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England prepare for World Cup draw

England prepare for World Cup draw

England, and manager Roy Hodgson, are preparing for today’s 2014 World Cup draw in Brazil.

England are not seeded for the draw, which begins at 16:00, and therefore could be drawn against the likes of hosts Brazil or Spain, although Hodgson says he has no fears ahead of the draw.

draw“I will respect and have enormous admiration for everyone,” he said. “But the word fear is the wrong one.”

“My message to the players and the nation is we’re not coming here to fear anyone, we’re coming here to respect. We know whoever we play we’re capable of winning or losing the match,” he said.

“We’ve played Brazil away, we’ve played Italy away, we know they are tough games but we know we can go out and do well in them just as we can lose them as well.”

“If we face another European team it will be the same for them as us. We might think it’ll be tough but they will be thinking ‘damn it, we have a tough one too.’

“It’s six and two threes. We have to accept there is an element of fate in all draws and we have to be happy and embrace it.”

England currently sit in Pot Four along with all the other unseeded European nations but could me moved to Pot Two at the start of the draw as it only has seven teams in.

This would mean England would avoid the European teams in Pot One, but could then face Brazil or Argentina.

However if they remain in Pot Four, they could still draw the non European teams, but could also get Spain or Germany or in a more optimistic world, Switzerland.

Dream Group? Switzerland, Algeria, Honduras, England.

Group of death? Brazil, England, Mexico, Netherlands.

Can England win it?

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