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Does he deserve to move from Barcelona?

FC Barcelona’s current shape: Neymar and others have to go.

It is undeniable we have a dream team 3.0 (after Cryuff’s and Guardiola’s), by now. But like some teams tend to success, some teams tend to fall, some really hard that is difficult to get up. We, fans and not fans, were so accustomed to the success of one of the best teams -perhaps the best in my opinion- so …

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Celtic Front Runnners

  With Ronny Deila’s departure this summer Celtic will be looking for a new manager. The bookies have already confirmed favourites for the much sought after vacancy as Neil Lennon, David Moyes, Roy Keane and Henrik Larsson. All have history with the club, and all potential candidates. Neil Lennon, an obvious choice since he has been available after parting ways …

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Footy Blog News

A Review of Arsene Wenger’s Philosophy

On the surface, Arsene Wenger has ostensibly met the goals provided to him by his employers. However Arsenal have arguably been mired in a repetitive mediocrity.   By employing and delivering his philosophy of attractive, attacking football and the scouting and development of young, technically skilled players he’s expanded the Arsenal brand through success off the sporting pitch. He guided …

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5 Reasons why Pro Evo 2016 is better than Fifa 16

We go through the reasons why PES is better than Fifa, and a lot of it has something to do with their slogan “The Pitch Is Ours” 1.The pitch The slogan for PES this year is “The Pitch Is Ours” and they almost certainly have the better pitch in general. A problem with Fifa is that the pitch feels like …

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5 Reasons why Fifa 16 is better than Pro Evo 2016

We count down the reasons why Fifa 16 is the best football game this year! The game modes Fifa without doubt has an advantage over PES when it comes to game modes on offer. It has the absolutely huge Ultimate team as well as other great game modes such as Career mode, Seasons and Co-op seasons and the fun but …

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Australian football celebrations

Football in Australia: Why We’re Starting To Care

Football has never been big in Australia. For most Aussies, the ranking of sports goes: Australian Rules Football, rugby, cricket, tennis, and then football and basketball. We even call the game “soccer”. Our national team is the “Socceroos.” Soccer currently stands as the most played outdoor team sport in Australia, and sits only behind swimming as the sport most participated …

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El Clásico: Ten things to consider during Barcelona vs Real Madrid match today

First round: 4-0 and Knockout for Real Madrid. Second round: Same protagonists, different purpose, and a new protagonist. This won’t be any other Clasico like we expect to follow. Following the fascination from the media around the world and fans, we will see two teams with contrasting situations: One team close to be La Liga champion and another one to …

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