anyhow i’ll try.when eva ya dont think u r bussy can u tell me a day prefrably ova the weekend mayb friday/saturday…i’ll ask ma mum 2 go shoppin’ wit me and ma frined maire-claire (m.c)and i’ll ask her 2 cum wit me 2 meet u! kk gotta go hunny!xxx

  463. Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

  464. Oh, please ronaldo! Are you really getting crazy? Dating Merche? She is 30 years old! And for “Pop Noodle” you rite. Merche is already having a daughter. Oh, yes.. aRNiN, Merche is really-really not pretty, not beautiful. But, yeah, Love is blind. Well, I just can hope he doesn’t married with Merche. But, it was destiny, aRNiN, do you believe with destiny? I think I believe… Luv u Ronaldo… (He..he..) Go Ronnie 4ever and ever…!!!!

  465. Hey A.R4C.R I meant by vist here one day eventhough it can be sometimes reali horrible anyway!
    Oh right soz i waz lyke tellin you my lifetime story bout wot i am gonna do soz bout dat!

  466. Biatch wot actually gives u the rite callin me n other people nasty names! i am 20 yeah bt u dnt c me callin peeps names! y dnt u jst get off dis syte coz no one wants u here k! By da way ronaldo wuld never set eye no u wit dat attuide!
    By da way no one listen to er coz she iz jst jealous fo us!

  467. ok people if ya want ma addy it is lady_a_bombshell@hotmail.co.uk if ya wanna add me

  468. u all are whores

  469. soz biatch but get a life! stop callin’ ma friends and every1 else names on dis site…ya know that name fits u!loads!
    get off dis site like nadia said coz no1 likes u here!
    do us a fave and get lost!

  470. and yea nadia….hi again….im tryin’ ma best 2 persuade ma mum in a sneeky way 2 let us meet coz i dont want her ma dad ro ma bor dat i like cristiano coz then im doombed!!!lol!!.so if you can and when u can…tell me what date mayb the weekend i.e. friday or saturday and mayb we can meet.speak 2 me again soon!plz..lol.byebyexxx

  471. hey nadia…i wz just thikin’ scene asu practicaly know ronaldo….d u reccon u cud let him see this site?coz it’d b sooooooo cool just 2 at least get 1 msg from him on dis site..tell him about it on the fone or summit.that’d be sooooooooo megga koolio!!!!!!!.cya l8r peeps!!!xxxxxxxxxx

  472. heyyy girls! ok ” Biatch” i have fucking said this to you ONE HUNDRED times i dont’ get why the fuck u even bother to come on this site! u are such a fucking hater adn no one wants you on this website..and i know u just keep coming back cuz u like the attention that we are all giving u by cussing back at you everytime…well this is gonna be my last message to ur stupid fatass! so get an effin life!
    as for the rest of you…” georgina” sweetheart if ronaldo ever does come on this site how do u expect that we’ll know its him…anyone can come on right now and tell us he’s ronaldo and we’d believe him…so i mean u would never know..that’ why online shit realy ain’t safe…like i can’t be sure at all that u ppl are really the ppl that u say u are….but its ok cuz im sure u guys wouldn’t fly half way acorss the world to coem on kill me lolll! but ya online is hella dangerous so just as a reminder to all of you guys just be careful!…anywyas so how old are all of u guys? ” nadia”, ” ar4cr”, ” georgina”, ” sxc”…you know the gang! lolll…how old are all of u pplz…just curious! anyywas it realy suxxxx cuz u guys are always on here when im sleeping and im on when u guys are sleeping…ughh stupid time differneces! anyways i have to go and eat breakfast…talk to you gurlies later! MUAHZ!!!

  473. o btw…i dont’ even know why im saying this lol…but my cuzzin lives in holland! so sumtimes when u guys say things that are HELLA british and stuff its cuz i understand it becuz i’ve seen her use it before when i’ve come to visit her in amsterdam lol!!!!! but ya…iono i just felt like pointing that out…byeeee

  474. RONNIE4LIFE ,hey i just wanted 2 say i get what u r trying 2 say about any1 bein’ able 2 cum ondis site and callin’ dem selves cristiano, i know i wont belive its him but mayb if he spoke portuguese and then we cud ask nadia 2 translate it and mayb he could try 2 speak english and ya know like it usualy sounds realy silly and cute when he says things wrong well…that’ll kinda give us a clue.right?.
    oh damn i gotta go now…byexxxx

  475. ya…well ” georgina” now u just gave away the secret of how we’d be able to tell if its crisitano lol so now anyone can come on and pretend that they’re him by acting like that! lollllllllllllllll anywyas…wow for once i got a respone the same day that i typed hhah! so i guess i know around waht tiem u came on then…bye gurlies!

  476. hey again im still here!.soz about dat whole thing about cristiano and how we cud tell it wz him but…i dunno…anyway its bonfire night here and im not goin’ 2 bed 4 a while now so i’m free 2 talk if ya wanna.

  477. oooo wow i shoulda checekd earlier to see if u were still here ” georgina” but ummm what’s bonfire night?

  478. Hi “heyheybbz” yeah its true i shouldnt bragg bout it though yeah im 20yrs old n i used to live in maderia! How old are you? Hope to speak to you soon! xx

  479. Hi cathrin yeah i did live in maderia im 20yrs old n i play for bolton football club i reali lyk it there! I am nt famous though! u sound reali nice1! c ya xxx

  480. HI georgina yeah i went to the portsmouth match i had reali gd seating! It was bril goal that he scored reali proud of him! He waz interviewed n he sounded reali cute! I am sure that ur parents probz fink that u shuldnt go so does ma parent.
    I dnt if i shuld coz we r al on da hated site on merche romero sooo dunno i wil probz …actually i wil da next time i c him which is on…….friday soo yeah k!kl
    By da way “biatch get a life!”

  481. hey RONNIE4LIFE, bonfire night is when we all in a way celebrate with fire works about a man years and years ago called guy faux or summit like dat,aparently he had an idea 2 blow up the houses of parliament he almost made it aswell with his buddyz.but he got caught and him and his friends were drawn quatered and burnt 2 death.and yea, nadia i do wanna meet u coz u r like tot koolio!i mean..ma mum and dad r just not sure coz they know that i dont know who u r and u dont know who i am..and they dunno like if u r a gd person if ya know what i mean.but we shud still try and se what happens..ya know tyr and meet while shopping,what date d ya reccon we cud plan on goin’ 2 the same place 2 shop and ”bump in2 eachother”..lol..,so just 4 heads up what d u look like?,me..i have brown hair,in layers.and brown eyes,i also have sorta olivy brownish skin.anyway soz i gotta go im ognna have dinna now.

  482. Its kl georgina i knw wot u mean!
    I have brownie blondy with brown eyes i am slim and it 5 ft 11. Very stylish! LOL. Yeah i am sometimes! I look vey ferrian i have a bit of an accent!

  483. Soz dats a portuguese/maderian accent
    ROnaldo luv u forever bbz

    Portugal capital du futebol 2006!

  484. hey every1.dats sounds lyk a good plan ”nadia nd ”georgina” got.bt i agree wiv ”ronnie4life” b careful wen u meet up wiv some1 on a syt cuz u donno wat lunatics r out there(not sayin any of use r luntics)bt its still good 2 b careful.u get me.i mean ,i herd of so many girls bein raped nowadays.

    i no dis is a stupid question(i ask a lot of stupid question) bt wood u girls rather get raped or killed???????i wood rather get killed by da way.i cood neva live my life afta being raped.

    always and 4eva ronaldo.

  485. lol A.R 4 C.R & yea i tot agree i mean i know i dunno nadia but its gd 2 at least give it a try!i mean ma mum and bezzy buddy will probs b wiv me if and when i meet her so i doubt if she isn’t b’in’ truthful that anything will happen 2 me.lol.im not sayin’ u r lyin’ or anything nadia.lol.so yea i guess mayb one day we can meet up and chatt 4 a while but if we do meet dont 4get dont say a thing about cristiano,only in a whisper 2 me i dont realy want ma mum or any1 else 2 know.hahaha.i’ll probs be like 2 ma mum…i think this is the girl i wz talkin’ wiv on dat footy site i told ya about..yea and ma mum will b like OMG!she looks way older dan u!i dont care…we have summit in common.we both like c.r.lol.
    anyway..i gotta go now

  486. wow so ” georgina” sweetheart why are u trying so hard to meet up with ” nadia” maybe she dont’ wanna meet up? did that ever occur to you?! and no offense sweetie buttttt u are kinda dumb lolll why the hell do u wanna meet up with sumone who u talked to online adn that too ur mom is not cool with it and ur going to extremeeeee measures like not talking about cristiano when ur mom is there…and sweetheart u and ” Nadia” are 7 yrs apart! why the hell!? is that the closest age frnd that u have to cristiano?!
    and ” nadia” wtfff girl i don’t beileve that u know cristiano and u are one conceited lil biotchhh who the fuck says im ” slim” that is like HELLO DO I HEAR A CONCEITED!? and ” sxc” u are like the best frnd i gots on this site cuz u got a brain and ” ar4cr” you are normal too but ” georgina’ and ” Nadia” why the hell are u two just trying sooo hard to meet up?! do u guys wanna get married or sumthign?! aite well i’ll ttyl girls! mUAZH!

  487. I dunno y u r bein lyke dat nw. Its kl if u dnt believe me so i dnt reali care. I am not sayin dat i av to meet her she suggested it. I dnt reali care. Well i waz tryin to describe myself ok i am not sayin dat i av a reali nice body.Wotz ur probz anyway.

  488. Yeah i know i don’t know if were goin to meet up.

  489. soz RONNIE4LIFE i just wanna have an other friend who has summit in comon wit me.im not stupid realy scene as i dunno..no affence nadia but i dont know if i belive that she knows cristiano iether also the reason i dont wanna talk about ronaldo if i meet her in front of ma mum is coz i get realy embaressed and im tot shy! wouldn’t u like 2 have a foreign friend even if htey r older that me i have a frind in greece..on infact several friends in greece (athens) and cyprus who are tot koolio and much older than nadia sum of dem r cristianos’ age!big deal! y does it bother u!its tot koolio 2 havve a friend who is foreign coz u cud learn alot of stuff from them and about what they like 2 do e.t.c.is that aright wit every1?i only wanted 2 friendly!plus im probs not gonna meet her even though that wud b nice!
    anyway i dont mean 2 sound mean here its just coz ever since iv’e been on dis site..every1 has been beating down on everything i say i hate it! (anyhow ya,soz if it sounds realy mean 2 ya RONNIE4LIFE.)cya 4 now.xxxx

  490. hey…i just wanted 2 say…nadia..seriously i dont want u 2 think im using u here on dis site i only wanted 2 meet u so we can have a gd gd long chatt like away from this site coz ma fingers wud probs kill with all the stuff i gotta talk 2 ya about.plus i dont realy like this site sumtimes coz people are practicaly always dissing 1 another i only wanna b friendly.ya know what i mean?…

  491. i luv cristiano always! (and corbin bleu a bit 2 but mostly him)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  492. hey nadia u on dis site now?hahah koolio

  493. Yeah “ronnie4life” does wasnt meant to sound mean either lets talk bout smefin else nw k?

  494. totaly! so…..any ideas any1?

  495. hey ,luk georgina i aint dissin u or anyfink bt wat wood u ratha do, meet up wiv some u dont no (risk gettin hert)or make a foreign frend.i mean c’mon.me nd ronnie4life r pointing out wats best 4 u.u got a brain use it.same here ronnie4life ,u nd sxc r lyk my best frend on dis syt.u guys got common sense unlyk some ppl.my parents wood neva let me meet up wiv some1 on a syt.i woodnt wanna anyways.howa bout u ronnie4life.nd sxc plz com bck on dis syt plzzzzzzz.nd georgina ill stop talking bout dis if u stop forcing nadia 2 meet up wiv u.4 all nadia nose u myt b a lunatic lol(no affence.)


  496. i know…thanx guys 4 that..i tot agree…it wz ma friend m.c who actualy wanted 2 meet her more than anything nd i have wanted 2 at least meet her 2 b honest..i tot get what u r sayin’ but the thing is well i probs wudn’t b alowed 2 c her anyhow so it no big deal but thanx A.R 4 C.R & ronnie4life anyhow 4 lookin’ out 4 me…yea and nadia even if you dont mean me any harm or anything it doesn’t mean i think that u r trying 2 hurt me and it doesn’t mean that i dont like u as a friend or as a talkin’ buddy.
    anyhow i gotta go now
    bye guys thanx 4 everything u have like done 4 me on dis site…well those peeps who were nice 2 me anyway.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  497. wow ar4cr u totally like clarified everythign that i was trying to say lol…so ya GEORGINA i was totaolly trying to make sure that you would be safe sweetheart cuz ur younger and i feel that i shoudl stnad up for you….anywyas i didn’t mean to diss you…i lovee all u girls…and no offense nadia but after u last comment and how conceited u sounded iono u just seem soooo stuck-up its good that u ” supposedly” know ronaldo but can u prove it? anywyas ” ar4cr” ” georgina’ and ” sxc” i lovee you girls…and ” sxc” get back on here! 🙁

  498. I’m the real ronaldo that men is a false one and I like fucking merche

  499. do u no u dont make sence ”ronaldo 17”.gosh.


