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Could Football Really Come Home?
Could this finally be England's year? Picture source: Birmingham Mail

Could Football Really Come Home?

With less than a month to go before the FIFA World Cup gets underway in Brazil, build up is well underway for the squads involved and their adoring fans back home.

The same thing happens each time the competition rolls around: everyone thinks about buying a shirt, flags begin popping up on every corner, extensive newspaper coverage is given to the competition.

However, there is one thing missing that is usually present in abundance.

There is not a stifling sense of optimism surround the England team.

For the first time in living memory, it seems England fans are heading into the World Cup with rather low expectations, but are they letting almost 50 years of hurt cloud their judgement?

England fans are usually full of anticipation ahead of a World Cup. Picture courtesy of BBC News

England fans are usually full of anticipation ahead of a World Cup. Picture courtesy of BBC News

There is no doubt that England do face a tough task to get through their group, with opposition coming from Italy, Uruguay and the potential banana skin Costa Rica.

With such a young and relatively inexperienced squad heading to Rio, fans could well be forgiven for having their hopes dashed further.

However, England’s squad is bursting with potential to be one of the most dynamic attacking sides in the tournament, with the likes of Raheem Sterling, Adam Lallana and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to name but a few of the talents that could light up the tournament.

But many will also point out the fact that these players, as well as others, have little experience at the top level of international football.

If Roy Hodgson’s gamble to take so many youngsters back-fires, he will have no choice but to hold his hands up and admit he was wrong.

However, should England qualify from the group stages, the squad will be filled with confidence and an electrical energy that will surge through the players and spur them on to greater things.

It is very possible that this could happen and really give the fans back home something to get excited about, then maybe that typically English belief that we can go all the way will return.

I am not saying that England could go on and win the whole tournament, but you cannot write it off in the circumstances, especially if this youthful squad gets a few good wins under its belt.

Could football really be coming home after 48 long years away?

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