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Messi and girlfriend

Antonella Roccuzzo – The girlfriend of Lionel Messi

2012 was not only a very good year for Lionel Messi but also for Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi’s girlfriend. Not only was Messi breaking all sorts of goalscoring records on the pitch, but off the pitch he was doing pretty well too. So well in fact that his first child, Thiago, was born in November. Roccuzzo is Messi’s childhood sweetheart, a stunning Argentinian model whom moved to Barcelona to keep their relationship going whilst continuing to study nutrition science at university in Spain. The couple appear to be very much in love, and very happy together. Unfortunately for other football fans hoping to see Lionel Messi play for their sides one day, it seems very unlikely that Messi would ever leave Barcelona when he’s so settled now with Roccuzzo and Thiago. He has said that he’d want to finish his career in Argentina with Newell’s Old Boys – the club where he began his career.
Below are some photos of Lionel Messi’s beautiful girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo.

Messi and girlfriend

Antonella Roccuzzo girlfriend of Lionel Messi

Picture Lionel Messi's girlfriend

Photo of Lionel Messi's girlfriend

Image of Lionel Messi's girlfriend

Lionel Messi's girlfriend

Dating Lionel Messi's girlfriend

Lionel Messi and girlfriend

Lionel Messi Hot Girlfriend

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