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Footballers Wives

Take a look at various pictures of Footballers Wives, including such famous players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar. Most of these photos are of footballer WAG’s – that is footballers wives or girlfriends, the term given to them by the British Tabloids back in 2006 during the World Cup in Germany.

Have we missed out on any particular footballers WAGs? Just send us a message and we’ll try and get them added to Footy Blog ASAP!

Pictures of Franck Ribery’s Wife

         Wahiba Ribery has been his childhood love and a confirmed best influence in his life.   Only when they got married he accepted Islam the name of Mohammed Bilal Yusuf.   They make a remarkable couple but they were near to not being one anymore when in her husband made the news being involved in underage …

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Pictures of David De Gea’s girlfriend

                                     David de Gea Quintana was born on 7 November 1990.   He is a Spanish expert footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Spain national team and English Club Manchester United.   Born in Mardid, he career begin at the age of …

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Pictures of Clint Dempsey’s girlfriend

         Clinton Drew Dempsey was born on 9 March, 1983, is an American expert soccer player who plays for Major League Soccer and Seattle Sounders FC and has severed as the capital of the USA National team.   He also played for Tottenham Hostpur and New England Revolution, Fulham. Client Dempsey is married to Bethany Dempsey; they …

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Pictures of Aaron Ramsey’s girlfriend

Aaron James Ramsey was born on 26 December 1990. He is an expert Welsh footballer who plays as a midfielder for Wales’s national team and Premier League Club Arsenal. Ramsey largely plays a box-to-box midfielder.   He played as a schoolboy for Cardiff City. Ramsey married with Childhood friend Collen Rowlands at Caldiocot Castle in Mommouthshire, Wales, on June 8, …

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Pictures of Sergio Ramos’ girlfriend

Either right back pro or central defender footballer girl friend of Sergio Ramos is super sexy! She might be a few years senior than our best Spanish soccer player but they make one excellent looking couple! The 28 year old who play in Real Madrid Team and her sexy Spanish girlfriend have been the topic of persistent break up gossips! …

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Pictures of Sergio Aguero’s Girlfriend

                            Sergio Leonel is a national expert football player of Argentine. He also plays for Manchester City Premier club league as a striker. In his club football career he plays Atletico Madrid (2006- 2011), independiente (2003-2006). In his world football career he firstly called up U17 Argentina team in 2014 and finally in 2006 he initially called up Argentina national …

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Pictures of Philippe Coutinho’s girlfriend

Philippe Coutinho Correia was born on 12 June 1992. He is a Brazilian expert footballer who plays for Brazil national team and English club Liverpool as a winger or attacking midfielder. He starts his club career at Vasco da Gama in Brazil before going to Inter Milan in Italy, who loaned him to Espanyol Spanish side in 2012. In January …

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Pictures of Peter Crouch’s girlfriend

Peter James is an English footballer who plays for English national team and Stoke City, scoring 22 goals for his nation in that time, and appearing at 2 World Cups. Crouch was capped for the UK under-20 team at the FIFA World Youth Championship 1999, with team-mates including Matthew Etherington, Andrew Johnson, Ashley Cole and Stuart Taylor. Anyway, the team …

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Pictures of Olivier Giroud’s girlfriend

                        Oliver Giround is a French footballer who plays for France national team and English club for Arsenal. He plays as a striker and is famous for his physical style of play, size, shot power, heading ability, link-up and strength play. He is also linked with making runs to the face post that outwit defenders. He starts his career at …

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Pictures of Neymar’s girlfriend

The famous star of FC Barcelona player Neymar actually fits into the category of “celebrities,” and as such he arouses the tremendous interest and curiosity of all football fans. On the other hand, today a remarkable number of hot women frequent the football stadia, and many of these female fans are attracted by expert footballer such as Neymar. Using an …

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