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The Next Best Thing…..

So today we have the ‘almost made it’ teams that will meet each other.
The host Germany will take on the divers Portugese.

I feel a little strange today…for the first time i don’t really feel like watching this game..it’s like kinda boring considering tommorrow is THE day..the Finale!

Anywayz will Klinsi’s boys beat the portugese or will the portugese finally play some attacking football with two strikers?

Besides Germany v.s Portugal there’s also the ‘little’ battle between the young guns Podolski and Ronaldo….bet ya who will shine today? 😉

I definitely want Germany to win, i think they deserve it and they have been fantastic hosts…with some fantastic galsfans ;).

Oliver Kahn will play today and will most probably be his final game for the Germans,and Lehmann aint young too..so i wonder who will follow their footsteps in the near future?

Cristiano Ronaldo should be able to show some ‘skills’ too…

As you would have noticed by my writing today,i ain’t feeling to good..been tired lately with work..hoepfully the final can cure that 😀

Preview by Fifa.

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