Glam City- Were Guardiola’s Garms the Greatest in Premier League History?

Guardiola. A name synonymous with style. And although his footballing philosophy may have taken a drubbing at Leicester on Saturday, his sartorial style remains undoubtedly at the top of the league. Guardiola. Even his name sounds like a suit from Armani’s spring collection.

So while his team were being picked apart by a resurgent Leicester side, I couldn’t help but piece together Pep’s razor sharp ensemble. Into my online basket went: a steely grey roll neck with textured shoulder detailing; a pair of straight cut black jeans; box fresh Converse pumps and to top it all off, a beautifully cut charcoal overcoat. I may not make £8 million a year but I can try to look as though I do.

But how do Pep’s threads compare to his Premier League associates? In an age where most managers feel restricted to a club suit and tie or, in Arsene Wenger’s case, coats akin to sleeping bags, Guardiola challenges the stylistic status quo. Many have tried and many have failed to match Pep’s efforts (see Tim Sherwood’s button heavy efforts circa 2015) but not since the scarf laden Roberto Mancini have we seen a manager with such continental swagger.

Now I’m not suggesting Sean Dyche squeeze himself into a pair of skinny jeans or Tony Pulis ditch his trademark cap for a vintage fedora, but I am thrilled to have a genuine fashionista gracing the touchlines of English football. If only John Stones’ passing was as sharp eh Pep?

By Matt

Matt is the owner and chief-editor of the Footy Blog, one of the UK's leading football news blogs.