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The humbling

I like yourself have the inevitable friend (or friends if you’re particularly unlucky) that is a Manchester United fan.  For most of my life these fans have been plaguing me, with there happy-go-lucky attitude towards being down 3 – 0 after 70 mins.  It used to be fine for them in the Ferguson era.  Even in this position they would’ve managed to accrue themselves 5 – 10 mins of injury time despite the fairly flowing game that has just been played, and then the kicker, they score 4 in 15 minutes of play and once again my hopes and dreams of Man U loosing are dashed upon the rocks.

This has been the same story for most of my life.  Certainly I don’t remember a Manchester United team without Ferguson at the helm, and with this the  swayed decisions as he scowls from his technical area, the injury time wins and the probable league title at the end of it all as previous Man U teams would just win, all the time.

However this season has seen a massive shift in the power struggle.  Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal are all vying for the title whereas Man U sit floundering in 7th position 5 points adrift of next placed Tottenham.   Personally this makes me a very happy person.  I take much enjoyment in reminding my mates who are Man U fans, of their current predicament.  I take great pleasure in how poor Manchester’s season has been and even more in the humbling of my friends.

Man U fans can be the worst to speak to about anything football.  Their thoughts and opinions clouded by their current bloated but largely average squad.  I believe supporting a team that’s not guaranteed to win makes you more likely to accept goings on during the season and pick yourself for the next game.  This transfers to everything else.  Whilst I am not advocating a country of people who just accepted defeat, I am saying that a bit of a realistic outlook can help.  Man U fans are used to winning and winning alone, this can breed the worst kind of person.  The person who quits at the end of a FIFA game because they’re loosing, the person that ruins that game of 10 down at the park by celebrating that last goal like they’d just won the world cup, the person who enjoys reminding you Tom Cleverly is part of the England squad and that Michael Carrick is the answer to all England’s holding midfield issues.

But could Manchester United’s poor season actually create more humble human beings?  No longer are we plagued by glory supporting fools who have picked up Man U as a team because they like the colour of their kit, or because they are nicknamed the Red Devils.  Now the mass of indescript Man U fans have to wear their shirts and weather the same storm as every other team, some will still remind you of past triumphs (and admittedly there are quite a few) but now its the same harp that’s been played by Liverpool fans for almost 20 years. 

Could a decline in these fair weather fans create a more humble Britain? If so David Moyes needs his knighthood now, not in 25 years time like his predecessor.


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I am a Student at Derby University studying for an undergraduate degree in English. Lifelong music fan, I go to as many gigs as possible. And of course die hard football fan.

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