  500. yea i understan guys,thanx 4 everything i.e. standing up 4 me.lol.and i tot agree wit ya A.R 4 C.R coz dat person ronaldo 17 is tot not makin’ sence plus it is sooooooooooo obviouse it is not him! coz its not anything like what he sounds like on interviews afta footy..usualy.. don’t sound like realy cute or anything!nadia..u r still a very gd friend even though i probs can’t meet u anyhow.lol.its ma mum she sed that its not a gd idea so i guess that says it all.im realy greatful 2 A.R 4 C.R & RONNIE4LIFE though coz..they seem 2 b like realy nice and sweet 2!its nice of them 2 look out 4 me.
    anyway i gotta go…sozzy but i have 2…dinna calls…xxxxxxxxxx

  501. hi ppl hw u all been doin, hey nadia where du u live?

  502. hey sxc.were have u been all dis tym.me nd ronnie4life have realy missed u.so wen u movin 2 birmingham.
    there dis teacher at skool who always pickin on me,nd it doin my head in.urg its so piss takin.da whole class is talkin yea,nd he only fckin picks on me.i no i cood misbehave sometyms bt wat he says 2 me is out of order.
    jus had 2 say dat.


  503. yea soz about that whole thing nadia i wz just sooo happy 2 make a friend on dis site that i kept askin’ 2 meet u.soz if dat wz awkward by the way.so how’s every1ns’ week?,mine wz realy bussy i got topped up wit loads of h/w (homework)and i have been realy tyred stayin’ up l8r than usual doin’ it…skool is sooooooooooooo complicated!lol
    gotta go.cya ya all l8r

  504. dis message is 2 sxc,georgina nd nadia.u all try 2 come on dis syt at 6:00 pm 2moro,so we cood all talk at 1s k.ronnie4life sos bout da tym difference.

    chat 2 ya l8er.

  505. hey evry1 wunc agen! u all sound soooooo kwlio, i LOVE dis syt (so far lol) i am 15, n i liv in manchester!!!!!!!! listen doh gurlis, we all hav 1 fing in common, WE LOVE RONALDO!!! dats y wer all so kwl lol, so we shud all try n get on lol. hav a real grate week y’all n chattez 2 u all l8r bbzxxx


  507. Yeah i knw im nt stuckup though! How do u want me to prove that i knw him?

  508. Hi sxc i live in cheshire

  509. hey pplz…” heyheyheybbz” u seem soooooper cool and seems like u can be like one of us gurlies too! haha…ya it sux that i can’t chat it up with y’all at the same time cuz of this stpid time diff…but hope to talk to you gusy later!


  510. Adriana lima is better!

  511. nadia,chill girl!no worries…if no1 here belives ya u shudn’t b bovad! its just koolio enough that u know u do know him…i mean some girls might wanna take advantage of u 4 knowin’ him if they belive ya…im not sayin’ we all wud on dis site but.. u know…don’t try so hard 2 make every1 belive that u know him..(if this sounds mean..it wzn’t ment 2 b.lol!)
    cya l8r girlz!ya A.R 4 C.R i’ll try 2 cum on 2night.kk.cya xxxxxxxx

  512. fck off ”ellie”smelly.cristiano ronaldo is soooo much betta than fckin Adriana Lima even doh i dont no who da fck he is.i dont get ppl lyk u ,i bet ur da type dat lyks stirin things up.


  513. and u sxc try 2 com on 2 k.

  514. so ronnie 4 life apart from wachin ronaldo play football.wat else do lyk wachin dat comes t.v?


  515. ar4cr what u talking about?

  516. sluts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  517. hey sxc we all agreed 2 com on at 6:00pm 2day so we all chat 2getha


  518. every jus ignore biatch .she an attention seekin loner.

  519. bout da tym diff ronnie4life.how mane hours difference is it.


  520. fuck you biatch!!!!.get off this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i sware it..no1 likes u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  521. hey A.R 4 C.R soz but i dont think i can stay on dis site 4 long coz i gotta go 2 ma nanas’ in a sec..so ya mayb i can cum on 2moz!

  522. dude adriana lima is a girl!!!! hot supermodel! not a guy so i dnt get what u were talking about ” ar4cr” anywho ummm i like to watch teh OC, One Tree Hill, 7th Heaven, and i can’t watch ronaldo’s games ever cuz american tv doesn’t show it which REALLY suxxx so all of the things that i can see of him are either on satellite or on youtube which is horrible! but its ok…anywyas i dnt know what hte time diff is…but i think we i go to sleep u guys come on so ya its all bad but its ok… i used to be soooo much more obsessed with cristiano during the sumemr when i didn’t have school to worry about…o dude mom’s calling peacee

  523. No i don’t reali care if u dnt believe me i dnt care if peeps dnt believe me.Soooo im not reali bothered

  524. hey gurls! u all r da coolst so do not listen 2 sum peopl who jst want attention, ttl agree witb u A.R.4.C.R! xx

  525. finally Nadia u stoped carin bout wat other ppl fink.it dosnt matter if ronnie4life dont believe u .(i mean can u blame her) u lyk ronaldo dats good enough ok.now plz stop tryin 2 prove ur self 2 ppl.i am not bein mean by da way.

    hey i dont realy care bout super mondels(not dat much anyways)i am more into sports and stuff.sure i lyk 2 catch up on da latest celeb gossip.nd i mis read adriana in2 adrian.
    anyways i dont realy care bout dat.

    so yeah ellie sos bout dat.

    dat myt sux not bein able 2 wach ronaldo play footy or wateva u say (soccer).i woodnt want 2 live in america.
    geogina jus ignor biatch k.


  526. kk lol A.R 4 C.R yea i just egttin’ frustrated wit her.so nadia.. i kinda belive ya in a way dat u know cristiano soo i just wanted 2 ask…when r u gonna talk 2 or see him again coz i’d just luv 2 hear about what happens,lol,u know me im always up 4 hearin’ what he has 2 say.anyway
    i gotta go guys.night!sleep tite!dream of cristiano 2night.(lol i made dat up wit ma friend m.c.)

  527. hey again just wanted 2 say RONNIE4LIFE 2 c ronaldo,try dis site u can watch footy matches on it!…www.itv.com/football….its an ok site.
    bye then 4 now..xxxxx

  528. OH WIE SÜß

  529. Hi georgina i on’t fink i shuld tel u coz dere wil b alot of arguments! Coz i knw it sounds stupid me sayin dat i knw him peeps wil nt believ me n i dnt blame dm its kl if dnt so i mite aswell keep quiet!
    Luvin Ronaldo forever n ever

  530. lol nadia! tot its koolio!.haha.im b’in’ quite nosey there. :] :P.i hope ya don’t mind me sayin’ dis but d u think he knows u fancy him yet? \nd d ya reccon he eva will get 2 know u fancy him?..lol.sooo…guys..what u all been up2?i’ve been realy bussy wit h/w all dis week and im nackered!.
    anyway peeps.. ans back 2 ma mail soon i luv hearin’ what u have 2 say!and RONNIE4LIFE have u tried dat site i told ya about?..
    cya 4 now guys.xxxx

  531. dont worry Nadia i dont fink u being stupid(bt its some tyms hard 2 believe)bt i kinda do believe u.i have been realy busy 2 ,it was alright doh cuz i got 2 relax.yesterday i got ma haircut nd i’ve been shoppin nd wen i came on da internet i only had tym 2 look at ronaldo pics(most of his pics i printed already)
    dad is realy surprised cuz these past few mounths i’ve been usein up a lot of ink on my computer(but he dont no y doh)
    i no wat u mean georgina i get pissed wiv biatch 2 bt nowa days i jus ignore her(nd it works)

    r u in yr9 geogina?

    cya ppl

  532. yea iim in year 9 but in st.bedes we all seem 2 just say 3rd year.sooooo…yea i feel quite upset now actualy coz i had an argument wiv ma brother coz i wz talkin’ 2 ma friend on da fone when he started 2 ask me 4 the fone i wz tryin’ 2 give it 2 him but ma friend wz talkin’ 2 me still.then he started shoutin’ 4 the fone..he always seems 2 get his own way! i feel realy used coz if i do summit i get told off but its as though he neva does,he does gd 4 me sumtimes and 2 ma mum mostly..he is 222222222 gd to b bad in a way..she is always worryin’ about him upset 4 him…and i have neva felt she has in dat way 4 me.if ya get what i’m sayin’

  533. and i know dis sounds realy mean but i dont care.. i sed 2 ma mum when she came in all ”conserned” tyrin’ 2 find out what he did..i sed 2 her that i wish he’d go away and neva cum back! i am so fuckin’ pissed off with him!he has a firey temper…as they call it and he aparently says stuff he dont mean accordin’ 2 ma mum.i mean he is 20 fuckin’ years old! dont u think he is past that point already!i sware he has a firey temperr but i also have a firey attitude when these things happen and if he drives me any further i sware he is gonna get it! he thinks he owns me,he can aparently b as cheeky and rude as he wants and say anything he wants even 2 ma mum and dad in a way and i dont know how 2 cope with it…i hate him.no1 seems 2 realise that he is like dat.but i think i know him betta than any1 coz he is ma brother,and i seriously think i hate him!.he gets so badly on ma nerves.

  534. soz about that but its just…i am realy upset…im cryin’ and no1 is on ma msn who i can talk about it wiv..u know ..like m.c. i cant talk 2 her now coz she is not there her dad is!.thanx 4 listnin’ anyway…soz again about the whole burstin’ in2 that by the way.
    im sure he will end up b’in’ 4given coz well no1 will eva see my side of it all so i’ll have 2 cope as always..i just bwant ma mum 2 know what he is like from my point of view.if she did she’d understand.

  535. hey yall! everything is gd now..im in controle of it all now..im fine wit ma bro and ma mum
    lol.oops..i gotta go 4 dinna!

  536. I dnt knw if e does georgina

  537. Thanks a.r4.C.r u r sooooooo kl! How old r u? I knw its kinda hard to believe bbz i dnt blame u!
    Yes portugal won last night! Ronaldo scored! It should of been 4-0 to us coz ronaldo scored another 2 but da ref disallowed it.
    I’m in portugal at da momment! be back in cheshire 2day at 8!
    Speak to ya l8ers!

  538. hey georgina .in life u gotta deal wiv big probs(dats all part of life girl)yea i even get pissed bt i am learnin 2 cope wiv it.my lil sis gets me realy pissed bt she noes not 2 piss me off wen i am in realy bad mood.my parents fink i fot anger probs ,i agree wiv them a bit bt my sis realy does piss me off,dad dont realize dat he got anger probs aswell.i am a realy nice person doh bt i h8 bck stabbers nd so on.i luv messin around wiv ppl u no jokein around bt sometyms i need 2 b careful wat comes out of my mouth.

    i am gonna b 14 yrs old nxt mounth (14th december)dats gr8 2 hear ronaldo scored twice in portugals match.i suppot ENGLAND by da way nd i also support
    Man U so its alright lol.


  539. hey people do u knw that ronaldo went out wiv imogen frm big brova ages ago

  540. yea i get it! thanx 4 every thing guys! he just pissed me off sooooooooo badly 2nights ago…i made him pay wit the silent treatment..lol!.sooooo..ya u lucky u r 14 on da 14th of december coz i gotta waite till nxt year! ma b’day is on da 22nd june.hahahaha.im realy happy he (i.e. cristiano)scored 4 portugal!and ya know what i dont realy like england 2 b honest i luv man united do so dats gd!i like sum players in eng team do…but every1 made such a big deal ova ronaldo and rooney just coz rooney got in2 a mood..as usual..lol but he is a gd playa i have 2 admit..its just unfare the things i heard cris had 2 deal wiv..i.e. death threats..e.t.c..i cudn’t belive it!i mean its only a game and men dont understand that so they try 2 make the players life hell.well 2 bad 4 dem coz our cris he didn’t brake down he took all the stick!and man united i think got him through dat coz dey r sooooooooo loyal and great.
    gotta go sozzy!i’ll chatt again soon!!!
    man united and ronaldo 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

  541. georgina i aint been nasty or enyfink but u chat shit

  542. lolz dnt worry nadia i belive u lolxx

  543. oh my god i didnt no imogen from big brother went out wiv ronaldo.(even if it was ages ago) they dont suit each other.god, imogen got no personality man,all she got is looks,shes not beatyful or anyfink bt shes standard, u get me.

    i felt sorry 4 ronaldo wen he gt critisised bt it aint england s fault.it da lunatics fans fault who have got nofink betta to do in life den send death notes,u get me.geogina wats so lcky bout havin a birthday on da 14th of december.

    hey sxc u havnt come on 4 a long tym man.wat u been up 2?


