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First post – Start with the fun stuff: losing and embarrassment. (and a bit about me)

W/D/L – a key part of the DNA of football. For my first post I’m going to focus on that “L”.

I have been playing football for as long as I can walk and losing was something I came across early in life in primary school. Back then I hated losing, with losses in the key games between half of year 1 and the other half of year 1 usually ending in a tantrum. Fortunately, I left it all behind when I joined a Sunday league team named Birstall CCFC at 10 years old. Very fortunate indeed, as Birstall CCFC (I don’t know what the CC stands for) were not the best team, evidenced every Sunday with record losses of 19-0, 19-1 and 18-0 as notable examples. At that age, I was too young to understand embarrassment but the embarrassment seemed to find me much more often as I grew older. At least I didn’t get dragged off the pitch by my Mum despite her threatening to do so several times. I couldn’t tackle to save my life.

The point of this anecdote? To set the scene for a decade of hilarious footballing misfortune that I have endured which will fuel my posts to this website. Also, to ask what is the point of losing? My answer: because losing is fun! 90 minutes + added time of agonising, soul-destroying and humiliating fun. From primary school to university I have lost and lost and lost and as a result success becomes all the more enjoyable. A great mindset to have when you support Sunderland – the League Cup has been brilliant. Losing teaches you a lot about yourself, particularly how much you can celebrate when the success comes and also how to take the positives when there seem to be none.

Besides, winning every game would just be boring. Right?

Serious psychology stuff over. If you have any losing-related anecdotes you want to share then please do!

About George Hills

I am a faithful Sunderland AFC supporter and History student currently studying at the University of Derby. Great striker, terrible tackler and talented Xbox 360 player. Other interests include Portsmouth FC, Leicester City FC, Archery, Golf, any historical event after the 16th century and Imperial Leather soap products. Firm believer in the heart of the cards. Consectatio Excellentiae.

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