How to watch Euro 2016 Live Online for Free

Watch Euro 2016 online

This guide will show you how to watch The French Euro 2016 live online. Firstly if you live in the UK you can watch every game live on the ITV and BBC website, I will be posting links to this each day before the game so feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed and we will give you the link to watch it on the ITV site.

If you are not inside the UK & want to watch Euro 2016 online then please read the information below.

1. There is no need to go out and pay for any of these software bundles that offer free live TV on your PC, these packages are usually just the very same feeds we give you right here at for free, except they are repackaged with advertising & bad software which slows down the actual streams so you get even worse quality.

2. You will need to ensure your computer has the correct software installed, this means you should download SopCast, TV Ants & PP Mate , this is easy just download the software above install them like you would anything else, then close down your internet browser and come back to the page with the live streaming links (these can be found on the main page an hour before the game), simply click on each of the links and try each feed and see which one works best for you. We also try to post Media Player links which means you can just watch in your ordinary browser however these get shut down quite quickly & are limited in size so you have to be quick.

3. Now that you have all the software you need installed you just need to find the live streaming links, these can be found on the mainpage or you can subscribe to our RSS feed and get the delivered to your feed reader. Not only that but their are several other dedicated football sites who give you live streaming links

4. Oh no I’ve missed the game! where can I watch the highlights? Well your options are plentiful. We have highlights after each match right here on again they are posted on the main page, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed. Or if you are looking highlights that are different try out some of the sites below

5. Thats it, you should new have everything you need to watch every moment of euro 2016 online.

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