  544. hey ar4cr long tym no chat man lolz yeh imogen went out wiv ronaldo man it was onli 1 nite like cuz they wer pissed lol

  545. Thanks ‘sxc’!
    i dnt fink dat iz true coz ronaldo sed dat e wuld only go out wit a portuguese spainsh or a brazillian! I’m not sayin ur lyin by da way. Did u knw dat e waz enagged to merche? They broke up coz peeps were sayin dat dere were pregent wit ronaldo n dey thertened merche dere was alot of rumours.They r broken up bt still friends!

  546. hey nadia well i dnt fink ronaldo did say that he wud go out wit portuguese, spanish or brazilian cuz he has been out wiv a few white girls as well and i fink that the culture or the religion matters the personality matters at the end of the dai u get me, soo du u knw where ronaldo lives in this country? well obviously machester but which part of it?

  547. tru say sxc bout dat personality matters.
    dis is a question 2 all of use ,wat religion and race r u?i am bangaly by da way.


  548. hey ”sxc” no worries …the whole arguin’ thing is soooooooooo overrated!i might say realy stupid stuff sumtimes but its just bcoz,hey im bord! i write alot o crap when im bord and no1 is on ma msn…lol.hey! did yall see the match…man united and shefield or summit?i cant belive ronaldo missed that goal!he wz way close to the net! but ya i felt realy bad 4 him coz every1 wz booin’ him from start 2 finish!.anyway if rooney didn’t score them 2 goals we wud of lost soo..
    2-1 2 man united isn’t dat bad…he did take the piss outa that guy near the side line.lol.
    anyway c yz i gotta go me and m.c might b havin’ a sleeppova 2night so mayb i’ll talk again when she is wiv me coz she always reads this site wit me and she ends up laughin’ in histerics ova sum things wit me!lolio!.

  549. hey sxc i knw dey were white bt most brazillian spainsh n portuguese r white! Thats wot e sed so i dunno if e iz lyin! Yeah da personality matters the most!

  550. hey nadia,did he basicaly tell ya dat the personality is most important then?could u possably find out what kind of personality he likes…plz..(i know it is realy cheeky of me 2 ask but i dont mind if you cant its just..u know its worth a try 2 find out..right.)lol.
    anyway cyaz
    i gotta get ready 4 skool 2moz.

  551. hey nadia,is there a reason behind y ronaldo will only go out wiv spanis ,portugese or brazilian girls?
    i am sure dats not tru .remember wen ronaldo got accused of rape(i no dat wasnt tru)bt da girl who accused him was french ,even though he didnt rape her he stiil kissed her.


  552. i am curiouse 2 bout what kinda girls ronaldo lyks.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nadia can u find out 4 me nd georgina plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  553. well i am diappointed and merche is a paedophile slut of course and cris my darling you are sick but you will still be sexy 2morrow but say what he dont care. he got money dont he? lots of it. so why should we say anything the rich and famous are the rich and famous. i hate you merche you look like a….. and cristiano,sao entao parafusar sujo

  554. im back one last message for cris you only five years older so i will call yo tonight unicos cinco anos mais velho

  555. yeah what kind of does he like? i am a good girl who likes to fight and make jokes i love to laugh and my friends say i am a little off. but im normal.

  556. Ronaldo sed dat to the portuguese newspaper 24horas! I dunno e jst sed dat! He would never go out with a english though! I know that the personailty reali matters bt dats wot e sed!

    The personalilty e lykes iz gals hu r pretty funny fun to be with n nt jealous or bossy!
    He usually goes out wit a model.
    He has flown to glasglow 2day so av i i am goin to watch da championsleague match 2mz cnt wait!
    anyone else goin? xxx
    Luv ya all.xxx

    Listen if i keep tellin u fins bout ronaldo sme peeps wnt believe me n dere wil b arguments! I’M KL wit peeps nt belivin dat i knw him coz its jst lyke sooooooooo hard to believe so i shouldnt brag bout it!

  557. thanx 4 ur info on ronaldo nadia.i fink i match his discription bt i can gt bossy wen i am in a realy bad bt dats onli wiv ppl dat i am realy close 2 nd i no they wikll understand.

    anyways,there’s dis 2 girls in skool who hangout in da same group as me and i dont evem lyk them bought da exact same coat as me.they both new i had dat coat weeks b4 them bt they still bought it.all my other coats r small on me or got stain on them so i hafe 2 were my jacket now(it is waterproof though)i did swear at da girls 4 copying me and they got upset bt i aint bovverd.

    chat 2 all of use l8er


  558. LOL! Yeah sure you match the descriptiion! jkz only jkin hunni! How old r u? BY da way ronaldo fools around wit gals! I av seen im do dat e only fools around wit gals dat e lykes! seriously he is such a flirt his sister katia n elma even say that! Do u fink ur old enough to go out wit him!

    Ronaldo iz da best

  559. i am so upset ronaldo is engaded i loved him
    well hope they have A HAPPY LIFE NOT

  560. hey people ar4cr im half cast ma dads muslim and ma mums white and fanks nadia 4 finding out da information and y isnt any 1 adding me on msn?

  561. fucking wankers mother fuckers ugly slags ar4cr is a fugly cow with goofy teeth and is a merche wannabe

  562. wateva biatch.i dont even lyk merche so i dont no wat ur chattin about.
    anyways…. hey nadia i am 13 yrs old bt i am gonna b 14 nxt mounth nd ronaldo is gonna b 22 soon so i guess we r lyk 8 yrs apart.

    nd ”upsetover ronaldo” ronaldo aint engaged no more ,u got some catchin up 2 do man.

    sumfink embarrasing happened 2 me 2day.wen i got off from da bus there were these old ladys walkin behind me and they said ”ooooh dat looks nice”so i looked bck 2 c wat it was and i slipped and fell on my ass nd every1 at da bus stop looked at me(it was realy slippery)if my frend was wiv i probaly laughed it off bt i was alone nd it wood have been stupid if i laughed at myself.if i slipped ova by ronaldo it wood have been 10000000000000000000 tyms more embarrasing.


  563. ”nadia” has ronaldo eva flirt wiv if he has i am happy 4 u nd give me da full details plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    hey ”sxc” sos 4 bein nosey bt r u muslim or christian?


  564. how doyou know any of us english anyway biatch you are a cool biatch and you wont hear from me in a while. exams coming up so somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love cris

  565. how do you know who is english and nadia i dont think he was flirting wid you just dreamin but i wish i …exams comin up somebody help!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love cris

  566. hey nadia,A.R 4 C.R and other peeps!.im kinda mixed race 2!i wz born here in england, manchester,ma dad wz born in cyprus,nicosia and grew up in larnaca ma mum wz born here in manchester,england too.ma mums mum is irish she wz born in ireland ma grandad he wz welsh and irish i think and both their mums and dads i think they were irish 2.ma dads mum wz born in ciaro in egypt then moved 2 cyprus and lived there her mum and dad were cypriotes (i.e. born in cyprus)ma dads dad who died b4 i wz born..ma aunty died and ma uncle also died b4 i wz born…but anyway..ma dads dad wz anglo indian..i think, but he lived here 2 wit giagia(thats what i call ma dads mum, it means grandma in greek)oh yea ma aunty lives in greece, lol!im 13 2 but d ya tink i have a chance wit cristiano?and his flirtin’?.
    chatt again soon

  567. tahnks 4 dumping her im gonna meet ronaldo some day xxxx

  568. hey guys i’ve been off 4 2days up2 now i’ve not been very well, i watched the match last night and ma heart jumped everytime i saw cris, i am mad ova him, i know that everyone says this but..I LOVE HIM!..i mean it i realy do.i hope he does sumtimes flirt wit younger girls,coz i mean 4 me and A.R 4 C.R we r 13 yrs old!its difficult!,i wish i cud find out if he has eva flirted wit girls ma age.
    mayb, hopefully he does, lol!
    chatt a bit l8r on.

  569. huh? i dunno wot ya mean? ar4cr
    i waz born in maderia i av lived in maderia for bout 17 yrs n i moved to england in 2003 same year as ronaldo
    im jst basically full portuguese im quite good at english coz i studied it in maderia.
    im a catholic.
    ar4cr rite dat flirtin fin again i dnt understand

  570. i didnt no there was gonna b a Man U match yesterday.i am sooooooo sad that i didnt watch da match, bt ma frendz who support Man U told me dat they lost.uuuhhhhhhhhhh!

    if i eva c ronaldo i probably make a fool out of myself.i no dis myt sound weird bt i make ma frendz pretend 2 b ronaldo so i cood practice askin 4 a autgraph.i get shy wen i imagine i am askin 4 ronaldo’s autograph ,so i dont no wat i’m gonna do wen actually meet him.(i hafe 2 meet ronaldo 1 day nd i no i will)

    i dont fink ronaldo flirted wiv some1 our age cuz if da paperapzi catch him flitin wiv 13 yr old or anyfink lyk dat den it wood b bad 4 his career,u get me(its realy hard 2 explain)2 b honest i hope hi does flit wiv me,i mean c’mon who doesnt want ronaldo 2 flirt wiv them .he is da hottest guy in da world.

    no matta wat i will always luv ronaldo.dis is da first tym i eva felt lyk dis 4 anyone.geogina u shood no how i feel.


  571. hi all you ppl…wow u guys have been chatting a lot since i haven’t been here lol…anywho i finally saw a man utd match on tv yday! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omgggggggggg my babyyyyy! he looked sooooooooooooooooo HOTTTTT! too bad they lost i was soooo mad when saha missed that penalty kick wth was he thinking! anywyas wow ar4cr i dind’t know u were half muslim that is soooo cool! so like what are you? I’m half afghan and half persian! I’m going to be 17 yrs old in 6 more days and i amm soooo excited!!!!!!!! cristiano is like 4 1/2 yrs older than me so its all good! gosh ok i hate the ppl who come on this site and go omgggg he’s engaged blah blah blah HELLO U NEED TO GET UPDATED U IDIOTS! and biatch is a fucking stupid whore who just needs to get off this effin site cuz she is fucking gay! I’m kinda upset that there is no one on this site that is my age becuz ya know i can relate to them a lil beter….and no offense honestly but why are u 14 and 13 yr olds obsessed with cristiano likeand like AR4CR siad…it would look so ridiculous if a 22 yr old was flirting it up wiht a 14 yr old…what would eveyrone think!?i think cristiano should be dating sumone woh is 18 cuz i think that would be perfect…btu im 17 so i guess that’s not bad either eh? anywyas i love you gurlies so much and its good to know that we al love ronaldo! i wish i had msn but htat’s only a europe thing and none of my frndz here have that…we all just have aim ( aol instant messenger) and we just talk on that lol! anyways i hope to talk to u laters! byeeeee

  572. hey! ya A.R 4 C.R, i totaly get u! realy! i feel as thouhg there are no words 2 explane how mcuh i luv him i mean if i wz 2 try it wud cum out as…i luv him 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000……x infinity!and beyond!.i know it wz quite stupid 4 me 2 ask whether i stand a chance wit him and his flirtin’ but hey! i can dream right!lol! and RONNIE4LIFE, nice 2 hear from u again afta soo long and 2 ans your question why 13/14 year olds fancy cris its because he is fitt seems a nice guy and …well he seems pretty perfect all around..i know it sounds realy stupid its just that.. well no matter what yo age is it dont matter i mean when im 21 he will b 29… big deal many people are either younger or older than the person they fancy.
    oh shit! i got skool 2moz and its late!
    cya tell yz more 2moz!
    sweet dreams!

