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Football after all is a game of Opinions so let’s see exactly what our expert football writers have to say here in this section of Footy Blog. Read fan analysis’ of the latest big football matches and see what they make of their teams performance during the season, the latest managers signings (or lack of!) and anything else from the wonderful world of soccer.

Should Golden Goal be Brought Back?


Now that Euro 2016 has finished, we can assess the tournament format and see whether any changes need to be made. One of the major issues is the 24 team format which has turned out to be a very decisive issue, but another area that has garnered some attention and definitely needs to be addressed is extra time. Extra time during …

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Do England Have a Future Manager Amongst the ‘Golden Generation’?


In the years 2001 to 2010, there was hope. So prodigious was England’s pool of talent, that fans would anticipate every tournament with optimistic whispers of “maybe, just maybe”. The gazelle-like pace of a young Michael Owen; David Beckham’s hallowed right foot; Rio Ferdinand’s reliability – every ingredient needed to win a major trophy was in place. But despite the …

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Allardyce: Square One

Sam Allardyce

The Virtues of Playing Dirty Antonio Conte has received widespread praise for an Italian team that was primarily coached to be organised and then drove forward with potent counter-attacks. A defensive shape with wing backs demonstrated old-school urgency on the ball in wide areas. Functionality was the team’s ethos, not individuality. Icons of years gone by have been replaced by …

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Next England Boss? Sam Allardyce in Quotes


Can Sam Allardyce lead England to international glory? Let’s take a look at some of his finest quotes to gauge whether or not he is the right man for the job. “There are scientists who will tell you that spirit – because it can’t be measured – doesn’t exist. Bollocks. It does exist.” If Euro 2016 taught us anything, it’s …

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How to Get the Best Out of Belgium!


Belgium were expertly dismantled by Italy in their opening game of Euro 2016, and the ease of which it happened suggests that Marc Wilmots doesn’t get the best out of his team. Italy looked like a proper team playing to their strengths whereas Belgium looked like a team of individuals that didn’t have a clear way of understanding of how to …

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5 Contenders for the England Job


This article looks at 5 managers who the F.A. should focus their attention on if they want England to be rebuilt as a fully functional and effective team. Roy Hodgson gave multiple promising players their debuts, so there is a lot of potential for the next manager to use, but it is obvious that a manager who is disciplined and …

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Solutions for the Problematic Euros Format


Now that the group stages have finished at Euro 2016, it’s time for the knockout rounds to commence with some mouth watering ties such as Italy versus Spain, Wales versus Northern Ireland and Croatia versus Portugal to look forward to. However, the fact that the Euros was expanded to 24 teams has created problems.  Traditionally there was only 16 teams split into …

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7 ‘Star’ Players Destined to be Flops

Football Players Flops

Making bold football predictions is dangerous. Get it wrong and the repercussions can leave you red face and can go on to define your career, isn’t that right Alan Hansen? It becomes even more dangerous to venture into the world of predictions, after a season that has seen all norm go out of the window, as 5000-1 outsiders Leicester City …

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Leicester City: From Fairy Tale to Myth?


  Once upon a time in the East Midlands, Kasper Schmeichel declared, “It is quite an emotional moment. We were down and out at one point but never stopped believing, never gave up – worked hard every day.” But the fairy tale feat the Leicester City gatekeeper was alluding to wasn’t a title triumph or an accomplishment of similar celebratory …

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The State of Australian Football – Part 2

footy news blog

  It is too easy to underestimate the importance of reputation in the world game. In Australia we have done this for too long. It is hard to think of one footballing nation that derives instant respect without a bona fide superstar.   The football identities of entire nations have been built around individuals who have reached the heights of …

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