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Manchester City- Best in the World?

After Manchester City’s recent 5-1 defeat of Tottenham at White Hart Lane, Tottenham’s manager  Tim Sherwood proclaimed City to be, “the best team on the planet” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25954810). The question is though, are they actually the best team in the world? Whilst they have scored over one hundred goals this season in all competitions, for me, they haven’t been totally convincing. Take for example, last nights game against Spurs. Four minutes into second half they were given a penalty when Danny Rose brought down Edin Dzeko in the area and was subsequently sent off (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmvECvrUoBg). This came at a crucial part of the game, as City were only 1-0 up, and for me, Rose got a toe on the ball, meaning no penalty and no sending off. This is open to interpretation, as the rules in current football are very vague, however there is no denying that this ultimately influenced the outcome. I could go on and show further examples of this, and in particular the fact that in a lot of games City have had luck totally on their side. I won’t do that though, because I would be here all day.

The real test for City will be the Champions League, in which they face Barcelona. The way City play, I think that Barcelona will tear them to shreds. City are not the best team defensively, and added to the fact that they probably won’t have a large percentage of the ball, means that Barca will just pick holes and passes in between the lines which City will not be able to cope with. Who knows, if they do manage to pull off a minor miracle and beat Barca, my opinion may be swayed, but for me, they are not currently the best team in the world.

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