  573. hi guys…well i haven’t had school for a week becuase its thanksgiving..stupid holiday…but hey as long as we don’t have school right? haha…anywyas ya i know what u mean no matter what age u are crissypoo is HOT HOT HOT! lol and ya my parents are 8 yrs apart so its all good…i know when he’s 40 and ur 32 its like no big deal AT ALL! but omgggg i wish i could effin see the guy in person he is soooooooooooooooo HOT!

    and no offense nadia but i really do not like ur personality at all…i know a lot of the girls here might suck up to u becuz u ” supposedly” know cristiano but even if u do u try to act like u are sooo muhc better than us! wth saying that he only goes for brazilian, portguese, or spanish girls…that is not true one bit! my frndz frnd knows cristiano and says that he is not ONE BIT like that…he is a very open-minded person and i am hella sure that he is not like that…anywyas i heard cristiano and portugal are gonna go play iran this summer and im going to iran this summer so im gonna try my hardest to get to see hiM! I’LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES! my best fnrd and i are obsessed with him and we’re gonna go togehter, and when we’re togther NOTHING can stop us llolllllllllll……omg if i just see him gosh i would dieeee! he is just sooooo HOT and the thing is its not even only that…he has madddd skillz in soccer/football! he is tres tres tres bien! j’adore il tres beaucouup! alors, c’est tres difficle parce que il habite a manchester!! 🙂 hahahaha ya i took three yrs of french lol im suprisntly still pretty good at it! i really wanna learn to speak italian tho! cuz its just sucha beuatiful language! omg so all u gurlies when i was in italy this past summer omg there was this one guy he looked i swear exactly like CRISTIANO! u know that one picture of cristiano on the web where he is wearing a baseball hat and looking into the camera!? he looked eactly like that omgggg he was sooo hot duh cuz he was like cristiano ! lollllllllll! anywyas i love u gurls so muhc i know that no matter what i say to u guys, u all understand me sooooo well…cristiano has all of us under his spell and u know what its ok becuz he is just toooo lucious for words lol! j’adoreeeeeee illlll, quand je parle avec il je dis tous les choses que je choisi!! lolll yes i will! anywyas if the rest of u konw french speak french with me, because i want to pracitce french becuase i haven’t taken it in 3 yrs ( parce que j’ai pratiquer francais, parce que je n’ai pas pratiquer pour trois ans.) lollllll aite i love you guys and no offnes nadia girl u really gotta get over urslef..if ur really 20 yrs old i really dont’ get why the hell u are on this website talking to a bunch of younger girls, and if u really did know the guy why the hell woudl u be on this website?! just to brag about him???? im sorry….and u are so effin stuck up get over urself and im dammm sure that ” sxc” agrees with me on htis one? right? ok bye bye! gotta go work on college essays ughhh!

  574. merche is not a ideal girl for cristiano ronaldo… that is true!!!! cristiano and merche is not a perfect conbination….:-)cristiano have a true and perfect right girl for him… that’s right

  575. hey people ar4cr well i have chosen to be a muslim cuz i luv the culture and the religion is very interesting o yeah by the way there is 5 years difference between me and cristiano but i dnt fink i eva will be able to go out wiv him or sumfink cuz a dream is just a dream and it mite neva come tru lol and pluz nadia has put me off it big tym cuz she sed he only goez 4 poruguese, spanish and brazillian, but to me the personality mattters and the end of the dai not the culture or da religion

  576. u all r wannabez get a lyf

  577. hey sxc,dont let no1 put u down,no afence nadia,but ya know no1 knows cris i mean he cud like any religion any colour..no1 knows! i dont see why people dont think they r gd enough for him coz dey aint spanish/brazilian even portugues.or even if they r yonger dan him it dont matta i mean 2 me he seems like any other guy on da streets who luvs 2 have fun flirt wit girls and play footy!cum on tell me u have all noticed dat just because he is famouse it doesn’t mean a thing he is just a guy…an increadably fittttttttttttttttttttttttttt…guy.lol!
    anywayz i gotta tell yaz all summit…and nadia i need 2 ask u summit…thats if ya dont mind.well i heard that this girl in ma skool whent 2 a christian aguilera concert and ………i wz soooo..jelouse wheni heard this but….guess who wz dere?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!…CRISTIANO RONALDO….i cudn’t f***in’ belive it!!!i wz like i realy hope he dont fancy her coz aparently he likes dance music and she deffinatly doesn’t do the whole dance music thing!but luckily she has a boyfriend or hubby.u know that braught a thautght in2 ma head but its nto a nice thaught…but wud he possably try 2 flirt her away in2 dreamland?…hopefuly dat aint true!…ya so…nadia i wz wonderin’ nxt time ya talk 2 him cud u ask if he wz actualy at dis concert and what he thaught of it..? i mean i do belive what ma firnds told me i just want it 2 sound suttle if u could ask him for me…..u r sooooooo lucky yo mum knows his mum!!!but anyway i need 2 ask u a fave in a way…all of u!not only nadia..lol…well have any of u had any ideas about how i cud poss meet him?..its realy stupid thing 2 ask but im desparate 2 meet him.so is ma bezzy buddy m.c.
    anyway luv ya girls, i gotta go though!
    chatt again l8r on 2night.xxxx

  578. hey guys.
    dony worry ronnie4life i dont fink any1 gets affended by ur comments(at least i dont fink so)ur open nd dats wat i lyk bout u ,i jus fckin h8 fack ppl,i am 101% sure i am not da only 2.i dont sck up 2 nadia(i dont suck up 2 any1) ,jus cuz she knows ronaldo dont make her any bigga then us,u get me.

    i totally agree wiv u sxc personlity mattera da most.i mean c’mon u cant choose who u fall in luv .dont let nobody put u off ronaldo.
    now dat i com 2 fink off it i fink nadia ,ur tryin 2 stir thing up,nd fckin h8 dat in ppl.
    i dont believe ronaldo said dat i am gonna need some hard core effedence man cuz dat dont soun rite unless ur jus tryin 2 put us off him nd have him 2 ur self then dats not gonna work.i no all dat myt sound mean ,c’mon how do expect us ppl 2 react.


  579. i tot agree A.R 4 C.R, i mean i do sumtimes seem as though i am suckin’ up2 nadia but im not realy.
    i think peeps who fancy cris shud feel gd about the fact that they also luv cris dont let no1 put u down,i luv him and i dont care, i put ma self down sumitimes coz im younger dan him and coz i dont think im dat pretty..but i mean.. at least i luv him and think the world of him even though i dont know him.
    gotta go4 dinna talk in a sec again.xxxxxxxxxx

  580. hey ppl.
    i totally get wat ur sayin georgina,sometyms i compare myself 2 SOME of his supermodel girlfrendz(dont tell me none of use havnt done that) bt at da end of da day all dat crapy old thinkin aint worth it.i am not 1 of those obbsessive ppl dat wanna change how they look ,hell no, i am proud of who i am.

    if u fink bout it. imagine his girlfrendz wivout make ,fink how stupid nd different they myt look.i neva were make ,if do 4 sumfink special then i only were a bit.i dont want 2 look lyk old pease of shit wen i am older.have u guys seen some pretty lookin celebs nd stuff wiv out make-up,god dont they look red nd wrinkely.

    i no wat i have jus said is myt sound lyk a load of shit,bt who cares dats how i feel.

    chat 2 ya l8er…


  581. wow u guys finally realized what i’ve been trying to say this whole time! hahahah about time…and hye how come none of u guys really respond to my HUGE COMMENT!? it was sooooooooper long i thuoht i would get sum replies…and i hella think that nadia u are hella thinking u are just higher than us and shit and its really starting to get on my last nerves…georgina u really really really love ronaldo hahahaha…but i think its also kinda bad that ur sooo obsesesd with a celeb that proly none of us is gonna get anywyas….but i love u girl i realize what ur going thru…i also agree that cristiano is just another ordinary guy who likes to flirt, dance, mess around, and play soccer ( footy) lol im getting into the british lang! hahahaha i like i like! so ya i hella understand…and im sure cristiano is one sweetheart…but none of us really know…until we meet him….so its kinda dumb to spend so muhc time talking about how we’re gonna meet him…with god’s will it will JUST HAPPEN! hahahah omg so ” sxc” u turned muslim!? that’s soooo cool! do u wear hijab tho? i dnt…i mean im muslim but im not an extremist…so ” sxc” are u 16 also? cuz that means u and i are like the same age and that’s REALLY COOL! anywyas nadia i am sorry but i think ur realy stuck up and full of urself and i think that u are leading all of us on…if u really know cristiano why dont’ u do us the favor of posting a picture of urself with him?? and ” ar4cr” i totally agree i like to be honest and open-minded…i speak my mind about things…but i listen to waht other ppl have to say..i just think that this stuff nadia is teling us is BULL CRAP! anyways ” hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” i think ur just another ” Biatch” prolyl the same person with different screenames…u are hella stupid and retarded and wasting ur own time to be here…i hoppe i get sum replies thi time girls…aite then byeeee

  582. hey ,ronnie4life some tyms i mite not directly replymy messages 2 u ,bt most of my messages r aimed at every1 lyk u nd sxc nd georgina.u get me.
    anyways im not a religiouse muslim either.(i am not proud of dat or anyfink)bt i do try 2 pray somtyms bt i fink i am 2 lazy.how many off u guys told ur self ur gonna do something(anything) 1 day nd da nxt day u coodnt b bovvered.u cant deny it cuz it happens 2 every1.
    i am still confused bout wat 2 fink of nadia bt 1 more slip up wiv her den i will agree wiv u can mean dat she another ”biatch”bt 4get bout dat 4 now all dat shit aint worth it until she realy piisin every1 off ,u get me.


  583. naa ronnie4life i havent turned muslim i was always a muslim but i dnt wear hijab i aint that relgious

  584. sluuutttttttssssssssssss

  585. hey A.R 4 C.R and RONNIE4LIFE, i am realy obsessed wit cris i know that i probs wont meet him eva but i can only dream and hope alot!plus, on many of his footy interviews and other videos i have seen,and on the pitch,lol!i feel as though he is a realy confident and funny person,he doesn’t care if he makes a fool of himself, i am sorta d oposit,thats y i like him i think he would complete me as a person,u know?ya i luv him 2 bits and 1 day i will get ma wish 2 meet him,lol!and guess what…me and m.c ma bezzy buddy, we always imagine like 4 christmas that..4 me cristiano will be in ma living room nxt 2 the tree holdin’ ma xmas prezzy..hopefuly a dog (bichon frise).that wud b the best!.i just luv evrything about him soooo far…u’d never know though untill u meet him coz sumtimes a person can seem nice and fitt until u meet them,i mean they cud turn out 2 b not nice…well i think thats highly impossably 4 cris but u’d neva know.ya and RONNIE4LIFE,it is supa koolio 2 have sum1 yo age on dis site coz den i mean u cud relate yourself 2 dem,so far me and A.R 4 C.R have the same types of thaughts and feelings in a way.
    anyway i gotta go,chatta again soon.
    p.s. RONNIE4LIFE u shud try 2 visit manchester 1 time i mean even if its just 2 watch a manu match,its a realy gd experiance 2 hear the very loyal manu crowd screaming from the stadium everywhere.plus seen as u can hardily eva see cris play footy its quite gd here coz he plays 4 man united b’coz footy programmes always have united on when they r playin’.
    ciao 4 now den!xxxx

  586. hey geogina whats ur msn addy? and u ar4cr,ronnie4life

  587. hey guys
    i dont have msn at da moment(cuz i am not bovvered 2 get it)bt wen i do get it i’ll give all u guys my addi 4 sure.

    i soooooooo get wat ur sayin geogina i dream bout ronaldo 4 sooooooo long in da nite dat it becomes almost 2:00am nd i hardly get any sleep cuz i dream nd imagine bout him soooooooo much.da stuff dat i imagine is dat i am 18 yrs old nd he is still 21 nd we bump into each other in a posh hotel nd we fall in luv.

    gotta go now.(even doh i got sooooo much more 2 rite)


  588. hey A.R 4 C.R!guess what i do sorta da same thing i mean i imagine dat i am at a manu match and he sees me in da crowd,and i also have a vip ticket2 see all the playaz..and he is dere,i have loads of versions u see so well dats just how i imagine things plus in ma imagination im 20,i think about him till 2:00am aswell!!!GOD! THIS IS FREAKY!i didnt think any1 in the world wud b soooooooooooo like me!.and sxc i dunno wether its a gd idea 2 give our msn addys out on dis site coz loads of peeps mite wanna add u or me 4 kicks,uknow..i mean wud u give urs if i asked on dis site?..its koolio if u wud coz den i cud add u and ma msn name wud b passed 2 yo msn…but ya see i dont realy wanna give mine out…unless i have no choice,hey and A.R 4 C.R,d u eva find yaself blabbin’ on about things like i do?the proof is just above what im writin’ now.lol!when ihave no idea what 2 say nxt i always blabb like mad.
    anyway…i gotta go i wanna write more but i cant right now.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxcyaz 4 now
    p.s.there is a ooty match 2day..manu and chelsea…i think cris is playin’..wooooooooooooooo..!!!!

