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A True Fan

It has been a while since my last post due to university commitments and the sorry state which i currently find myself in what with being a united fan and all. However, I felt that today would be a perfect time to give my opinions on the whole situation around my club. First of all, earlier today I had the displeasure of reading, quite frankly, a completely uneducated view of what Manchester United fans are like, the article basically implied that we were the scourge of the earth and we were the worst type of fans, that we can’t accept defeat. What the article failed to address is that every team has a small minority that are bitter and fickle, every single team has these sets of fans and I’m sure that every true fan would agree with me, when I say, “I don’t want you supporting my team.”

The majority of football fans around the country however, are good fans, they take the good with the bad and the highs with the lows. Now, as a Manchester United fan, we have had a poor season, the worst in my memory especially, but that does not mean i have not witnessed defeat or poor displays. In fact I have seen enough of my fair share as an England fan, most of us have that in common. From 2003-2006 we failed to win the Premier League, in 2005 we were beaten on penalties by Arsenal, it was after this period where fergie cleared house and replaced people such as Van Nistlerooy for a new look. In 2011 we were beaten 6-1 by Manchester City and tipped on the last day of the season when they beat QPR in dramatic circumstances. The fact of the matter is though, that after all those defeats and failures we came back strong and confident, full of hope that the next season would be better. As a United fan I have stuck by my club through some of the turbulent times, granted, we have not had as many as other clubs but i think there seems to be a belief that all of our fans will suddenly jump ship? This wont happen, or at least not on the scale many are predicting, and those that do choose to support Chelsea or City, then good riddance. In summation, the attack on united fans in the article about us being humbled, is quite frankly ridiculous, all fans can be fickle and bitter, but at the end of the day, speak to a true united fan and they’d most likely agree with the consensus when we play poorly, or got lucky, we are not so blinded by loyalty that we can’t create an unbiased and accurate opinion.

Belief is what United Fans must hold on to, it was all fans must hold on to in times of crises, the summer reconstruction of the back four and midfield will be crucial to the 2014/2015 season and before people start claiming that Moyes needs to go, give him his chance, last summer was a huge missed opportunity for him to put his stamp on the team, this year I feel, he will try to work on that more with the people he brings in. The derby was a poor game and city deserved to win, they are the title favourites, I said this 2 months ago, as a community Manchester United has to push on and stay cohesive, regardless of the manager, regardless of the chairman, regardless the results, we as fans have a duty to our team, just as they have a duty us, solidarity is the only way we will push on from this poor season.


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