Flourent Malouda Hair

Flourent Malouda haircut

For those of you watching the FA cup final closely between Chelsea and Liverpool, you may very well have noticed the latest hairstyle of Flourent Malouda, the talented Chelsea winger.

Malouda has quite a reputation for different haircuts, seemingly changing his hairstyle on a near weekly basis! Since arriving at Chelsea from Lyon nearly 5 years ago, the 31 year old has had quite a variety of haircuts, the highlights of which are shown below.

The creative and influential midfielder Malouda often has short hair, and has had braids before too, which seemed to be a popular choice as they lasted quite a long time. At one point during his time at Stamford Bridge he had quite long hair, again braided. Recently in the FA Cup final match with Liverpool, which Chelsea won 2-1 and Malouda only appeared late on as a substitute, he again had a new hairstyle, this time shortly shaved hair with some artistic patterns shaved into the side, the image of which is shown towards the bottom of the page.

Florent Malouda Haircuts
Florent Malouda haircut

Malouda hair style

Malouda haircut long hair

Florent Malouda Hairstyles
Florent Malouda hair cut

Florent Malouda short hairstyle

Florent Malouda hairstyles

Florent Malouda haircut

Florent Malouda braids haircut

Flourent Malouda haircut

Malouda hairstyle in the FA Cup

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