  589. grfyghidgterggggggggggggggggggggggrfrfrfrf

  590. thanx scx!i added u and sent u a msg 2 tell ya dat i got it.i’ll chatt again l8r den!

  591. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!MANUNITED R WINNIN’ 1-0 WITH CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND RONALDO IS PLAYIN’ WELL GD!!!HE LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LUV THE SOX OFA HIM!YAY!SAHA!!.NEXT 2 SCORE IS ROONEY AND DEN RONALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….

  592. THEY FUCKIN’ CRUSHED OUR RONALDO!!!!!I SWARE IF I GET MY HANDS ON DAT PLAYA WHO DID IT!….we basicaly lost….1-1 wz da score!it wz only bcoz united slowed down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they weren’t tryin’ hard enough!!!!i am soooooooooooo upset!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  593. hey guys
    i am soooo mad bout ashley cole who knocked ronaldo over(i think it was a.cole) were lcky doh dat happened towards da end nd not in da middle or anyfink lyk dat.

    no matter wat ronaldo is always lookin hot.my fckin cousin brother was takin da mick everytym ronaldo fell over or made a mistake or somefink only cuz he knows how much i luv ronaldo.(bt my cousin still supports Man u nd lyk ronaldo bt he jus lyks 2 piss me off)

    georgina u no dat imagination u have of ronaldo wen ge sees u in da crowd i have exacly da same1 as (may b a bit different)bt da thing is i make up different sorts of imaginations bout him.

    normally i go 2 bed quite l8 bt nowa days i go early so i cood imagine bout ronaldo.

    ronnie4life isnt there anyway possible 4 u 2 watch footy matches cuz i soooooo want all of us 2 chat bout all togather.

    hey sxc remember ad tym wen u said y were gonna move 2 birmingham(dudley) have u moved yet?

    bout y yesterday i coodnt rite my message 4 long is cuz my 8yr old sis gave my 2 mounth(nearly 3 mounths)yr old baby sis eye infection nd it got realy bad so they had 2 go 2 da hospital in da nyt nd thet didnt no how long they were gonna b there 4 so i had 2 go 2 my cousins house(2 doors away)until they came bck.its realy hard 4 my parents 2 put i cream in her eyes cuz she closes her eyes and figits alot.it was hard enough 4 my mum 2 put eye drops i my eyes few mounths ago wen i had eye infection(eye cream is worser)

    georgina i guess u can say i blab aswell. lol. dats wat i have jus done.


  594. lol!A.R 4 C.R this is kinda embaressin’ but everytime i go 2 bed i kinda imagine and play out sumtimes.i know very wierd but…hey!i luv him soooo much i dont care…plus its kinda hard 4 me coz ma cuzzy dont know i fancy him..none of ma cuzzys do apart from ma 2nd cuzzys in cyprus!well…sum of dem…i told ma bezzy m8 m.c and ma friends in skool,i also told m.cs’ cuzzy and ya know what!he is such a total brain box he is way branier than any1 i have eva met b4,he is younger dan us all on dis site 2!!!..i am tryin’ 2 get him 2 tell me a way of how i can c cris..he is kinda rude and annoyin’ sumtimes but hey! he can b sooooo incredably sweet 2!!!!he sed if i cud find a way 2 bump in2 cris sumwere he couldn’t resist to talk 2 me..i wz like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…
    i’ll try and get him on dis site 1 day mayb.lol.
    i always thik of cris every day any time anywhere!!!.i love him so much!but the thing is ma mum and dad and brother…i think..dont know that i fancy him yet although ma dad and bro never go without sayin’ sumthing about him everytime ther is a match on…its difficult 2 tell dem coz its way!embaressin’!that’s the whole shyness cummin’ in ya see?..i only have m.c and uguys 2 talk seriously about it wiv…i dunno know he does it but he seems 2 put us all in2 dream land everytime he..is either playin’ footy live…footy match or in his pics..interviews afta a match!its crazy!!.
    anyhow..A.R 4 C.R,RONNIE4LIFE..what r ur msn addys?…if ya havent got msn ya shud coz den we can chatt anytime anywhere coz its msn…lol!
    ohhhhhhhh i gotta go again…hey!i just thaught scene as manu played at oldtrafford wit chelsea…mayb if ..naaaaaaaa..nm…well i wz thinkin’ mayb i cud see ronaldo on his way home..coz i live sooo close 2 oldtrafford footy ground that if i drive by … i might get a glimps of him drivin’ home..well i dunno if he’d b drivin’ scene as a.cole did his leg in!! but..u’d neva know…hummmmmmmm..i’ll have 2 think about that 1 a bit more.
    anyway..cyaz 4 now.xxxxx

  595. i live close 2 aston villa stadium (bout 15 mins away if i walk)nd every tym Man U play in there i feel lyk doin da sane thing bt cuz there is a park rite nxt 2 there da footballers b extra carefull wen they go out.so there a good point bot da park nd bad .


  596. Anne i never sed dat he flirted wit me i dunno wot ur talkin bout

  597. Ronnie4life i dnt reali care if u dnt reali lyk ma personality u dnt reali knw me anyway so watever. I dunno if he actually meant wot e sed bout da spainsh portuguese n da brazilian fin! Dats wot i eard so im jst sayin.I am not dispecting anyone

  598. hi all you pplz! wow lots of comments ina while lol! ummm so i do not have msn cuz in america we use AIM ( AOL INSTANT MESSENGER) so ya no one here uses msn so there is really no point in me getting it..but u guys can all get aim if u want? Lol….o and i watched the man utd game against the celtics the other day…but other than that i can’t watch live man utd games cuz i am always at school when they are on! which is not fair! i HATE the time difference! i wish sooooo badly that i was in europe! so what nationality are all u guys? ar4cr, sxc, and georgina? and u know what nadia i have definetely made up my mind i raelly do not like you..and now that u know we dont’ talk to u muhc anymore, u really dnt come on thi site anymore..anyways i love all you gurlies! adn u know what i lve most?! the british slang that u gusy use! lol like: mate, footy, fancy. ITS ALL JUST SOOO COOL! and so unique! anywho i’ll ttyl pplz! luv y’all!

  599. Merche’s too old for Cristiano!

  600. Merche is beautiful you girls are all jelious that is all that such a hot girl got Christiano and not you, suck it up girls.
    I love her she is nice, wonderful and does and excellent job as a presenter on a national TV program she has it and jealousy gets you guys no where.
    Dream girls of what she has, that is all you can do is dream.

  601. Sei que a Merche e Cristiano já não estão juntos sim mas as meninas ciumentas devem deixar isso da mão, Coitada da Merche as vezes os homens nos não somos fortes que chegue para passar e ultrapassar os obstáculos, porque se ele mesmo adorasse a Merche não ia ligar o que a mãe lhe dizia, claro que a mãe dele foi a culpada, mas um dia ele se vai arrepender de a deixar.
    Deixai a rapariga coitada ela e um amor, nada como esta pintada.
    Adoro a Merche ela e muito querida.
    Não vale a pena ter ciúmes dela por o trabalho dela e ser tão linda, sexy.
    Mas infelizmente Merche se vês isto há sempre palermas por todo lado querida não ligues.

  602. hey,Tony do Canada i dont mean 2 b disrespectful but…merche isn’t that pretty 2 b honest!we r not stuck up but hey i admit i wz vwery jelouse whe i heard that they WERE goin’ out…but dey aint anymore ok?we have been through this a million times they broke up bcoz peeps were sayin’ he got her preggy u know?and 1 more think dont judge b4 u know..u spelt his name wrong by the way…its cristiano..if u looked on the site u r typin’ on at the top it does say it..nice and clearly in english!..soz again but get yo facts right b4 u start chattin’ wit us…RONNIE4LIFE hey again! ya know if u luv da mancunian accent cum 2 manchester,infact if u luv all the english accents just cum 2 england and checkit out mayb 4 christmas or holls then u’ll get it all the time.haha.A.R 4 C.R we gotta find a way 4 me 2 c him…of corse i’d mention u guys 2 him…well i’d need yo real names so he doesn’t get confused with the whole nickname thing but the first priority is 2 meet him..i got practicaly all ma friends workin’ on it up2 now..c how obsessed i have bcome ova him…oh goodness!lol!
    oh damn!ma mum is callin’ me.
    cya l8r guys.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  603. ”tony do canada”,now listen yeah , u peace of shit get ur facts rite b4 u come on dis syt nd start talkin bout somefink which is long gone.its our opinion dat she’s ugly ,so wats ur problem bitch.most of da ppl on here fink she ugly so wat ur problem nd some helpful advice …get ur eyes checked. if u havnt noticed already dis is a merche h8 syt so go were u belong(deffinatly not here)nd i no i am bein mean bt wat do expect.
    nd we dream bt dats life ,if u dont dream den u must not b human …girrrl or boy,wateva.yes i am jelouse bt not of da porn slut Merche.
    do i care bout how good u fink her presenting is…uhhhhhhhhhhhh…no!i fink some1 on dis syt is jelouse of robnaldo,yes i am talkin bout u ”tony do canada”.dony even make me start bout y i fink dat ur jelouse of ronaldo cuz dis can go on 4eva.


  604. hey A.R 4 C.R, right on girrlllllll…!!!!!.
    u r realy koolio! i like da way u just blurt the truth out..hahah..very gd!..anyhow,how r u imagining cristiano 2night?lol!i cudn’t get him outa ma mind!!!allllllllll the time he is in ma haed!!ma friends mucst b gettin’ realy sick of me talkin’ about how he is soooooooooo fuckin’ fit and cute!but i dont care..not every1 is as taken under his spell as we r.RONNIE4LIFE,what have u been up2 2day..uve not been on da site much l8ly,oh well…i need 2 hear sumthing from u u so funny the way you always write long letters when its been a long time since u been on.sxc did u get ma msg?on msn? i added u but ya neva online when im online..oh well neva mind..i got sum skanky english homework now so i gotta go..i’ll chatt again soon but i need sum 1 2 chatt 2 on dis site coz everytime i cum on the last msg is always usualy ma own..
    anyhow cya girls..and the occasional boy..

  605. hey guys!
    ummmmmmmmm i got loads of storys dat i imagine bout ronaldo.i fink its gonna b da 1 were we meet each other in portugal jus b4 he becomes a footballer nd we get along realy well(so he will b 17 yrs old nd me2)bt sadly we loose contact.bt l8er on wen he is 21 we meet again nd we fall in luv 4 sure(he remembers me nd tells me how much he missed me nd how he looked every were 4 me)wen we get engaged he gets realy drunk nd cheats on me bt he does everyfing 2 make it up 2 me, i eventually 4 giv him nd we get happilly married.

    i no i no, dat was a bit over dramatic bt i lyk 2 make my dreams creative nd romantic.

    anyways wat r all of use gonnadream of 2nyt.


  606. Coco buttah&&Peanut princess

    Hayy x
    Go Grap some portuguesse Nuts 😛
    Ronaldo he maybe married or enagged watevahh but every1 still lovess himm like my friend here peanut princess her real name is regat!!! yerr ppl and when i get famous she is going to meet hiim!! and i promise her!!! so sykk on thatt yuee ronAldo FREAK!!!
    P.s. a.k.4.c.k

  607. Coco buttah&&Peanut princess

    Hayy x
    Go Grab some portuguesse Nuts 😛
    Ronaldo he maybe married or enagged watevahh but every1 still lovess himm like my friend here peanut princess her real name is regat!!! yerr ppl and when i get famous she is going to meet hiim!! and i promise her!!! so sykk on thatt yuee ronAldo FREAK!!!
    P.s. a.k.4.c.k

  608. Coco buttah&&Peanut princess

    Im gonnah dream ov yuee DYING!!!

  609. HI U GUYS! ummmm ” georgina” i have been to england and i haven’t been to manchester like to walk or anythign but i’ve been to manchester airport…i’ve actually been to london a LOT of times i LOVEEEEE LOVEEE LOVEEE THE ACCENT TO DEAHT! i swearr its sooo beautful…o crap i g2g i’ll ttyl!

