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Football after all is a game of Opinions so let’s see exactly what our expert football writers have to say here in this section of Footy Blog. Read fan analysis’ of the latest big football matches and see what they make of their teams performance during the season, the latest managers signings (or lack of!) and anything else from the wonderful world of soccer.

The Curious Curse of Left Back at Liverpool


Alberto Moreno tirelessly demonstrates a surplus and shortage of footballing virtues, rarely finding a sensible middle ground.  For the neutral, his efforts are comical. makes for good tv. For Liverpool fans, olive branches are no longer being extended. The thesis that Alberto Moreno is without a brain is no longer too outlandish to state. For some time now, the question of …

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What scares Wenger more? Retirement or Spending Kroenke’s Money…


    Arsenal’s not-so ‘Fearless Leader’ and figurehead in perpetuity Arsene Wenger was recently highlighted by The Guardian as revealing two interesting insights into the inner workings of ‘Le Professor’s’ mind. Firstly, the shocker. The longer he remains manager of Arsenal, the harder it will be to say goodbye to the North London giants. This will come as no surprise to …

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Is Big Sam the man for the job?

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Sam Allardyce was appointed as England manager 2 week ago, but the real question is will he take England forward or backwards? When we look at Sam’s past, we see he managed Blackpool, Notts County, Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle, West Ham, Sunderland and finally became the English manager. He hasn’t ever won anything of value, but does that really matter? I …

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Sam Allardyce, England, and its Striker Crisis

Sam Allardyce - England

Since Sam Allardyce was announced as Roy Hogsdon’s successor as England manager, many have wondered which players he would pick for his first national selection. Calls for experimentation have been sounded as more than a few have pointed to the star clad list of failed England squads from the past 10 years. Allardyce may have to do what Allardyce does …

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Is the Bundesliga Now the Best League for Young Players?


The German Bundesliga is attracting some of Europe’s hottest prospects, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is, after all, a technically sophisticated league with wildly passionate fans, and the prospect of gaining sizeable game time is as good a reason as any to avoid say, the Premier League, where youth development is often stifled at the hands of …

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Should Golden Goal be Brought Back?


Now that Euro 2016 has finished, we can assess the tournament format and see whether any changes need to be made. One of the major issues is the 24 team format which has turned out to be a very decisive issue, but another area that has garnered some attention and definitely needs to be addressed is extra time. Extra time during …

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Do England Have a Future Manager Amongst the ‘Golden Generation’?


In the years 2001 to 2010; there was hope. So prodigious was England’s pool of talent, that fans would anticipate every tournament with optimistic whispers of “maybe, just maybe”. The gazelle-like pace of a young Michael Owen; David Beckham’s hallowed right foot; Rio Ferdinand’s reliability – every ingredient needed to win a major trophy was in place. But despite the …

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Allardyce: Square One

Sam Allardyce

The Virtues of Playing Dirty Antonio Conte has received widespread praise for an Italian team that was primarily coached to be organised and then drove forward with potent counter-attacks. A defensive shape with wing backs demonstrated old-school urgency on the ball in wide areas. Functionality was the team’s ethos, not individuality. Icons of years gone by have been replaced by …

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Next England Boss? Sam Allardyce in Quotes


Can Sam Allardyce lead England to international glory? Let’s take a look at some of his finest quotes to gauge whether or not he is the right man for the job. “There are scientists who will tell you that spirit – because it can’t be measured – doesn’t exist. Bollocks. It does exist.” If Euro 2016 taught us anything, it’s …

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How to Get the Best Out of Belgium!


Belgium were expertly dismantled by Italy in their opening game of Euro 2016, and the ease of which it happened suggests that Marc Wilmots doesn’t get the best out of his team. Italy looked like a proper team playing to their strengths whereas Belgium looked like a team of individuals that didn’t have a clear way of understanding of how to …

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