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Fifa must take action against diving in football

After the Holland V Mexico game on Sunday Arjen Robben admitted to diving during the match. Yet Fifa said that they would not take retrospective action against Robben. They say they do not tolerate simulation during matches, yet they let Robben get away with it, it’s ludicrous. Players will continue to dive and cheat because they know more likely then not they will get away with and it is worth the risk of punishment.

This will continue to tarnish the game unless Fifa put their foot down and do something about it. There is a simple answer to how diving can be clamped out of football. Once each game is over, Fifa should look at the match to see if any players try to deceive the referee and dive. If so then they should be punished with at least a three-match ban. This would deter players from cheating and it wouldn’t be the talking point in most football matches. Over time this would stamp diving out of football, which would only improve the game we all love to watch.

Another issue we need to address is our attitude. There have been several occasions where defenders stick out a leg and foul the player but because the player doesn’t go down it is not a penalty. Many pundits say that the player should have gone down and it was a poor decision to stay on their feet. Surely this can’t be right? Players should be encouraged to stay on their feet, not to go down. This leaves players confused with everyone saying how bad diving is and they shouldn’t do it but then pundits and fans saying that they should go down if fouled, we don’t help the situation.

We need to change our attitude; players should be applauded for staying on their feet and not ridiculed. The referees need to start giving fouls even if the player doesn’t go down, then this would solve the problem. Diving will continue to ruin the sport if Fifa do not address the situation. Action needs to be made before we can start to see a positive change in football.

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