  610. i would like to have ronnie’s email address pleeeeeeeease ????????????????
    she ain’t that bad. Wish iwas like her maybe then i’d be the one in his arms

  611. Mrs Cristiano Ronaldo

    Look guys
    Merche romero n Cristiano Ronaldo akready broke up in October……. YEAH YEAH………u noe wat tat means……… it means i can get up close n personal wit this burnin hot superstar!!! yaeh me
    Look Guys ……..Ya beta back off or else he’s mine……. n mne 4eva

  612. Mrs Cristiano Ronaldo

    Look. sorry 4 bein so mean
    but i really mean it
    i mean he’s hot……….i loved him ever since i
    saw him…which was like 9 yrs ago…
    I hope 1 day i get 2 marry him……..
    heres wat im thinkin right bout now…..
    7 : the number of kids i wanna have with Cristiano ronaldo
    17: the day we get married!!!
    I hope tat bloody merche B**** doesnt take mua’s man!!

  613. looks like the bitches r still here eg.ronnie4life,ar4cr,sxc nd some new comers 2 lyk geogina nd nadia.
    ”mrs cristiano ronaldo”dream on.

    gotta go now i have got a life 2 get bck 2 ha ha ha ha ha ha aha hya aha aha aha

  614. christianoronaldosgal

    people at my school hate cristiano ronaldo just cos he blinked in the world cup at the ref
    But y he is really nice
    has a great smile
    good fashion sense
    has nice cars
    fit(me n my mates call him a cobra cos of his muscles)
    i love him xxxxxxxx he is da best footie player in the worldxxxxxxxxxxxx

  615. h8er…now thats wierd if we dont have lives at all what r u doin’ on dis site, dont go sayin’ things about me or ma buddys here, go 2 sum other site and gossip coz here we all like eachother and listen 2 eachother and what each of us has 2 say…soz but u need 2 get a brin check coz if u think for 1 second u have a life..huh!…think again.
    shut the fuck up..do u have a say about what peeps dream about? NO! they can call dem selves mrs cristiano if dey wanna.that is whet life is alll about! u have 2 b at least a bit realistic but not all the time coz den people just get seriously borin’..like u 4 instance..no affence.
    A.R 4 C.R, hey again! ummmmmm.. well i haven’t dreamt about cris in ages..i dunno what 2 do..i need 2 dream of him sumtime or another…and oh yea..RONNIE4LIFE, plz cum 2 manchester, u’d luc the arndale center and trafford center..and the footy ground of corse!, d u like scouse accents? i.e. liverpool accents? i fuckin’ hate um! i totaly hate um, it makes me cringe when i hear that accent.lol!.so tell me what u guys have been up2 this week…my week up2 now has been pretty average..mum gets on ma nerves now and again, i have 2 cope, ma brother has been drivin’ me nutts!, ma dad he just avoids me in a way..or is that the other way around.hahaha.i just waitin’ 4 m.c 2 cum online on msn..2 of crose chatt 2 her about cris..e.t.c… u know.lol!
    anyway.. homework calls!
    cyaz xxxxxxx

  616. oh look who’s bck,low life ”h8er”.lyk ”geogina”said dont talk 2 me or my frendz lyk dat.u shood b tryin 2 make frendz not da opposite cuz wiv dat attitude ur life is gonna b lyk hell nd guess wat ur gonna need frendz 2 support u ,knowin u ,u probably havnt got any frends,so u can take ur self nd ur sly remarks somewere else.
    jus in case ur 2 stupid 2 understand wat i jus said(which ur probably r)PISS OFF!
    sxc,ronnie4life nd georgina r realy good ppl.u wouldnt no dat wood u cuz ur 2 bitchy 2 find out.

    ”mrs cristiano ronaldo” how can u no ronaldo 9 yrs sgo wen ronaldo started playin footy bout 3 yrs ago?i hope ur not 1 of those ppl claimin 2 no ronaldo cuz we had enough of those.lol.


  617. lol! purfectly sed A.R 4 C.R.hahahhaahahah… hey have u heard the song from justin timberlake? sexy back? i dont actualy like his songs usualy but dis 1 reminds me of a video i saw of cris on you tube.it suits him in a way coz he is supa fit, young, talented,sexy and totaly and completely foreign!lol!.
    thanx 4 sayin’ that u htink im a very nice person aswell..i didn’t think dat any1 wud say dat about em on dis site, u know u r the best!u and RONNIE4LIFE oh yea! and sxc.u guys r so tot koolio. anyway i gotta go again ma mum is callin’ me.
    luv yall!xxxx

  618. hi u guys mannnn i love my gurlies to the XTREME: georgina, ar4cr, and sxc. u girls totally believe in me and i believe in u guys…” H8er” u are the stupidest piece of fucking shit i swear ever u have got to get a life and effin stop wasting ur time and coming on here…” mrscristianoronaldo” u are sooooooooooooooooo retarded i cannot even begin to expalin plz get off this site cuz no one wants you here! anywho georgina u are too sweet as well as you ar4cr and sxc i love you guys! and i know which ” sexy back” video ur talking bout on youtube its the besttttt! but omg that is the best song ever…have u heard justin timberlakes othre new song ” my love”? cuz usally i hate nsync and justin timberalke, but this new album is hlela good! ” im bringing sexy back…YUP…them other boys don’t know how to act…YUP…i think its special the way you act…YUP..so turn around and I’ll pick up the slack….take it to the club…come here girl go ahead be gone wiht it come to the back go ahead be gone with it VIP go ahead be gone wiht it drinks on me go ahead be gone with it!” lollllllllll yup everyone here loves that song….gosh europe is soooo different than america everyone is actrually classy in europe! anyways i will talk to you guys later! byeeeeeeee

  619. Guys…I’m sorry to say this but I think he’s gay…

  620. i mean, what guy likes being touched by homosexuals?…i used to think he was hot til i saw d pics on d internet…eww!

  621. hey,kayzer soze, if the pic is of 2 women tuchin’ him well all i have 2 say is is dat he is deffinatly not homosexual or gay!them peeps tuchin’ his fuckin’ gorge body, are hosts of a popular reality show in portugal…so if it wz dat pic u saw u r totlay wrong.i think he wz just takin’ 1 4 portugal doin’ dat..cum on! wudn’t u luv 2 tuch him? i wud! we all wud on dis site! lol!anyhow RONNIE4LIFE trust me u have no idea how koolio it is here when manu r playin footy! u can hear the people’s voices from the stadium from miles away!.thanx 4 dat compliment.u r totaly koolio guys, sxc,RONNIE4LIFE & A.R 4 C.R. i luv u girlz sooooooooo much! ya know, i neva thaught i’d fit in on dis site but i wz totaly wrong!!!.u r practicaly all like me, and ya know RONNIE4LIFE, when ya say ya hate america..in what way d ya h8 it? i think it is pretty koolio in america..even thiough ma dad hates all americans and bush…no affence but i hate bush 2…the peeps of america, though they seem quite stupid and dumb sumtimes but they r pretty koolio.(im not sayin’ u r stupid in dat thing i just type by the way,im just sayin’ on sum american shows they look realy stupid sumtimes)anyhow i gotta go im ognna c ma guinea-pig now and let him run about 4 a while…lol!
    bye girlz

  622. hey peeps.luv u guys 2 sxc,geogina,ronnie4life.wen i first came on dis i didnt expect 2 ,make frendz either.i jus came on 2 express my love bout ronaldo.talkin bout my luv,i jus luv justin timberlakes song ”my luv”esspecialy da corus.4 some reason ppl fink justin timberlake is fit bt i fink he is UGLY.dont u ronnie4life ,georgina?dont u guys fink ronaldo is wayyyyy betta than him.
    georgina u took da words rite out of my mouth bout ”kayzer soze”or wateva.”kayzer soze”u mus b gay if u fink ronaldo is gay.

  623. kayzer soze FUCK OFF u must be gay urself

  624. hi fellow ronaldo aficionados! i juz discovered this page and thot id post a comment 🙂 cristiano, gay? nah, i dont think so! he seems too masculine to be one!…he is definitely HOTNESS personified! it’d be a real shame if he’s gay 🙁

  625. omg, he juz scored a goal against everton! :)bonito!

  626. hayy yue guyss x
    well merche iss horrt and yuee gyss aree just weridoss but i can saii yur right bout christino he is horrt but yurr godda face yur factss his takenn aiite?? so leavee em alone and stop causin shitt to other ppl trying to make em jelous well i have ronaldos autograph im gonnah sell it on ebayy i have 2 thas whyy well i godda b0unce
    Catchh x
    ciiao x

  627. I hate Merche Romero!

  628. i think you should be jealous of this guy, not merche! merche looks kinda old as well…cradle-snatcher…

  629. kayzer soze, i checked dat site out and he looks cute dere! he is in his younger years of united,if ya knwo what i mean, when he first started dere.i like yo coment about merche do!lol, gd 1!and about the everton thingy match i wz listnin’ 2 dat on the radio but i wz in bed when it wz on t.v, i did sneak down 2 catch a glimps of him on telly but i cudn’t he wz n’t b’in’ shown when i went down.creature of habit, u r totaly right in yo msg! i agree!.A.R 4 C.R & RONNIE4LIFE … u guys have 2 chatt n here more oftern coz i’m runnin’ outa things 2 say and ask, i cum on here like every night if i can..sumtimes 2 times or more..lol!i know obsessive behavior..i agree if dats what u r thinki9n’…i am obsessed wit him do so i check what peeps r writin’ about him and other stuff…dere i go again! blabbin’!;lol!what can i do…thats me 4 ya.hahahaha.
    i cant waite till 2moz i have own clothes day and on monday i have an occasional day off then i have 2 mre weeks in skool untill christmas hollz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.cyaz 4 now den…

  630. HI YOU guys im at school rigth now…lol…we are using the computers in our history class and i decided to real quickly come onto this site…i came yday and wrote a whole mail to u guys but nooooooooo my comuter just exited me outta the internet i have no clue why! anywyas so yes i hella agree ” ar4cr” justin timberlake is UGHH UGHH UGHH! and georgina america suxxx becuz life’s so stressed and u dont’ really have time to enjoy ur life like the ppl in europe! so ya…o and my frnd just wanted to add( cuz she’s sitting right next to me) that in ameirca we drive on the left side hahahahahahah…okkkk so i have to go….u guys should get aim! so we can all chat bout footy….haha im picking up the engihs lang!!!!

  631. omg.u guys neva guess wat happened 2 day.ma frend was soooooooooooo close 2 gettin run over by a car nd i saved her.it was hard savin her cuz she didnt no wat was goin on.u guys myt b finkin dis has happened 2 everybody bt da weirdes fing was we were talkin bout cars nd askin each other wood our parents give us a lot of sympathy if we got run over(i no wat ur finkin wat a stupid fing 2 talk bout)nd den everyfing jus happened.u get me.

    nowa day i am gettin way bad teen spots,it wood have been worse if it wasnt 4 da face washes nd other stuff.i use 2 b flawless wen i was 10 nd younger.bt i do have my flawless days now nd again.da udder day i bought concealer it looked ryt on me in da shops bt it looked totally rong at home.my freandz always seem 2 get da perfect concealers doh bt some of dem r girly nd in2 make-up i am more of normal person ,meanin not girly bt not 2 tomboyish either(may b a bit of a tomboy)how r u guys.r u girly,normal or a tomboy?


    p.s yesterday a girl from our skool got run she was on da opposite rd nd had police nd her frends roun her so i didnt c blood or anyfink.

  632. kayzer soze,not every body looks perfect al da tym.some realy realy pritty ppl look bad in pics.bt i fin k ronaldo looks hot no matter wat but dat pic did look a bit different doh.stop tryin 2 prove 2 us dat he is gay cuz he is soooooooo not.bt 1 fing i no 2 sure is ur probably gay.


  633. hey RONNIE4LIFE, and friend… well, in greece they also drive on the left hand side of the road 2…belive me! sumtimes days can b so bussy we dont even have 1 sec 2 relax..and ya i agree wit both of ya..justin.t is megga ugly!i hate him but i luv his song sexy back!..hey i got 2 go on ma skool computer in english, i went online but no1 wz on dis site.type again soon.!.
    bye!..4 now…

  634. KAYZER SOZE OF FUCKING WATEVA GO AND FUCK UR SELF HE IS NOT GAY U DAFT NOB. hey u guys i fink justin timberlake is fuking fit but ronaldo’s special and gorgeous of course and hav u heard his new song MY LOVE he luks bum in dat video man but like i sed ronaldo’s betta

  635. Sh0ut OUt too ma friend REGAT’S BF (future) Cristiano ronaldo
    and Ashleigh potterr BAHAHAHA and jiyann Brettyy ShaNnon just shannon

  636. Ah wow! Well anyways I can’t say anythin’. What a shame, but one thing is for sure…….. SHE’S not pretty. He deserves better. I mean really, but now it’s old. It’s like December…..almost. But whatever. Have fun while it lasts!

