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Live 2014 World Cup Draw

Live 2014 World Cup Draw

The Final Draw for Brazil 2014 is set to get underway in mere minutes in Rio, please join Footyblog for the live feed


  • That does it for the draw! Thanks to all who followed along here on Footyblog, complete Groups are shown above. England into D along with Uruguay, Italy, and Costa Rica. Assuming CR don’t pull a shock, either Uruguay, Italy, or England will miss out on the next stage. Meanwhile, the USA is all but screwed in Group G, while Argentina have a cakewalk in F, and Spain and the Netherlands will playa rematch of the 2010 final in B. Hope your nation did well in the draw, I apologize to those from Australia ! Good night, and we will see you tomorrow for BPL action..


  • Candidates for the Group of Death appear to be D and G, with Costa Rica and the USA clear underdogs in them


  • USA given worst travel schedule as result of draw, will have to travel nearly 9,000 miles in total


  • Some tantalizing Group matches on the card are Spain vs. Netherlands, Italy vs. England, Germany vs. Portugal, and possibly Spain vs. Chile


  • Would appear that Brazil, France, Argentina, and Belgium should already be penciled in for the knockout round


  • That does it for the draw! Horror show for Australia, USA. Costa Rica, and Algeria


  • Follow along above as draw continues thick and fast!


  •  1 country from Pot 4 will be drawn and entered into Pot 2 to even out numbers


  • Remember, the principle of Geography must be maintained during draw…


  • Draw delayed slightly due to rather long and complicated explanation of Pot system



  • There are OVER 700 possibilities for each team in the draw, and the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch in Rio now as Pele addresses the crowd mere moments before the draw is set to begin. Good Luck to everyone and may the balls bounce in your favor today. Group A will be announced first……
World Cup 2014 Draw Qualifying Pots
Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
Brazil (Hosts) Japan Ivory Coast Netherlands
Spain Iran Ghana Italy
Germany Korea Republic Algeria England
Argentina Australia Nigeria Portugal
Colombia United States Cameroon Greece
Belgium Mexico Chile Bosnia-Herzegovina
Uruguay Costa Rica Ecuador Croatia
Switzerland Honduras France* Russia

*Lowest-ranked UEFA qualifier

  • Here are the Pots for today’s draw…


  • 1 team from each Pot makes up a Group (Ex: 1 from Pot 1, 1 from Pot 2, 1 from Pot 3, and 1 from Pot 4)
  • You CAN NOT have multiple teams from the same Pot in a Group


  • There are 32 countries involved in today’s draw, the teams divided evenly into 4 pots (8 countries per pot)


  • Before the events begin in Rio, lets recap the format of the draw…
  • Hello All! Welcome to Footyblog’s live coverage of the 2014 World Cup Group Draw from Rio. The draw is set to begin in approximently 15 minutes or so with all 32 countries involved soon to know their fate…

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