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Check out the best Football Lookalikes here on this section of Footy Blog. From the likes of Wayne Rooney and Rafa Benitez through to Peter Crouch, find some of the funniest footballer lookalikes here and then share them with your friends! If you’ve got a suggestion of a lookalike or want to send us in your own then please do so!

Nigel Thornbury Peter Crouch Lookalike

Nigel Thornbury Peter Crouch lookalike

See if you can spot the difference below between Nigel Thornbury and Peter Crouch (plus facial hair!).

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Martin Jol Binky the Bully Lookalike

Martin Jol Binky Arthur lookalike

Perhaps this footballer lookalike will bring back memories, featuring Binky the Bully from Arthur and Martin Jol of Fulham FC!

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Niko Kranjcar and Kili the Dwarf from the Hobbit lookalike

kranjcar lookalike kili the dwarf

Seen the film The Hobbit? You may have noticed Niko Kranjcar on the big screen, aka Kili the Dwarf…

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Franck Ribery Hunchback of Notre Dame Lookalike


We’re hoping Franck Ribery isn’t a regular reader of the Footy Blog, and we’re definitely hoping he’s not reading now when he takes a look at the footballer lookalike below – featuring the Hunchback of Notre Dame…

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Gareth Southgate Butthead Lookalike

Gareth Southgate Butthead lookalike

One of the more unfortunate lookalikes, I doubt Gareth or Butthead would be happy with this one…

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Carlos Bianchi Larry David Lookalike

Carlos Bianchi Larry David lookalike

Carlos Bianchi, otherwise known as The Viceroy, is a famous former Argentinian footballer turned manager. He carries an uncanny resemblance to American funny man Larry David, as I’m sure the picture below illustrates.

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Carlos Tevez Tony Montana Lookalike

Tevez and Tony Montana lookalike

Okay so I’m not sure if it’s just the glasses but Carlos Tevez and Tony Montana (Al Pacino of course) have more then a passing resemblance. Perhaps it’s because its not too impossible to imagine Tevez operating as a Tony Montana-esque character – he’d live up to the name Scarface too…

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Danny Wellbeck Shaun The Sheep Lookalike

Danny Wellbeck Shawn the sheep

When he’s not busy impersonating one of the guys from Hey Arnold, Danny Wellbeck makes a pretty good Shaun The Sheep…

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Brendan Rogers Mayor Quimby Lookalike

Rodgers Quimby lookalike

Not the finest work but if you squint and close your eyes almost completely Brendan Rogers may pass for Mayor Quimby of the Simpsons. No? Yeah you’re right, he doesn’t look anything like him…

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Javier Hernandez American History X Lookalike

hernandez furlong lookalike

Having watched American History X recently, couldn’t help noticing a slight resemblance with the very young Edward Furlong and Manchester United’s Little Green Pea, Javier Hernandez (or Chicarito)…

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