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I received an email from Lillian not too long ago, and in her e-mail she said her son is a good soccer player and she asked me “how can i get him in to a good soccer

Well, first thing is i have no idea, seriously i don’t.However the internet is a many wonderful thing and i decided to do a little survey on this ‘Soccer Academy” thingy, and just becuase she used the word ‘soccer’ instead of football i’m gonna assume she’s form the United States of America (or wherever they label it ‘soccer’), not to mention she could very well be Mum of the year…we love parents who encourage their children(s) to get involved in football or soccer in her case.

One of the most prominent footy academy right now is the David Beckham Academy, i mean sure who doesn’t wanna become like Beckham? the fame, the money,the gals and the achievements.Keep in mind though were’s talking about kids here, and kids still adore Becks even if Steve Mcclaren doesn’t.

There’s also the famous World Soccer Academy, here’s an excerpt from their site:

The World Soccer Academy provides a unique opportunity for soccer players age 8-18 to experience the very highest level of soccer instruction and coaching. The experienced coaching staff bring years of professional soccer experience to the young dedicated soccer player. Young players with the commitment and determination to bring their skill to a new level will benefit from this experience.

Our year round program provides continuity of training, fitness, skills and mental preparation. The program repeats three times each week to allow players to attend the most convenient session. The program includes a complete series of specific skill improvement programs, with specially designed drills to reinforce each new skill.

In addition to the year round program, the Academy offers a summer soccer camp for boys and girls ages 8-16. The camps run all summer long and are one week in duration. All aspects of the game are covered in a comprehensive program, that combines skill improvement and fun. Teams are encourage to attend as a group to provide tactical instruction for the team.

And especially to Lilian if your reading this and if your from America as i think you are that you should also check out Soccer Academy,it’s in America! 😀

Please do also check out this link, it’s a site that points you to some footy ACADEMIES / SCHOOLS / CAMPS.

All i can say is that there are sooooooooo many out there, if you have the chance to get your kid enrolled in one of them that would be great, here’s to your success and remember Google can be your friend.

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