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Lorena Bernal

WAG of the Week: Lorena Bernal – Wife of Mikel Arteta

This weeks WAG of the week comes in the lovely shape of Lorena Bernal, the wife of Arsenal‘s Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta. Although Mikel is unlikely to be enjoying his time at Arsenal in recent weeks, we imagine he’ll still be enjoying his time away from the pitch with Bernal, once voted as the sexiest woman in Spain.

 Girlfriend of Mikel Arteta Lorena Bernal

33 year old Lorena Bernal is married to Mikel Arteta with the couple also having 2 children together. Lorena is a model (obviously) and has appeared in films and TV, and also works as a Spanish TV presenter. You can enjoy photos of Bernal and Arteta below, enjoy!

Girlfriend Lorena Bernal with Mikel Arteta

Girlfriend of Mikel Arteta

Picture of Lorena Bernal girlfriend of Mikel Arteta

Sexy Girlfriend of Mikel Arteta Lorena Bernal picturesPhoto Image of Mikel Arteta's girlfriend

Let us know what you think, sexiest woman in Spain? Is Mikel Arteta’s Lorena Bernal king of the Wag’s? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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