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The Premier League to an American: Volume 1

One of the truly American sports traditions out there is the art of tailgating. For the uninitiated, tailgating is the practice of grilling, eating, and drinking various foods and liquids in anticipation of a sporting event. It is common practice prior to American Football games and is used also for MLS games and car races (NASCAR). Anyways, for the American …

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The Premier League to an American: Backstory

This edition of the Premier League is a bit more anticipated than most for many reasons (Return of Mourinho, departure of Sir Alex, etc.), but another reason for its anticipation is the strong presence it will carry in the United States this year. Network NBC has taken over the rights to the league from rival Fox and is really upping …

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Luduena goal from 70 yards

Brilliant 70 yard Goal Video

I’m not sure exactly how far 70 yards is, but anyway here’s a brilliant, Beckham-esque goal from Daniel Luduena during the Pachucha vs Tigres match in the Mexican top division. Take a bow, son.

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Christian Benitez rip

RIP Christian Benitez

Sad news emerging today that former Birmingham City striker Christian Benitez has passed away. The reports seem to be conflicting as to whether he died as a result of a car crash or due to medical complications from peritonitis, as apparently suggested by his father in law. Regardless, he was a great striker and having moved to the Qatar league …

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Over-rated footballers - Neymar

Overrated Footballers – Neymar

Bound to be another unpopular choice with all of the gung-ho Neymar fans, those of whom believe he’s the best player in the world yet hasn’t even played in a high-profile match to date. Neymar’s made his protracted move from Santos to Barcelona just a few weeks ago for an astronomical £50 million, but will this turn out to be …

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chelsea to win the premier league

why Chelsea will win the Premier League next season

So the Premier League season is over for another year, and with a long dry summer ahead of us we thought it’d be a good opportunity to look ahead and see what lies in future for the Premier League for the 2013/2014 season. I’m going to go out on a limb on this one, and back Chelsea to win the …

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Top 5 Retirements of the 2012/2013 Season

The 2012/2013 football season has seen a large number of big changes to the footballing landscape. It remains to be seen exactly how the changes will impact upon the Premier League next season, but one thing that’s for certain is that it’s sure going to be an exciting time, as now I think the title race will have been blown …

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james milner geodude lookalike

James Milner Geodude Lookalike

I think it’s quite fair to say that if James Milner was to be a Pokemon, he would be a Geodude. I don’t think any other footballer lends themselves so easily to a Pokemon character as Milner does, but I’d love to hear of any other footballer/pokemon lookalike suggestions…

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javier mascherano red card

Javier Mascherano Red Carded for Kicking Medical Staff

Here’s a clip of Javier Mascherano once again prooving how much of an idiot he is, kicking a medical staff member who is driving him from the pitch after picking up an apparent injury. Mascherano later said of the incident: “I’m ashamed of myself. You always try to endorse non-violence. I made a mistake. It’s not nice to be sent …

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