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Cristiano Ronaldo's Book – Moments

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Cristiano Ronaldo realises his youth does not give him the right to claim this book as an autobiography. He does, however, wholeheartedly welcome the reader into his life; sharing thoughts on the most striking and intense experiences of his life on and off the pitch. With these stories, and over 150 sumptuous photographs to accompany the text, his fans will find as much joy in turning the page as they would watching him play football.

Moments relates the story of his love of football from early childhood in Madeira; the homesickness he suffered as a result of the move, aged 12, to a football academy in Lisbon; through to his time with Manchester United, the club which has really made him famous and turned him into a football idol at only 22 years of age. He speaks of his love of playing for his country and the love and support of his family, as well as the sad moments in his life such as the death of his father. The book also shows glimpses of him training and enjoying his leisure time, the charity work he involves himself in, as well as off-field activities in both his professional capacity and for pleasure.

He hopes that through these stories, and beautiful photographs by Jorge Monteiro, you will get to know Cristiano Ronaldo a little better. As you finish reading the last line he also trusts you will have enjoyed the book with the same enthusiasm you would get from watching him play football.

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