Ciro Immobile Wife 2021

Ciro Immobile’s stunning Wag Jessica Melena in bikini with her husband immobile

Ciro Immobile married Jessica Melena in May 23, 2014 in her birth city, Buccianico, Italy.

They met in 2012 in a restaurant when Ciro was on loan at Serie B club, Pescara. A week later they moved in together and six months later Melena was pregnant with their first child.

Ciro and Melena have three children together, Michela (born 2013), Giorgia (2015), and Mattia (2019).

Jessica Melen Bio

Jessica Melen was born on July 17, 1990, in Bucchianico, a small village in the province of Chieti, Italy. She comes from a humble background her father is a postman and her mother is a cook. 

Jessica Melen Education and Profession

After graduating high school in her hometown she left for L’Aquila. She enrolled in the Faculty of Investigation Sciences with an aim of becoming a criminologist. However, she didn’t complete her degree and rather decided to pursue her modeling career.

Jessica has had a successful career in modeling participating in some beauty contests. In 2009 she became Miss Mediterranean, in 2011 Miss Peugeot. In 2017 she appeared on the docu-reality Le Capitaine, for Spike Tv.

Due to her growing popularity as the wife of Ciro Immobile, she amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram. And as result, she has become a big internet personality and influencer.


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