  637. haha…juz an observation…you seem so affected sxc!..why don’t u chill or mayb attend an anger management class? (perhaps u mite even meet ronaldo there!…apparently he has issues according 2 one of the writers in this blog…) i juz thot he looked gay in dat pic becoz he had his hand on his teammate’s thigh…i mean, none of my straight guy friends do that to each other…but then again, ronaldo’s probably more of the metrosexual, charismatic type..or mayb he juz loves his teammate, i dunno..hmm, mayb he’s juz using merche! aha! well, whether he’s gay or not, merche doesn’t deserve him! she looks like some low-rated porn star…she probably is!..and i don’t find her pretty! she reminds me of our maid sumtyms…

  638. juz out of curiosity…which celebrity/model/whoever do u guys reckon wud be a better match for cristiano?

  639. listen yeah.kayzer,ur realy gettin on my nerves now.if u wach footy u wood no all da footballers hug wen they scored a goal ect.bt dat dont fuckin mean they gay asswell nd niether is ronaldo.
    sxc can get angry if she want 2.u dont decide how da fck ppl react so dont go tellin ppl dey need anger management cuz u need 2 go 2 a mental hospital cuz there sumfink rong wiv u.gotta go now ppeps my bany sis is cryin.


  640. kayzer soze, soz but r u a posh bitch? coz i mean ya sed u have a maid…do u do anything in yo house 2 clean up? coz if u were a normal person like us u’d realise dat all boys do dat..sum time or another…if u were a posh bitch u wudn’t know dat coz u have probs neva seen a normal guy probs just a posh guy who always wares suits.no affence but dats how i think of ya up2 now…and plus u have no right sayin’ sxc has anger,and needs anger managment classes!udon’t have the right 2 say cris has!y r u on dis site if ya just gonna slag cris off!!!u seem pretty bitchy and posh and rich 2 me!!!dats what pees like u r usualy right..no affence once again but dats how i think of u.soooooooooooo…anyway guys what have u all been up2 dis week?
    im finished 4 the weekend!it wz own clothes day 2day..kinda sad but..lol!i also have monday off so i can write alot den..hahaha.
    cya l8r dedn i gotta go..

  641. kayzer soz if ronaldo touched sum1ns thigh that dnt fucking mean his gay u fucking arse and i dnt need to go anger management, u need to sort ur brain out and as ar4cr sed u shud go to a mental hospital so go and fuck urself u fucking arsehole

  642. hi guys.
    dis weekend im gonna go shoppin wiv my frend nd den jus hang about at her place.
    dis week has been loooooooooooong,i feel sooooooooo lazy.2day i had fittness class in P.E nd i 4got my drink so i was realy tired bt lckly it wz last lesson.
    wat do u guys do at skool(apart from da obviuose)


  643. omggg so this weekend i have a shitload of crap to do! first off today is friday right now and its about 3:30 in the afternnon, i got home like 45 mins ago…but ya tomoroow i have SAT’S finally the last one’s ever! and then my frnd and i need to work on our physics project and then i need to work wiht my other frndz on our history porject on then i need to study for my physics test so ya its basically gonna suck! but its ok cuz in 2 months ( cuz its my last yr of high school) i wnt have to do anything anymore! lol and i can just slack off! YESSSS! so ya basically htat’s waht im doing ok ” kayzersoz” u are the gayest and dumbest and mentalist piece of shit out there and i totally agree with ” georgina” u are sum stuck-up bitch wanna-be wth ” Maid” we got rid of slaves sooo long ago and u have ppl who come to ur house an clean after you?! ok ok im totally kidding…i dnt hate u that muhc kayzersoz i admit its kinda rude that u told my frnd to go to anger managment clases and then dissed cristiano and said that he should be at them too and for god’s sakes he is not gay! but other than that…im totally joking about the maid thing we used to have sum maids too…not really maid maids but kinda like they qwould come once a week and vacuum and clean and stuff so ya….but then we just got rid of them cuz we do our own stuff…so umm ya ” georgina” having maids doesn’t make u really lazy…but i also agree wiht u ” georgina” cuz ” kayzersoz” seems reallyyyyy stuck-up and prolyl thinks crisitano is gay becuz she’s used to seeing the insides of her fancy ass house and men in suits, as u said, so she can’t imagine footy players hugging and saying good job to eachohter…anywho w/e forget her she’s retarded and wasting her time being on here! if she doens’t like crisitano then why the hell is she looking for sites to bash him on…honesly i think ppl who just look for other celberities to bash them are fucking gay….why do u wanna waste time on suone u dont’ like? like ” Biatch” Omggg she is the fucking gayest piece of shit out there and hse is soooooooo fucking stupid!
    the rest of you: lol i love you guys! byeee

  644. hahaha…seeing your comments juz makes my day! it’s so amusing i can tell u guys are in high school…anyway, that anger management stuff, i saw sumwer on ds website too…im surprised u havent seen d article considering you’re all ronaldo fanatics???…i was juz quoting d author hu said ronaldo needs anger mgt..coz in an interview, ronaldo said that he can be destructive when he gets angry…one time,juz for d heck of it, he put a tv on a tree, and hit it with a football

  645. and in case u guys don’t know, ppl in different parts of d world DO have maids…it doesn’t mean that they are just lazy…it’s a culture thing…considering that d world is becoming more multi-cultural, u guys shld be more culture-sensitive

  646. ok, kayzer soze, i never take things personally so i won’t leave any rude comments whatsoever…but mayb it’s better if u leave this website? sensing some tension here…ok, thanks for d info about ronaldo…i looked up d article u wer talkin about and some other stuff and it does seem that he can be immature sometimes..(but then, he’s only 21! i know ppl who’ve done more stupid and immature stuff!)..anyway, i didnt know he had sum anger issues so that SORT OF changed my perspective…but that doesn’t change the fact (and im sure everyone in this site will agree with me)that he is yummy-licious! haha, whatta word…he really is uber good-looking…so, what if he’s gay or if he’s got anger issues? i’m still a fan of his looks and playing style although im hoping he becomes more mature and more of a team player as he gets older…and also, that he picks someone better than merche! okay, i get it when u said she reminds u of your maid…that’s an insult to merche..but seriously,everyone, it’s like he’s going out with his mother or something…gross to infinity..

  647. how old r u ”kayzer soze”nd r u a female or male cuz its realy hard 2 tell wiv u bt wiv udder ppl i no dat strate away.nd seriousely r u gay or strate.

    ”creature of habit”i get wat ur sayin bout ronaldo nd lyk u sed he is only 21 so ”kayzer soze” lay off.lets jus 4get bout merche cuz every1 makes mistake bt we all kinda learn from nd plus dat crap is old news.

    wow ”ronnie4life”u gotta a lot stuff 2 do.good lck in ur SATs

    in bangladesh my cuzun have maids cuz dey got a massive house bt they r not posh or anyfing every1 in bangladesh dat have a reasonable amount of money has maids.
    bt in england me nd my family r maomal.u get me.


  648. hey, ‘’kayzer soze’’, i wzn’t tryin’ 2 b mean or anything sayin about the maids thingy,coz in greece and cyprus they also have maids and stuff, ya just kinda sounded a bit stuck up and posh..u know..in greece and cyprus ma aunty helps the maid/cleaner with the work even if its only hooverin’,and i did read the thingy about cristianos’ anger,but hey!he is still quite young as u sed creature of habit,and RONNIE4LIFE,GOSH U CAN WRITE LOADS SUMTIMES! lol! i agree totaly wit the end of what u wrote, ya knwo dissin’ ”biatch”,oh!!I JUST FOUND OUT THERE IS A MANU MATCH ON!I PRATCTICALY MISSED LOADS 2!!i betta c if ronaldo is playin’.
    cya 4 now den.xxxxx

  649. oh nooooooooooooooooooo i didnt no dere wz a Man U on.bt i probably missed it now.i will deffinatly wach macth of da day,u no.


  650. hey the match wz manchester united and middelsbrough, they scored 1 and man u scored 2, cristiano played better than eva!he didn’t score himself but…saha and fletcher did though!cristiano got booed lots again but he made them pay in the end..the more they booed the more he tried and tried he had a few shots! i wz surprised coz he set fletcher up and i think he set saha up 2!!!.it surprised me coz sum games no affence 2 him but he plays stupidly,ya know every playa has off days..but this time he played the best!!!!i am sooooooooooooooooo in luv!every time i saw him it wz as though i wz havin’ a heart attack!lol!ma heart rate increased loads,and i wz like omg!.
    anyway im gonna go now im gonna check sum telly out.

  651. hey ppl.
    yea i no bout da mach cuz i wached mach of da day nd he did play realy good .2 tyms he wz close 2 scorin him self nd he had good team work.b4 da world cup ronaldo always use set ppl and himself up bt afta da world cup he wz a bit selfish bt i still luv.every tym ronaldo got da ball i wz practically talkin 2 him,i wz tellin him not 2 trip ova,mumwz lyk wat r u doin(2 me).he luked sooooooooooooooooo fit as always.oh yea he naerly scored 3 tyms cuz he had 1 free kick.


  652. hey,A.R 4 C.R.i wz doin’ the same!i wz like don’t fall!don’t lose the ball,you can do it..e.t.c..lol!he wz amazing!i luved the way he looked as always!he wz soooooooooooooo wow that i had no idea what 2 do when he wz shown on the t.v. screen,i swear!ma heart jumped soooooooooo many times.but its kinda difficult when im watchin’ wit ma brother and ma dad,i think ma dad knows i fancy him coz evrytime there is a match on he neva fails 2 say about ronaldo and i try to cover the fact that i do luv him 2 bitz but i dunno how,its like realy annoyin’ coz its like,when eva ma dad is in the oom ronaldo is constantly mentioned or on the screen of da t.v. and when he aint dere and its just me and ma brother he isn’t mentioned as much but is still mentioned sumtimes.i dunno but it must just b ma bad luck of tryin’ 2 hide things from ma dad or ma brother.its hard 2 not show i luv him loads but i have 2 try.its totaly embaressin’.
    anyway i’ll chat again l8r

  653. hey girls..i’m from portugal and here the news about ronaldo new’s girl are in every where he is dating his ex girlfriend karina not merche!i hope thet he broke up again cause he is sooooooooooo hot.kisses*

  654. cristianoronaldoluvva

    look girls
    if you guyz love cristiano you should be happy for him that he has finially meet someone that makes him happy. if he does get a divorce, you guyz can’t make him yourz coz his got a life
    (a rich life) and their’s gonna be other girls. i luv critsinao to death, i would do anything for him but in the meanwhile all i can do is love him. we all love him in a special way but his a man (a fine man) and his gotta live his life to the fullest


  655. cristianoronaldoluvva

    by the way
    NUMBER 17 AND 7.

  656. cristianoronaldoluvva, i get what u r sayin’ its just us girls we dont think about them things, we r all about just dreamin’ that he wz ours.i hope he isnt actualy goin’ out with his ex girlfriend karina coz well it makes u wonder y they broke up in the 1st place.what does she look like anyway? is she a model?OH!I WISH HE WOULDN’T ALWAYS GO 4 MODELS!!hey,mariana where abouts d u live in portugal?how old r u?i live in manchester,england and im 13 years old.can ya tell us about anything else about cristiano?there aint much news cummi’n out ova here.
    cay l8r girls1
    i gotta do homework.

  657. hey mariana.i u sound nice.tell us bout ur self how old r u ect.i am goona b 14 on da 14th of december(dis mounth)nd i live in birmingham by aston villa stadium.

    omg.guess wat u guys my teacher(i get a long realy well wiv) dis teacher is goin wiv her frend to da old old trafford stadium 2 meet a indian actor who’s gonna b dere nd she is gonna bring bck autograph from dis actor 4 1 of ma frend who lyks him ,i dont lyk him (i heard of him bt i dont no who he is)bt i am still gettin his autograph.
    da biggest news is if she c’s ronaldo she is gonna get a autograph from him 4 me.yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
    bt she says he is ugly bt obviously i luv him 2 death.

    anyways bout dis karina girl i am gonna google her and c if it worhs .

    c ya


  658. cant find anyfink on Karina .i tryed nearly everyfing i typed karina nd ronaldo nd stuff. i totaly 100% agree wiv u geogina i hope she is not a model cuz i wanna c if he goes out wiv normal ppl if u no wat i mean nd i wanna c if she goes out wiv ppl dat r not portugese,brazilian or spanish.


  659. dont have any coment… cris had marying me…!!! y he never told me yet??? BUt, y’all know… cris’s not really dating with merche…merche is my friend either..so, it cant be possible…

    otherwise, cris love me… not her…
    so, this issue isnt very important…
    and for other fan… u must be worried bout jessica miller…

    please, help me…. im so scared if he (cris) dishonest to me.. hu hu hu….

