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A winning England team with close connections

Players get used to the strengths and weaknesses of club team mates every week in the Premier League so it makes sense to continue with this policy in the international team.

But we need to analyse this a little more before we start our World Cup campaign. For example, Joe Hart obviuosly has no Kompany or Cliche to roll the ball to.

He needs a player he is familiar with to start the attack moving. The answer is James Milner. Not everyone’s cup of tea but at least Hart knows Milner’s capabilities.

We need to try and make more close connections  like this. If Jagielka plays at centre back he can pass to his nearest club mate who could be Ross Barkley. I would put Baines in midfield too so that Jagielka has two  club team mates within yards of him.

Luke Shaw at left back could be helped out  if Lallana was close by  in midfield. Sturridge has Gerrad for company. The only two without club colleagues are Rooney and Cahill but they are experienced and good enough to get by with club team mates.

The outcome? Each player can anticipate his club colleague’s action on the ball. Result. A well knit team that can go all the way in this tournament.

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