14th Consecutive Defeat for Lincoln Moorlands

Today’s match of the 22nd fixture of Toolstation Northern Counties East League – Division One witnessed the 14th consecutive defeat of Lincoln Moorlands Railway FC versus local rivals Grimsby.
Moorlands line up: Garry Doran (GK), Zak Johnson, Alex Mackinder, Ward Laderhood, Christopher Skipper, Ryan Hitwell, Joshua Scohfield, Greg Andrews, Adam Croft, Cameron Heap, Geno Robinson.
Grimsby line up: Scott Drury (GK), Andrew Appleby, Kyle Benslby, Tom Summers, Carl Martin ©, Callum Hyland, James Petronzio, Jason Flint, Jamie Coulson, Jack Debnam, Lee Croft

Lincoln moorlands versus Grimsby started intense. It’s a 6-point match for both teams as they’re both bottom of the table. Lincoln moorlands at the beginning of the match started tense arguing every decision made by the referee. Grimsby however, started the game calm and focused and created two chances. Grimsby are playing this derby under the supervision of a new coach who is looking forward to help Grimsby get out of the position IMG_2163they are at. Mick Fairweather Moorlands coach said he would expect his team to win despite the team’s latest poor run of 13 defeats in a row. As the match went on, Moorlands players were still not focused and talking to the referee. 15 minutes after the start, the score sheet is still fresh. Moorlands new striker Adam Croft and new goal keeper Garry Doran are the Moorland team’s new faces. Fairweather is confident the 19 years old forward Adam will get him the win Moorlands are looking for. First corner of the match came in the 20th minute, cross from Alex Mackinder, keeper puts it away, Moorlands Chirstopher Skipper shot but the ball went next to the right hand post. Counter attack for Grimsby’s Lee Croft shots, Moorlands keeper sends it away to a corner kick. Corner kick was also a threat to Moorlands as defender Mackinder sent Jamie Coulson header from the goal’s line. Minutes after that, Moorlands Geno Robinson shot a ball that went right by the left hand post. Half an hour after the start the score remained 0-0. Player number 6 got a yellow card for a strong sliding tackle in the 31st minute. First goal for Grimsby in the 32nd minute after a fantastic long cross from Jack Debnam towards Jamie Coulson who amazingly put the ball in the back of the net. Moorlands are behind again. One minute later, Grimsby added the second by same player Jamie Coulson who later scored a super hat trick. It got more difficult for the Moors as the time went on. The first half ended 0-2 for the visitors.
Second half started with Moors dominating looking for their first goal. 50th minute the Grimsby keeper Scott Drury came out of his goal, tackled Adam strongly and the referee whistled a foul for Moors. Later, Lee Croft added a 3rd goal for Grimsby. Grimsby were the better side in both halves. 60th minute, Grimsby added the fourth goal from Jamie Coulson. At this point of the match, Moors knew they had no hope winning this match. Referee sent off player Gregg Andrews from the local side, after a strong tackle on Lee Croft who was substituted by Jacob Wilson. Both teams stopped initiatives as Grimsby had the 3 points in their pocket. The red card had affected the Moors. 11 was substituted by number 16 in the 70th minute. Grimsby almost added their fifth of the game from number 9’s header. 15 minutes before the end, Moors were still behind. 5 minutes left to full time, Grimsby were still ahead 4-0. This is one of the worst runs in football with 14 consecutive defeats. Red card for Moorlands Leigh Wardman comes two minutes before full time. Grimsby ball hit the right hand side post after a magnificent free kick from Jack Debnam. Substitute Jacob Wilson added the fifth goal of the match in the 90th minute. Jamie Coulson added his fourth goal and sixth of the match. Moorlands get to celebrate their first goal at the end of the match. Match ended 6-1.
The Moorlands coach Mick he was not satisfied with the effort his lads put today: “no no, I’m not satisfied with how the performance was.” and insisted his team must continue: “tomorrow morning you wake up, put your self up again don’t you?”

By Matt

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