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The 48 Team World Cup: What to Expect.

Today news broke that FIFA has decided, by unanimous vote, to completely overhaul the current format of the Worlds greatest footballing showpiece. All you need to know about this new, mega-World Cup can be found here: http://footyblog.net/things-can-get-bigger-pros-cons-new-expanded-world-cup/ With so many changes to take in, here at Footyblog we have come up with seven things you can expect from the new, sparkly …

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Things Can Only Get Bigger: The Pros and Cons of the New Expanded World Cup

After a unanimous vote at a FIFA summit in Zurich this morning, 48 teams will battle it out for the greatest prize in world football. In 2026, nearly a quarter of all footballing nations will compete in what will be the largest and most diverse tournament in history. But for football’s world governing body, does bigger mean better? Ever since …

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FIFA Extend Liverpool’s Mamadou Sakho Suspension

FIFA have given Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho a worldwide ban after a failed drug test. Initially, the centre-half was suspended for 30 days by UEFA, however after a Europa League match against Manchester United he was tested positive for a ‘fat burner’. The ban has resulted in Sakho unable to play neither for his country, France or in friendly matches. …

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5 Reasons why Pro Evo 2016 is better than Fifa 16

We go through the reasons why PES is better than Fifa, and a lot of it has something to do with their slogan “The Pitch Is Ours” 1.The pitch The slogan for PES this year is “The Pitch Is Ours” and they almost certainly have the better pitch in general. A problem with Fifa is that the pitch feels like …

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5 Reasons why Fifa 16 is better than Pro Evo 2016

We count down the reasons why Fifa 16 is the best football game this year! The game modes Fifa without doubt has an advantage over PES when it comes to game modes on offer. It has the absolutely huge Ultimate team as well as other great game modes such as Career mode, Seasons and Co-op seasons and the fun but …

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Scout Report: USA

Background Major League Soccer (MLS) is the highest level for professional football teams in the United States and Canada. The MLS concept was created in 1993 after FIFA requested that the United States establish a professional football league in order to host the 1994 World Cup, with the first season taking place in 1996. At this present moment, the MLS …

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fifa 13 review

Latest FIFA video game review

FIFA is a football international association which controls the gaming events and rules. With the increase in the craze for Soccer in people it got the fame which is incomparable with any other game. It was adopted by people as a recreational activity locally at home. Electronic Arts introduced Video-gaming version of this sport which is known as FIFA, FIFA …

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