5 Reasons why Fifa 16 is better than Pro Evo 2016

We count down the reasons why Fifa 16 is the best football game this year!

  1. The game modes

    Fifa without doubt has an advantage over PES when it comes to game modes on offer. It has the absolutely huge Ultimate team as well as other great game modes such as Career mode, Seasons and Co-op seasons and the fun but neglected Clubs game mode. PES on the other hand may have started its own Ultimate team styled game mode with MyClub but it’s a long way away from being as fun as Ultimate team. Whilst it does offer its own version of seasons, it’s not got the polish that Fifa provides and the matches seem almost without meaning, compared to Fifa where each season has the drama of securing safety or a push for promotion or the title.

Fifa’s wide range of game modes keep the game fresh.

2. Licences

This is pretty obvious, but Fifa has a massive advantage over PES when it comes to licences. Although PES may have some licenced teams, most of English teams are not licenced and although there is a crafty edit mode that Fifa could do with introducing to allow players to make their own kits for game modes such as Ultimate Team and Career mode. But unless you’re happy to spend hours editing your teams or download somebody else’s hard work editing the teams and then spend hours applying the correct kits and information to the teams (which is only doable for the PS4 version of the game using a USB) you’re most likely to be playing with your beloved Merseyside Reds at a unrecognisable, unlicensed stadium whilst on Fifa there is a huge range of licenced teams from the all over the world. What’s more is that every single Premier League team has its official stadium in the game, giving even more authenticity to a game that is bursting with it.


Being able to select hundreds of teams that have a licence really gives Fifa an edge.

3. Shooting

The shooting on Fifa is far superior to PES. In Fifa 16 you can really feel each shot. You can feel when your player has made a good connection with the ball, and equally when they are struggling to get a shot away under pressure from the defender and doesn’t make the best possible contact. Yes, shooting outside of the box this year, especially with finesse shots seems to be far too effective but you have such a good range of control of your shooting and where and how you want to shoot that it feels overall more like real football as you can place the ball into the corner precisely in 1 on 1 situations, hit dipping shots into the top corner and the volleys on this game are a thing of beauty when you have the right player. PES cannot compete with FIFA when it comes to shooting.

Shooting on Fifa feels way more varied and fun than on PES.
Shooting on Fifa feels way more varied and fun than on PES.


4. Women Footballers

EA made a great addition to FIFA this year with their inclusion of women’s footballers and it has proved to be a great addition to the game. The women’s game modes play slightly differently than the men’s equivalent on the game and it’s great that EA have made the game styles unique. It’s amazing that we can finally play as some of the biggest stars in Women’s football and the likes of Marta of Brazil are great fun to play with! Hopefully this is just the start of women in FIFA games and hopefully in the future leagues and even more national teams will be added in too.

Being able to play as the Women's National teams has been great fun!
Being able to play as the Women’s National teams has been great fun!


5. The servers and online experience

Hear me out, we all know that the EA servers have their moments when you’re 2-0 up and you suddenly get disconnected from their servers, get the loss and you almost instantly reconnect to them once you’re back in the menus. But compared to PES and its online experience it is actually not as bad as many people would believe. Trying to find a match on PES can be extremely boring and you can be waiting a long time just to find someone. What’s worse is when you get into the match itself it can often have terrible lag, something that definitely has occurred less in Fifa in recent years. With Fifa you’re only waiting a few seconds usually to find an opponent and due to the large number of players you’re more likely to come up against a team and player of similar ability to yourself, rather than coming up against the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid when you’re trying to use a team that is not packed with superstars.

You won't be spending as much time seeing this as you would do on PES!
You won’t be spending as much time seeing this as you would do on PES!


Agree with our list? Disagree? Let us know in the comment section below! Also be sure to check be tomorrow as we count down the 5 reasons why PES is better than FIFA!

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