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Cleverley's WAG Dorsett

WAG of the Week: Georgina Dorsett – Girlfriend of Tom Cleverley

Following on from last weeks footballer WAG of the week (Sam Cooke, Chris Smalling’s girlfriend), this week we’re taking a look at Manchester United teammate Tom Cleverley’s WAG Georgina Dorsett.

Cleverley and Dorsett seem to have been dating since May 2012, or at least that’s when some of the tabloids started publishing their story. Georgina Dorsett of course found fame from ITV’s (s)hit show The Only Way is Essex. So, it looks like a match made in heaven for the tabloids at least.

Pictures of Tom Cleverley’s girlfriend Georgina Dorsett

Georgina Dorsett

Cleverley with girlfriend

Cleverley's girlfriend Dorsett

Photo of Georgina Dorsett

Cleverley's girlfriend photos

Dorsett dating Tom Cleverley

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