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Where Has The Spirit Gone?

In the build up to the 1988 European Championships, the British public witnessed the England squad uncomfortably sing and dance in front of an audience live on Wogan (’88 All The Way). Yes, it is the cringiest thing to watch now, but it showed team spirit and must have taken a lot of guts; something which is far too embarrassing for the England squad to do nowadays.

Footballer’s of today are too wrapped up in their celebrity lifestyle and are too focused on their image, reputation, money and girls. Can you really imagine Rooney doing an Adams on the weights? Or Roy Hodgson awkwardly two-stepping on live national television? Thought not.

The only thing which the fans get now are a few tweets and Instagram pictures, which shows the footballer’s excitement for the World Cup…or showing off their new watch. What happened to the John Barnes’ and Linekers’? Where’s the passion and optimism? Football has changed so much throughout the years, and not for the best.

With the World Cup less than a week away, the boys really need to show some sort of passion and team spirit. Hodgson needs to do a Robson and get them dancing! Quickly.

The whole of England are behind you boys, so give something back. Please.



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