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Fan Activism is simply the act of football fans getting together over some common ground and standing up for their rights. Using the #FanActivism hashtag we want to see examples of football fans coming together, putting their club-differences aside and actually working together to achieve a common-goal. Fans often get given a bad name but on this section of FootyBlog.net we want to show the more genuine side of fans – whether that’s pulling together to raise money for a worthy cause, trying to prevent football clubs over-pricing their tickets, or helping to prevent newspapers printing untrue or offensive material.


So get involved here if you’re looking to stand-up for some worthy football causes, and don’t forget to get in touch with us if you need help getting your cause heard amongst your fellow football fans.

Petition launched to deny The Sun journalists access to Arsenal FC

Petition aimed at The Sun

Another petition has been launched aimed at The Sun newspaper, this time as a result of their astonishing “Jihadi Killer in an Arsenal shirt” front page headline. The petition on Change.org is asking the club directors to deny journalists of The Sun newspaper access to their club in the wake of their headline, which also follows upon our own petition …

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Arsenal Fans Campaign Against Shirt Sponsor Emirates

Emirates campaign by Arsenal fans

Many football fans probably don’t look in too much detail at the brand name that appears on the front of their football shirt. For fans they’re more interested to know how much money the club is receiving in form of shirt sponsorship, with the hope that the hundreds of millions of pounds (if you’re lucky enough to support a top …

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AFC Bournemouth Fans Start Petition Aimed at The Sun Newspaper

Bournemouth Sun Newspaper petition

Following on from FootyBlog.net’s earlier petition which had the intention of getting all of The Sun newspaper’s journalists denied access to all Premier League clubs, fans of AFC Bournemouth have now started their own petition, which you can find and sign below. Despite Bournemouth being a massive 264 miles away from Liverpool, what this goes to show is that it’s …

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Campaign to deny The Sun Newspaper access to all Premier League Football Clubs

You’ve likely heard about the decision by Everton FC to deny The Sun journalists access from their premises, a move which followed former editor Kelvin MacKenzie’s racist and unprovoked article which attacked footballer Ross Barkley and people from Liverpool. We’d like to think that it wasn’t just this particular piece by MacKenzie which prompted the move – there’s been a …

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