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The future can still be rosy but without Roy

A few months ago I suggested that Roy Hodgson should resign on the grounds of his age and the fact that he can’t communicate properly with players a third his age.

My views haven’t changed.

I also suggested that Gary Neville should take over, assisted by brother Phil,  so the age gap would be closer. That view hasn’t changed either.

Nothing personal of course, Roy but when you said we played very well against Italy you missed out a vital word….enough. We didn’t play well enough. That’s why we lost.

And here’s another question. How come our best player was asked to play out on the left wing? What sort of tactics are those?

I think we should hold an enquiry into our dire World Cup. Neil Warnock said last week he didn’t believe we would win any matches over there. He may well be proved right.

As I said before, I am a Blackpool fan not a Man Utd fan. But I am also an England fan yet the four flags flying proudly on my car have lost some of their meaning.

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