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Marco Materazzi Video

Think Zidane’s action was shameful?

Yes it was..but take a look with the kinda guy that provoked him – Marco Materazzi.

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  1. Zidane’s action cannot be blamed on the “kinda guy” he plays against. A criminal act of deliberate violence such as the one the world witnessed on the world cup final cannot, in any way, be justified by what has been said by Materazzi. Zidane did not only represent his person but also an entire nation, not to mention his own team, which mirrored themselves in a player that is used show excellence; It was their captain’s duty to have, above all else, control of his team, as was showed by Cannavaro, and to try and avoid this kind of action of a more than destructive nature. Such an act of vandalism is an abrupt move against all that this world cup stood for. It is more than a shame that Zidane, a player who is of great influence to future generations, should come to such drastic measures, it is a crime.

  2. Ce genre de geste n’a pas lieu d’être au football, mais ce Materazzi n’est rien qu’un immonde sauvage, raciste en plus, qui ne merite pas de jouer au football. Je ne comprend pas d’ailleurs pourquoi on ne lui a pas cassé sa geule de con plus tôt !!!

  3. marco materazzi (he doesn’t deserve caps) instigated the attack… this guy is completely without class. It would seem that Italy had to play dirty to win against Zidane.

  4. This video shows a bunch of clips (many of which are replays of the same “incident” over and over and over) and I see VERY few that are malicious…if any of them even are. In fact, he falls in most of them, not the guy he is supposedly trying to hurt. Additionally, pay close attention — whenever he tripped/kicked anyone in these videos, he was clearly going for the ball.
    The first French goal was a joke! No penalty should have been called on that. The second goal that was never a goal for Italy b/c it was “offsides” was NOT offsides. And then the ref “didn’t see” the headbutt? GIMME A FREAKIN’ BREAK!

    Glad Italy won.

  5. Verbal insults shall not be mobilized in sports as a tool to win a game.

    Italians players were reported to have planned insulting Zidane calling bad names including racial comments as a way to get him out of the field and they succeeded to provoke him finally after costant verbal abusement.

    The Fifa should take action on psycological abusement like this. If not the only lesson for the future world cup matches is go ahead, insult other players, just provoke them into a red card.

  6. Wasn’t that something like 100 minutes worth of insults? One would hope that Fifa does something about this.

    As far as writing off the Materazzi “accidents”… These are professional soccer players, right? They make their living running around and kicking things, right?

    What do you think of a boxer that “accidentally” swings and hits someone?

    When was the last time a golfer “accidentally” smacked someone with their golf club?

    When was the last time a hockey player “accidentally” checked someone with their stick or hit them with their skate?

    Baseball players “accidentally” hitting people with their bats?

    I understand that contact is inevitable when you’re playing at world class, highly competetive levels, but I don’t see how someone who makes a living with his legs can have these kinds of “accidents”. Especially when half the incidents highlighted in the clip are well AFTER the ball has already left the scene. If he was going after the ball, he wouldn’t have been hovering around a player sitting or laying on the ground, unless I missed something obvious, like maybe the guy was laying on the ball, although I’m pretty sure the ball’s gone. Yep, in that case, Materazzi was just playing the ball.

  7. Well, regardless of what controversial insult was said to Zidane, his response seems to be an over-reaction to all. These players, like in any professional game, are, or atleast should be used to the psychological games they themselves play on their opponents. Both players in this case have documented fiery tempers and in the heat of battle, because let’s be honest-a world cup is nothing less, use everything within their means to get a win. I don’t think Materazzi made a terrorist comment, but like all of us, it is just speculation what he really said. Regardless of what his comment was though, Zidane should have known better than to react this way infront of millions, knowing full well-with his experience he should have known- that his actions could cost his team his expulsion. It was his choice to head-butt Materazzi, nobody made him do it. To blame Materazzi is to condone the notion that Zidane doesn’t need to be responsible for his own actions, or is exempt from having to have self-control just because something was said to him. If that is the case, this would be a rampant society indeed, for then anybody that has ever been insulted would have the right to retaliate with a physical assault.

  8. Trully hope Materazzi’s football career is to be terminated.

  9. For Sure Zindine career gets its final stop.

    Lets look how many sponsor are from now on looking for him ????

    Very bad move, and also it was not the first time, he did the same in late ’90 with Juventus against Hamburg, same reaction….. World Cup 98 against Saudi Arabia …. the same

    Let look the complete scenario, for Sure Materazzi it’s not a Saint but Zinedine also …

  10. All Italians were scared when Nesta, one of the most talented defenders of the world together with Cannavaro, had to be replaced by Materazzi, a passionate and efficient defender and good to score goals on corner, but quite violent, as the video shows (and he has always been punished for that, together with his teams, for that, even at the final).
    Anyway, I want to underline that when an other champion, as talented as Zidane, like Totti, lost the patience, we all blamed him, as it was fair (and he fairly paid for it, accepting it and being sorry). Nobody investigated on the kind of slurring lead him to react (and he said he had been offended as father and husband).
    The french team should apologise and work hard to compete. They scored 9 goals (2 penalties), Italy 10 (one penalty). 3 goals were scored against France, 2 against Italy (an autogoal and a penalty)

  11. Materazzi is a known thug. Zidane is one of the greatest players of all time. Yes he has a hot temper, but 3 red cards in a 20 year or so career. Every situation in the video is a red card offense for Materazzi. Who knows what else he has done, and sense he is a mediocre player at best, who will ever know. He should have had two penalties called on him in the final. The foul against Malouda in the second half was worst than the first half penalty. The players ran about 20 yards of talking before zidane reacted. Zidane is not white. Unless you are a person that has to deal with racism on a daily basis or as a youth, you have no right to judge. When racism or general insults are fresh in your mind, you are generally more hot-tempered. If someone called Michael Jordan or another world class athlete of his caliber the N-word, he would punch them in the face. Do not voice an opinion unless you have been in such a volatile situation yourself.

  12. Oh by the way, that video is from acmilan.com. That means all of that,”non-soccer” was against ONE(1) team. I am sure materazzi is completely without blame for anything he has ever done.(sarcasm)

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