Madrid vs Man United preview

Real Madrid vs Man United Match Preview

This Wednesday (February 13th), football fans around the world will gather in sheer excitement and anticipation for one of the biggest matches in football – the mighty Manchester United face the legendary Real Madrid in the next phases of the UEFA Champions League. The game pits two of the most renown football managers against each other once again in this …

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Chelsea vs Wigan report

Chelsea’s report on Wigan players

Great find by someone at the Daily Mail – Chelsea‘s report on Wigan before their 4-1 win at the weekend. The report looks at individual players and whom to target if Chelsea want to win the game. Looks like it did the job too. Unfortunately its no where near as good as AVB’s report back when he was in charge …

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match fixing asia

Match Fixing In The UK

The BBC have recently reported that one of the Champions League matches that is under investigation due to match fixing involving a group in Asia was played in the United Kingdom. Europol have been investigating the alleged crime for the past 18 months and say that they suspect World Cup and European qualifiers as well as several top matches in …

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The Footbonaut Borussia Dortmund

The Footbonaut Video

How much I’d give to have one of these machines – Borrusia Dortmund invested a huge sum of money in creating the “Footbonaut”, a machine which trains their players to improve their touch, passing, and other important attributes.

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Free football quiz

The Best Football Quiz in the World

Fancy trying your luck on Footy Blog’s very own Football Quiz? The quiz is an interactive video on YouTube, there are 30 questions some of them photo identification and some video clips. Most questions are based around the Premier League, you can give the quiz a go by following the instructions on the video below! Let me know if you …

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arsenal's comedy defending

Arsenal’s comedy defending

Here’s a video doing the rounds on the global webosphere, featuring Arsenal‘s comedy defending during their 2-2 draw with Liverpool last night. Steve Bould can’t have had too many laughs watching this video, count the mistakes.

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scholes car stolen

Paul Scholes has car stolen whilst de-icing it

Man United legend Paul Scholes has had his grey Chevrolet estate stolen whilst waiting for his windscreen to defrost on a chilly Manchester morning. Scholes’ car was taken at around 8am from Oldham when he left the engine running to help heat it. Police have warned that many “opportunist” thieves will target people who leave the keys in the ignition …

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Xavi best of

Barcelona’s tribute to Xavi

The best playmaker ever? Such a brilliant player to watch, a role model for children around the world. Xavi Hernandez is one of the most intelligent and talented footballers to have ever played, and here is Barcelona‘s own tribute to their living legend. Check out the alternative fan-made version below the first video.

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collymore depression

Footballers and depression

Just a quick note to say there’s a great read available on the We Are Free Agents website available here written on the subject of mental health and depression in football. The article follows on with the recent news of Man City starlet Michael Johnson retiring from the game at just 24 years of age following a difficult period of …

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