  660. hey,A.R 4 C.R,marina,sxc and RONNIE4LIFE….i tot agree wit ya A.R 4 C.R,i like u marina u do sound like totaly nice! cum on dis site again soon plz!..and sxc and RONNIE4LIFE,u guys need 2 cum on a bit more 2! i need 2 chatt a bit more on dis site coz im like mad ova him (cris)and ya i need 2 find out loads more stuff about him.
    anyway..cyaz 4 now..cya girlzxxxxx

  661. Portuguese_Goddess

    ok.. i’m soooo confused. i’ve been reading things about cristiano being with merche and breaking up with her. And i dont know about u guys.. buh i read this article that showed both of them wearing the smae rings on therr fingers. Buh cristiano has had that ring for a long time and aparently he has said that it’s very sentimentle(or however u spell it) to him and it’s too small to wear it anywhere else. and yes!!! i agree! she’s tooooooo old for him.

  662. Portuguese_Goddess

    heyyy again.. my friend just told me about some news. Cristiano is single again. http://mercheismyhomegirl.blogspot.com/2006_09_01_mercheismyhomegirl_archive.html

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ check it out!

  663. these 2 split up ages ago, i got a real pic off the net of merche naked with legs spread how do i post it here so you will all stfu about this thing

  664. Portuguese_Goddess

    lol okkk

  665. hey guys…A.R 4 C.R and RONNIE4LIFE plz cum back on soon coz i don’t wanna b wiv no friends on dis site again.plus i won’t have yz 2 talk 2..uz r ma 1st buddies that aren’t from greece or cyprus even manchester..lol.it pretty koolio..in a way.
    guys i got sum gd news…well 1 of ma friends has a friend who knows were cris lives…ma friend sed she’d ask her and tell me..i’d probs not b able 2 get dere (im not a stalker by the way even though it sounds like it up2 now..i’d only go dere 1nce.uz have ma word)i’d probs just send a letter or summit 2 find out..anyway i gotta go homework calls!

  666. Portuguese_Goddess

    heyy georgina. that’s pretty cool you knowing that. Your so lucky!!!

  667. hello ko ko,
    please think seriously. it is very important 4 u. u should think 4 ur whole life. i don’t want to tell u that she is good or pretty or sth . but i want to tell u that she is the one who u really need 4 ur life . i feel now upset and dissapointed 4 u. BYE BYE! i wish u can see the truth.

  668. hey.
    ”May Chan” wat da fck u chattin bout.do u no u dont make sense.

    hey geogina uhhhhhhhhhhh dats so sweet ,i am deaply nd truely touched.lol.have u noticed dat dere r a lot of new ppl comin on did syt.
    if u do send ronaldo a later plz try 2 mention some of us in it(i no dats a bit rude of me 2 ask,dats ur choice if u dont wanna mention some of us)

    i had a pretty hectic week i had some test which was sooooooooooooo hard nd i had a cold bt i still went out wiv my frendz nd my cold got worse.(bt i had a fum day out)now i got a killa headace nd da computer screen make it worse so i am gonna go off in a sec.bt i still have 2 dowmload dis sick song by Venessa Hudghens(i fink dats her name, she’s a new singer u c)i guess u can say new she dat girl ,u no from high skool musical.she looks soooooooooooooooooooo prety in da song video.

    gotta go nd download da song now cya.

    p.s plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ronnie4life nd sxc com bck on.


  669. o cris I love zou and manchester get win in derbie MANCHESTER UNITED: MANCHESTER CITY 4:0

  670. I love cr7 a was gona suck his dick before we broke up

  671. Wow this site is crazy i never seen so many sad girls in all my life haha these girls have no life they worship some idiot footballer because of hes money and looks well if thats wat u call hot coz hes eww see the veins discusting AHAHAHAHAH fantasing over ronaldo omg GET CRIP u sad girls sinse when are women acting like obscst losers anyway have a nice life chaging some idiot

  672. hey A.R 4 C.R, i hope u get betta soon!and ya know its not rude of u at all 2 ask if uz cud b included in da letter i might send.the thing is well….what is yo real name coz it’ll b kinda wierd sayin’ yo site name in da letter,and ronnie4life nd sxc ummm…i’ll mention u 2 aswell if ya wanna…its just the name thingy thats the prob…anyway..c yall l8r..
    p.s.it is realy wierd that new peeps r cummin’ on dis site..sum wierder dan others..lol!
    bye..chatt again soon..cum online more oftern guys..plz!!!

  673. hey my real name is Anika by da way.hey it feels wierd 2 say my name(apart from my screen name) on dis syt.i am feelin alot betta now.

    nd ”ha ha losers”u can shuve ur comment up hairy ass cuz frankly we dnt care bout ur stupid comment anyways.nd havin a crush on some1(we lyk 2 call it luv)is life.girl which planet do u come from u skanky bitch.if u call cristiano ronaldo ugly den i wonder wat da fck u call ur self.words probably cant describe how ugly u r.


    p.s stil call me A.R 4 C.R cuz i am use 2 hearin it from u guys.

  674. hey i like yo name A.R 4 C.R its tot pretty!i luv it! i haven’t found out where cris lives yet but its only coz dat girl hasn’t been in skool 4 da past few days.when ma friend cums on 2night i’ll ask her if she has talked 2 her yet at all…if not i’ll get on it and soon!in sum way or another.
    enyway plz cum on sxc and RONNIE4LIFE i miss u guys and A.R 4 C.R plz cum on again soon.
    bye 4 now!luv yaz!xxxx

  675. Obviously she has what it takes to be a model, otherwise she wouldn’t be one!!!..lol I’m a massive C Ronaldo fan, dam he is so hot!!! Who isn’t? lol… As long as hes happy and playing awesome football who gives a shit who hes sleeping with??

  676. that ugly girl is not rite for him, i am! she is so old and ugly but i am beautiful!

  677. They are broke up!!!

  678. I know that they are break up!
    Now i gona be with him…
    And when it’s hepend don’t say for me thet i am a bitch or something like that! Sorry girls… 🙂

  679. u guys man,shut da fck up bout merche,dats long gone.sm of u guys seriously need 2 get upd8ed.
    anyways,yesterday was my B’day nd i am 14 yrs old now.i h8 growin i wanna stay young 4eva.i gt loads of presents bt i had a small party wiv frends at skool(i dont mind big party bt i aint bovvered).
    tanx georgina (4 sayin my name nice)i will try 2 come bt u ttry asswell bt i dnt fink its gonna b fun wivout ronnie4life nd sxc bt cant let da weird new ppl take ova.


  680. i know A.R 4 C.R, tell me about wierd!i neva known any1 2 b dis wierd!i mean cum on!at least we r realistic about the fact dat we probs will neva know him,date him..e.t.c. but sum peeps on here are seriously stupid (no affence)anyhow ya i realy like yo name..and i do realy hope we can talk more on dis site.
    luv yaz girls (scx,A.R 4 C.R&RONNIE4LIFE )i gotta go now do talk again soon!.byexxxxxxxxxx

  681. OH MY GOD!!!
    Well,thank god i still looking 4 d real story from here…
    I still can continue my dream then! Be d best in d world just like CR dream to be d best player in d World!!!

  682. c.ronaldo_all_da_way

    kayzer soze write on December 1st, 2006
    haha…juz an observation…you seem so affected sxc!..why don’t u chill or mayb attend an anger management class? (perhaps u mite even meet ronaldo there!…apparently he has issues according 2 one of the writers in this blog…) i juz thot he looked gay in dat pic becoz he had his hand on his teammate’s thigh…i mean, none of my straight guy friends do that to each other…but then again, ronaldo’s probably more of the metrosexual, charismatic type..or mayb he juz loves his teammate, i dunno..hmm, mayb he’s juz using merche! aha! well, whether he’s gay or not, merche doesn’t deserve him! she looks like some low-rated porn star…she probably is!..and i don’t find her pretty! she reminds me of our maid sumtyms…


  683. hey guys! A.R 4 C.R,RONNIE4LIFE, man united r playin’ 2day at about 4 something so i’d watch it if ya can coz i think cristiano is playin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yayayayyaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    chat again l8r!!!!!!!!!
    bye guys!

  684. FUCK that Merche girl and no effense all of you because hes alredy going outwith me

  685. c.ronaldo is very very handsome and is my perfect man. I love you….

  686. cristiano ronaldo t k m eres toda mi vida no te mereses a merche romero es mas grande que tu por mucho buscate otra mejor jeje… eres el mejhor jajaja agregenme mi msn es laura_bella_12@hotmail.com

  687. arriba portugal
    arriba mexico
    arriba inglaterraaa
    los amo a todos

  688. she is preti n if she likes him fare enough but hes gorgeous n can hav eny1 e wants but wots all this about him gettin maried? es only 21 es far 2 young but es stil drop ded gorgeous!!! xxx

  689. soz about dis amy, but we keep sayin’ dis ova and ova in previous convos, they aren’t goin’ out any more they broke up last winter!im sure if he wz gettin’ married all the sites that say he is singal wud have changed.
    (if i sound realy mean up dere i didn’t meen it 2 b just tellin’ ya dey broke up ages ago)
    cyaz soon!xxxxxxxxx

  690. Cristiano Ronaldo is soooooooooooooo fit he deserves better than her x

  691. hey A.R 4 C.R & RONNIE4LIFE did uz watch the match last night it wz man united and aston villa…take a guess what the score wz and who scored um……….3-0 TO US!!!!.RONALDO SCORED 2 AND 1 WZ SCORED BY SCHOLES FROM HALF WAY DOWN THE PITCH!!!.
    the realy koolio thing wz wen i sed 2 ma bro that thats the best crimbo prezzy (us winnin’ da match) den da interviews came and ronaldo sed the exact same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
    plus i read on dis site dat he sed that
    ‘i’m very stubborn and i worry too much about things that aren’t important’ (AWWWWW!!!!)
    that is like me i am very stubburn and i always worry about silly things! plus he also sed…
    MAIN STRENGH: ‘i’m very happy person’
    omg!same !!!!!!!!!wooohoooooooooooo….and dis is also da same 4 me…
    CHARM: crucifix
    HATES: Disloyalty

    well..i guess every christian z’ gd luck chsrm is a crucifix..but!…
    thats ma purfect match well..1 of dem anyway..im da chicken and purfect match is da ox and snake.
    DAY OF BIRTH: Monday
    mine is tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  692. well….i really admire him…after i know bout this gurl then i just thoughtmybe they was born to be together at this moment….i hope they live happily….hope to see them…
    well….that’s their life…wish u guys all the best….luv ya….huhuhuhu…

  693. luv cristiano…live happily…

  694. hi georgina! i juz read ur comment and you seem very compatible with cristiano..if i knew more about him and found out that i had stuff in common with him, id be giddy as well! lolz…
    hmm, i wonder if he is a devout christian?…’coz i think portuguese are quite religious, but i guez it depends on d person as well…
    anywayz…im so hapi man utd won! i actually bought a shirt at adidas today with ronaldo’s face on it…i luv it! coz most of the time they don’t sell shirts like that for girls..they usually sell HUGE shirts..but anyway i was happy coz the largest kids size fits me haha…
    btw, has any of u on this site realised that cristiano sort of resembles that dark-haired guy from the american series “one tree hill”? that guy is soooo hot, like cristiano of course :)yous better check him out 🙂

  695. lol ya totaly! you cant possably imagine!creature of habit!lol!.i neva realy seen ”one tree hill” probs coz i dont live in ameria lol! congrats on getttin’ dat top wit his face on it!(damn i need 1)hahhahaah. anyway i gotta go coz im a bit bussy.
    cyaz l8r sumtime.

  696. hey u guys omg hav u heard cristiano is goin out wiv sum gal called dianna chaves shes ugly man urr merche is prettier than her

  697. ok soooooooooRYYY i been sooo busy lately! omgggg wow hella crazyy ” creatureofhabit” i have the guy from one tree hill as my desktop cuz i cahnged it ffrom cristiano cuz my whole famiyl was getting sick of seein gcristiano on my comp lolll…but ya his name is ” james laffertey” he is HELAAAAAAAAAAAA HOT! FREAKING FINEEE ASSSSS! and one tree hill is my favortire showww!

  698. wow!! i like it!

  699. hmm….I do not understand why cristiano had such ugly girlfriends! He is the most beautiful boy of the world for me, and he desserve best! however i hope, that one day i will meet him and i will marry with him.i’m 6 years younger than cristiano and it is no problem!so, rony!!!!! wait for me!!!
    Ps: i’m very pretty and modest!

  700. <