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New Manchester United Home Kit

**Update July 15 2006 click here

Yes, i know we are still in World Cup fever,but the Premier League will begin after that…;)

There’s news on a new Man Utd kit that is set for a 27th July release date.

The Nike designed strip has a 1950’s retro style – a tribute to the success of the Busby Babes and their enduring influence.

manchester united jersey


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  1. i think it’s pretty cool only cos it’s based on the busby babes, but i herd it was only for a year . . . let’s hope so!!!

  2. i fink it well cool lookin forward 2 it aig sign cud be a little smaller but wat can u do lol

  3. i do not like the kit it is to much live the liverpool kit

  4. new stri cool

  5. im a HUGE manu fan and i HATE dat jersey its SHIGHT da old ones wer lethal!!!!!!

  6. i think the new Man u kit is classy, much better than most kits. At least we bothered to change ours and experiment. Look at chelsea’s kit, a lighter blue and striped on the shoulder, whoopdy do.

  7. this kit is fucking ded weird its much differenti mean AIG wat the fuck is that they should at least stayd with vodaphone

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  10. Keep it up (like I do :-)) Great site – loved the bit about yourselves.

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  12. a really great homepage! i’m a big fan of your stuff although i’m just 16!

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