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Crouching Toon

News is that Liverpool‘s Peter Crouch is on his way to Newcastle is January provided Liverpool tinkerman Rafa Benitez fills his spot with yet another spaniard – Valencia’s David Villa.

The first things i don’t understand about Benitez is why he tinkers so dang much, i mean Crouch was on fire in the beginning of the season and would have continued his impressive form, but somehow our tinkerman over here decided to pissed of some Reds faithful and even some fantasy footy fans by tinkering the front line which resulted in Crouch warming the seats nad losing form in the process.

Glenn Roeder meanwhile wants to capitalise on this and hopes Crouch would join Liverpool to add ‘height’ to his front line with Michael Owen and Martins seemingly condemn to hobbit status.

The question is….should Crouch join the Toons?

My simple answer would be yes he should, for starters he will most definitely be given the starting role alongside Martins considering Owen is still out, but the other things about the deal is that he will be playing with Own in the future which can only mean good news for England, a good partnership at club level could come in handy, i mean i always prefered Crouch and Owen up front for England with Rooney taking Lampard’s place in the setup, it’s not going to happen anytime soon but i’m allowed to dream right?.

Just about the time i’m posting this it seems that Benitez has come out of the blocks and denied he would sell Crouch, which of course means only one thing….Crouch is on his way out 😀

Let’s wait and see how this story developes.

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