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We like to think that considering we’re in the year 2017, football’s advanced a lot since the good-old-days gone by, the era when the long-ball system was in it’s element and the offside-trap hadn’t yet been invented. Now it all seems to be about tiki-taka and games of chess between seasoned experts such as Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. Tactics in football are now a massive part of the game, and in this section of Footy Blog we’re trying to cover the topic in it’s fullest. From how the likes of Guardiola will be revolutionising Man City’s matchday tactics, through to just what Jurgen Klopp has up his sleeves at Liverpool. Read on for your daily-dose (could be weekly during lean-times) of football tactic info!

First Season of Pep’s City

Many football fans in the world were greatly excited to hear that this Catalonian guy is truly coming to England. Curiosity arose if his philosophy that is play, possession, and positioning revealed by Thierry Henry would also work out well here in the toughest league in the world. I believe this might draw public attention the most. At first, the …

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