How Joleon Lescott got his Scars

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Joleon Lescott is another of a select few footballers with some very distinctive scars on his head – along with the likes of Carlos Tevez and Franck Ribery. The ever-reliable Wikipedia entry for Lescott states that he was involved in a car crash as a youngster.

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Lescott was aged just 5 when he was hit by a car outside his school whilst crossing the road. He received severe head injuries and was very lucky to be alive today. Thankfully he made a full recover and it can be argued that the experience really made him determined to succeed in life and to make the most of it. He’s surely succeeded, going on to play for one of the best sides in the country and to also represent his nation internationally at the highest level.

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how lescott got his scars

Other sources state that Lescott had just been dropped off at school by his mother, in the Quinton region of Birmingham where Joleon was bought up. His mum could only watch on in horror as the accident unfolded, with her son being struck whilst crossing the road to enter school, with the car dragging the defender along the road. Lescott was in intensive care for a while, and after pulling through has needed to have several phases of surgery on his head, the result of which now leave the distinctive scaring on his forehead.

Lescott has stated that the accident bought his family together and made them an even tighter unit than before. He also went on to say that he’s far more grateful for being alive and is more aware and respective towards disabled people. He’s gone on to say in further interviews that it was actually his brother who has been the biggest inspiration in his career, not the accident that caused his scarring. Aaron Lescott is a 34 year old defender who’s been at clubs such as Aston Villa and Bristol Rovers, unfortunately not hitting the heights that Lescott has managed.

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