Is Big Sam the man for the job?

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Sam Allardyce was appointed as England manager 2 week ago, but the real question is will he take England forward or backwards? When we look at Sam’s past, we see he managed Blackpool, Notts County, Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle, West Ham, Sunderland and finally became the English manager.

He hasn’t ever won anything of value, but does that really matter? I don’t think anybody is expecting Sam Allardyce actually winning the World Cup but I don’t think that’s his job. The FA did a good job picking Big Sam and here’s why;

He does a really good job making a group of players a ‘team’. We’ve seen that with Newcastle and West Ham, most recently being Sunderland.

It’s a perfect role for him. He’s never been somebody that transfers great hidden gems, but is better at utilising the players he does have and make them hard to beat.

To be honest, we can only assume and predict what the England team would look like but nobody actually knows because Sam Allardyce hasn’t ever had so many players to pick from with this much talent. One of the most concerning problems you could have with Sam is that his win percentage has dropped after every club he;s moved. From 43% with Blackpool to 29% with Sunderland. Only time will tell if he’ll be successful managing England, but it’s useful to remember that this is a temporary appointment until the FA finds a better option in the next few years, until then we may have to watch boring football but is that actually bad if we get the results?


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