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Was Mackay Too Ambitious For Tan?
Mackay and Tan during happier times, before it started to all go wrong. Photo:

Was Mackay Too Ambitious For Tan?

So it’s finally over and the outcome was inevitable. Yesterday the Cardiff City owner, Vincent Tan finally followed up his earlier threat to sack manager Malky Mackay after the relationship between the pair had become irreparable.

Having guided the Bluebirds into the Premier League for the first time, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Scotsman’s job was pretty secure. You’d be wrong. During the last couple of weeks, Tan had reportedly sent an e-mail to Mackay telling him to resign or be sacked after the latter had announced his intention to sign three new players in the January transfer window.

Not only was this unfair on Mackay who had done nothing to merit the sack but what I find makes this scenario even more bizarre is that a foreign owner of a Premier League club, in this instance, has seemingly fallen out with a manager who had more ambition than him. Normally, it’s the exact opposite which causes the downfall of managers. Usually, the foreign owners look to re-shape the club they take over from top to bottom in an attempt to find instant success. Inevitably, more often than not, this results in a managerial change. Especially if the manager doesn’t see eye to eye with the owner’s new (and more ambitious) vision for the club. Incredibly though, it appears as if Tan wasn’t on the same page as Mackay.

Tan argued that Mackay had overspent in the summer, having brought in the likes of Gary Medel and Steven Caulker. Obviously, splashing the cash having just been promoted is a bit of a gamble but it was justified as Cardiff made a solid start to Premier League life. The aforementioned new signings have undoubtedly played a part in this and none of them have proven to be a complete waste of money. Therefore, whilst Mackay may have spent more on these players than Tan would’ve hoped, he shouldn’t be criticised if these players were worth their transfer fees. Given all the money Premier League clubs receive every season, these new signings are already well on their way to repaying Cardiff. As a result, who is to say that the three new players who Mackay wanted wouldn’t have proven the worth as well?

Despite the fact that Mackay now ultimately finds himself out of work, he can emerge from this with his head held high. He worked wonders at Cardiff to get them promoted and got them into a position where they could be optimistic about their chances of survival.

Mackay has proven himself as a capable manager at the highest level and, at the time of writing, has emerged as the new favourite for the West Brom job. Whether he gets it or not, Mackay should have no problem finding a new club. As for Cardiff, their future looks far less certain. Obviously, Tan has to get this next appointment right. Otherwise, Cardiff could suddenly be staring the Championship in the face once again.

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