Cristiano Ronaldo Dating Merche Romero?

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Ok, you might be asking yourself..who in da world is Merche Romero?

That’s the same question i asked myself when i checked through my stats and saw that most people who visited this blog has a thing for Cristiano Ronaldo…and they keep metioning “Merche Romero”.

After a minor investigation,i now know what the fuss is about.Apperantly Merche Romero is a model, actress and TV host. She is of Spanish descent but she was born in Andorra. She has Spanish nationality although she currently lives and works in Portugal.

This is what she looks like:
Merche Romero

So..she’s good looking…and what’s all the fuss about than?!!

Well for starters she was born on November 27, 1976 which makes her 30 years old soon!!

OMG!@~!@!!@…..**lost for words**

Jet ski just before the diving session begins…….
More on Merche Romero

But don’t despair gals (or maybe you should?), cause appreantly apart from some skills..Ronaldo also has the habit of ‘fooling around’ with other gals..not the faithfull kinda guy as this pic will prove:

Source & More pics…

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