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Thanks for joining the team

I've just signed up to become a writer on www.FootyBlog.net! #internship #footballwriter Click To Tweet

Thanks a lot for joining the team at FootyBlog.net! You should receive your first email from me shortly.

It’s really important to reply to this message to let me know what username you’d like for the blog, so I can go ahead and set you up as a member on the site. This means you’ll be able to login and start making posts – so the sooner you can email me the better!

The idea of the newsletter series is not only to set you up as a member of the blog but also to help educate you on how to make posts, how to perform more difficult tasks (adding videos to posts, linking to posts, etc) and then how to improve your articles.
I want to teach you how to improve yourself as a football journalist, so please spend the time reading and digesting any information provided!

As always, if you have any questions or problems then just contact me.

Thanks again, and welcome on board FootyBlog!

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Matt Tutt is a digital marketing professional based in the United Kingdom. He's also the owner of the Footy Blog, one of the UK's leading football news blogs. Feel free to click on the social icons below to add me to your Google+ network, to your Linked In network, or to visit my Facebook page and to follow me Twitter!

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