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Check out the best Football Lookalikes here on this section of Footy Blog. From the likes of Wayne Rooney and Rafa Benitez through to Peter Crouch, find some of the funniest footballer lookalikes here and then share them with your friends! If you’ve got a suggestion of a lookalike or want to send us in your own then please do so!

Suarez v Dracula

Both known for their big teeth and love of biting others, this really is one of the best football lookalikes. Suarez v Dracula. The bite is on..

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Butch Lesbian on Jeremy Kyle lookalike

Ronaldo Jeremy Kyle Lesbian lookalike

Not the usual quality of football lookalike today, but who cares – here’s a butch lesbian from TV show Jeremy Kyle, aka Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Wayne Rooney Aaron Ashmore Lookalike

wayne rooney aaron ashmore lookalike

Aaron Ashmore, who rise to fame from the Smallville TV series, looks quite a lot like Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. Agree or disagree? If you can think of any other footballer lookalikes then just get in touch with Footy Blog!

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Football Lookalikes: Jonjo Shelvey and Lord Voldemort

A bit overused, but nonetheless hilarious, is the striking resemblance between Swansea City’s Jonjo Shelvey and Lord Voldemort of the Harry Potter series. I mean just look at the 2 of them, the resemblances are absolutely striking: The shaved cranium, The deathly stare, The non-existent nose, its all there. Many a fan group in England has taken notice of this …

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Jonjo Shelvey and Pan’s Labyrinth Lookalike

Jonjo Shelvey Pan's Labyrinth lookalike

Liverpool midfielder Jonjo Shelvey and Pan’s Labyrinth’s very own pale man are today’s feature in the football lookalikes section!

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Rafael Benitez and Andy from Toy Story Lookalike

Rafa Benitez Andy lookalike

Not a popular football lookalike with Chelsea fans, here’s Rafa Benitez and Andy from Toy Story.

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James Milner Geodude Lookalike

james milner geodude lookalike

I think it’s quite fair to say that if James Milner was to be a Pokemon, he would be a Geodude. I don’t think any other footballer lends themselves so easily to a Pokemon character as Milner does, but I’d love to hear of any other footballer/pokemon lookalike suggestions…

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Oliver Kahn and the Thing lookalike

Oliver Kahn the Thing lookalike

Here’s a blast from the past, an old football lookalike featuring Oliver Kahn, the legendary German goalkeeper and superhero The Thing.

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Arsene Wenger and Old fish Wizadora lookalike

Wenger fish wizadora lookalike

I think someone, somewhere, must have been smoking something pretty strong when they spotted this football lookalike… it features Arsene Wenger and an old fish called Wizadora.

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Paul Scharner Clark Kent Lookalike

paul scharner clark kent lookalike

Don’t tell me you’ve not considered this one before after seeing Paul Scharner in his thick rimmed glasses… I wouldn’t let the Wigan defender know this though, judging by his previous haircuts he does seem to fancy himself quite a bit.

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