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All of the best Football News from around the world with a focus on the Premier League (the best league in the world!). Take a look at the latest football-match previews written by our team of Premier League experts, or watch some of the latest goals scored in the English top division. Check out the latest Transfer Rumours and keep up to date with any recent footballer injuries at Footy Blog – you’re best resource for soccer news.

Win a Copy of Barca Dreams – The Story of FC Barcelona

Barca Dreams

How would you like the chance of getting your hands on a copy of Barca Dreams, the brand new documentary from Metrodome Distribution which shows the story of Barca’s rise to becoming one of the biggest football clubs in the world. The film, directed by Jordi Llompart, is one of the most detailed documentaries ever produced about the Catalan football …

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5 Reasons why Pro Evo 2016 is better than Fifa 16

We go through the reasons why PES is better than Fifa, and a lot of it has something to do with their slogan “The Pitch Is Ours” 1.The pitch The slogan for PES this year is “The Pitch Is Ours” and they almost certainly have the better pitch in general. A problem with Fifa is that the pitch feels like …

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5 Reasons why Fifa 16 is better than Pro Evo 2016

We count down the reasons why Fifa 16 is the best football game this year! The game modes Fifa without doubt has an advantage over PES when it comes to game modes on offer. It has the absolutely huge Ultimate team as well as other great game modes such as Career mode, Seasons and Co-op seasons and the fun but …

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Football in Australia: Why We’re Starting To Care

Football has never been big in Australia. For most Aussies, the ranking of sports goes: Australian Rules Football, rugby, cricket, tennis, and then football and basketball. We even call the game “soccer”. Our national team is the “Socceroos.” Soccer currently stands as the most played outdoor team sport in Australia, and sits only behind swimming as the sport most participated …

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The Effect of Brexit on Football

According to leading voices and experts in the game, if the UK choose to leave the European Union, British football could expect drastic changes. The Brexit could result in more than 400 players losing their right to play in the UK, whereas some believe that it may give home talent a chance. Rachel Anderson, an aid football agent explained that …

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El Clásico: Ten things to consider during Barcelona vs Real Madrid match today

First round: 4-0 and Knockout for Real Madrid. Second round: Same protagonists, different purpose, and a new protagonist. This won’t be any other Clasico like we expect to follow. Following the fascination from the media around the world and fans, we will see two teams with contrasting situations: One team close to be La Liga champion and another one to …

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Competition Time – Win a Waterproof Digital Timer

waterproof sports timer

We’re spoiling you at FootyBlog today thanks to this competition to win a Waterproof Digital Timer from Electronic Temperature Instruments LTD. The “TimeStick” is perfect for Sports and other outdoor pursuits, being waterproof and usable in just one hand. Operating the timer is really easy we’re told, with a big clear LCD which shows a countdown bar-graph as well as …

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The Race for Aubmeyang

Fortunately for Liverpool fans, David Sullivan has declared his interest in signing Christian Benteke, which in turn could make room for Jürgen Klopp to splurge on Roma midfielder, Leandro Paredes. The bad news for Liverpool fans comes from Borussia Dortmund interest in Mario Götze. And they just may be able to afford him considering Manchester United are believed to have …

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Why Rafa’s history means he will turn Newcastle around

When the announcement came on Friday, Newcastle fans didn’t exactly react the way they were expected to. There was no shouting to the heavens in thanks for receiving one of the sharpest minds in modern football. Instead, the tweets from fans were more focused on jokes at the expense of the man who was cruelly nicknamed the “Fat Spanish Waiter”. …

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Premier League Caps Away Tickets Costs at £30

footy news blog

Great news today for fans of the Premier League as they’ve announced a cap on away tickets at £30 following plenty of discussions and debating, in particularly following the successful protest by Liverpool fans a few weeks ago. This is obviously brilliant news for football fans who had previously been fed up with the rising costs and perceived commercialisation of …

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