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Mourinho secret interview

Jose Mourinho secret interview about Eto

If you follow the football coverage on the excellent BBC website you’d have noticed their “story about a non-story” regarding Jose Mourinho, and his off-the-record (whilst-being-secretly-filmed) interview with a member of the French press from Canal Plus.

In said interview, Mourinho complained that he “has no striker at Chelsea”, ahead of their Champions League encounter with Galatasaray. He went on to joke that he only has Samuel Eto, a “32 year old or maybe a 35 year old, I don’t know.”

Mourinho revealed in a press-conference today that he wasn’t happy his private conversation became public, and that the journalist in question should be ashamed of himself. You can view the video of the secret interview with Mourinho and Eto below – but be quick, it’s likely to disappear soon.

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