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Supporting a Football Team is no longer a cheap past-time unfortunately. Match ticket prices are through the roof, travelling across the UK is never cheap, and even your Sky Sports subscription sets you back a few hundred pounds each year. And that’s not to mention the additional cost of BT Sports if you want to be able to enjoy all the games! In this section of Footy Blog you can find those essential ways to save money whilst following your football team of choice.
Learn how to save money whilst supporting your team here, and you will hopefully enable yourself to save up a little Beer Money at the same time!

Premier League winner: Where the smart money lies?

English Premier League Trophy

It’s week 23 of the Premier League campaign and it’s about time to start a discussion regarding the possible winners. The situation is somewhat surprising and not many people actually expected the table to be looking like this: Chelsea Let’s get the obvious team out of the way first. Chelsea has been dominant all season long and that is if …

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Alan Pardew successor odds – Smart bet or not?

What is a smart bet? A million people will have a million answers to this question and there will hardly ever be a consensus between them. This is because most of us have some sort of logic behind our betting decisions, regardless of our gambling habits. But even though we cannot get to an agreement about what constitutes a smart …

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How to make a living as a professional football gambler

Before we even get into the details, let’s clear out the air regarding some very common misconceptions about football and gambling in general. There is a difference between gambling and betting. Gambling is a form of entertainment while betting is a job, and a pretty serious one at that. Most of the football punters are actually gamblers. This is not …

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Tips on how to win at football accumulators

With Euro 2016 in full flow, it’s the perfect opportunity to look at how to win money from football betting by using accumulators as the main method. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for winning or at least I’ve never found it in the few years that I’ve been betting, but I will try to help with the tips detailed below …

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Swap Football Books with Fans around the World for Free

footy news blog

How would you like to swap your old football books for some you’ve not read yet? We’ve just setup a group on Facebook for football fans to swap books amongst each other, completely free of charge (you just need to pay the postage of sending your book). Join the Facebook group below and then post a photo (or just describe) …

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How to Save Money with Sky Sports

Saving money with Sky Sports

Welcome to the first post in the Beer Money section of FootyBlog – this is where we’ll advise the typical football fan about ways in which they can save money whilst following their beloved team. Football is a multi-billion dollar industry, and as football clubs and businesses look at further ways to milk as much money as possible from football …

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